Friday, March 21, 2014

Part II: What's the Secret To A Perfect Bracket? Weight Loss Challenge and Brackets!


Sausage Man: Providence over North Carolina; 56-54

Reggie Smalley is the only one in the Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Bracket Challenge with a perfect bracket: 
Fletch: 16 for 16 yesterday, how do you feel?
Reggie: Good so far! Just luck really.
Fletch: Are you a big fan of basketball or just the tournament?
Reggie: Both really. I'm a fan of basketball but once the tournament gets here, it turns up.
Fletch: What made you sure of your picks yesterday?
Reggie: Dayton is more like the little brother so I knew they had a chip on their shoulder. North Dakota State,  I knew nothing about them, but I heard how team oriented they were. Harvard from last year made me pick them.
Fletch: Who are your picks today?
Reggie: There's a good question. I'm kind of iffy on today. I'm not feeling as good as I was yesterday. I picked UMass over Tennessee because once the Vols offense slows down, it's almost nonexistent. I can't see them playing a full game so I picked UMass. I think ULL will pull it off but I went ahead and picked Creighton.
Fletch: What made you pick Baylor to beat Nebraska?
Reggie: Length. I don't think Nebraska can do anything with Baylor on the inside.
Fletch: Your only double digit seed winners come from one bracket.
Reggie: Look out for the Lumberjacks. I really, I don't know about my Tulsa pick, it was just a feeling.

Ralph: Trying to figure out how to get four TVs hooked up to the wall. I'm going with ULL over Creighton, 76-75.

KO: My bracket, I had a perfect bracket yesterday, my buddy called me yesterday and told me that it was perfect and then said he was only calling me to jinx my winning. So I ended up 13-16. It would hurt my bracket but I got Tulsa over UCLA, 77-71.


Ed Hardy: He missed the weigh-in so we penalized him with an extra lb. He's at 219.5 lbs.

Cupcake: 234 lbs.

Fletch: 245.5 lbs. 

Les Miles says they are going to go through 3rd and long, and 3rd and medium. Says he wants his young quarterbacks to get the feeling of live pressure. Good news for Brandon Harris? We'll find out!

Cajun 318: Don't beat yourself about Pitt. they're so hot and cold. Florida will beat em up bad. I just want to tell you thank you. Stanford over New Mexico, 66-65.