Friday, March 21, 2014

Part I: Player of the Day; Saints Have a New FB; NSU Lady Demons Taking on #1 Vols!

Player of the Day: Cameron Ridley

Saints have a new full back, Erik Long. Here's the good news: He hasn't taken a pass in over four years as an NFL player.

Brenda: I went to Bailey's yesterday and told Paul I'd call you to let you know! My daughter turned 30 the other day and so we got her one of the "Who DAT!"

Northwestern Lady Demons:
Fletch: How was the journey to Knoxville?
Tony T: Everything was very nice, you know the NCAA provides a Charter flight for teams going to the tournament. We were on a plane that flew 177 people and we only had half of that amount so everyone had two seats! We went and toured the Women's Basketball Hall of Hame. The Lady Demons have a 12:45 press conference and then they head to practice to go ahead and get locked in to play Tennessee tomorrow.
Fletch: Tennessee has always been there, Tony T. It's just amazing to me how that program has been able to sustain it, without Pat Summit able to be in charge, do you still get the feeling up there that it's still Pat Summit's program?
Tony T: No, I wouldn't say it still feels like hers. I heard some bad news yesterday that Pat has been having more bad days than good days and it's kind of forced the program to turn the page. You mad a good point, when you and I were covering women's basketball. And when it comes to these Northwestern Lady Demons, they only know Tennessee as the elite in women's college basketball.

Tony T: This is the best possible draw for Northwestern State because no one expects you or thinks you'll come up here and win tomorrow. So then you think, what's the best possible experience for these kids? They get to go on a plane and some have never gotten to do that, they get to go to Knoxville where women's basketball thrives, they get to go to press conferences with more than local reporters, they get to play in an arena that is well-kept.
Fletch: What do they have to do to make this competitive for as long as they can?
Tony T: Clearly, Northwestern has to play one of their best games, and Tennessee has to play one of their worst. And I don't mean that to offense, but it's the facts, and frankly, hope that Tennessee isn't locked in early.

12th Man: I missed the Cameron Ridley interview so I haven't seen it yet. I was heading for the barf bag right at that point, so I turned it off. A brutal day for lots of fans yesterday.
Fletch: First time in NCAA history that there were 4 overtime games. The eyelids were singing "Closing Time" last night. Congrats to winning the contest from yesterday. We'll make sure the Rotolo's in Shreveport has a $25 gift card waiting for you. You could win back-to-back
12th Man: 70-66 Nebraskans over the Baylors.