Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Part II: More on UGA; Matt Yoder from AWFULANNOUNCING; and TWITTERVERSE. (3-18-14)

UGA players "double-dipping" university tuition checks. The checks were only $71.50 each. How much is Georgia tuition?! If they were cashing checks for $5,000, then maybe that would be much worse. Not saying it's okay to do that in general, but maybe they needed groceries.


They have a new platform; a streamline version of the website and it's updated!

Yoder: All 5 of the ESPN analysts picked Michigan State. I know Michigan State, living here, they've had lots of injuries, they went through the Big 10 tournament and won pretty easily, but I don't know where they made the big leap to win the whole thing? I definitely think they are Final Four-able. I think Arizona will make a pretty good run this year. I love Sean Miller as a coach.

Yoder: I think March Madness and this tournament, maybe next to the NFL and the Olympics, is really the only cross-over sporting event that has everyone involved/talking/investing in this. Maybe it's the filling out the brackets, maybe it's watching the games and keeping up. Once you get to March Madness, everyone is involved.

Strief in with the Saints:
Yoder: The one thing that surprises me about the whole thing is the 5-year contract. In the short term, I think it's a good move. ProFootball had Strief rated as their #1 tackle.