Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Part I: Brackets Are Causing Panic; Saints DTR; Georgia Players in Trouuuu-bblleee


Player of the Day: Kevin Durant with his longest winning streak since Michael.

Dr. TV: I had a great time last night, and I enjoyed the Great Raft Southern Drawl. My national champion in one bracket, isn't even in the Final Four in another bracket. And it happened again. Is this a bizarre stroke of genius or what?
Fletch: I would say bizarre stretch of genius. Taking a risk is how you'll win the money. I think that you're onto something.
Dr. TV: Isn't this again just another admission that this season was just absolutely crazy and that me and everyone else in the world have no idea what in the hell is going on? It's going to be interesting.
Fletch: What I've discovered is that the East and West are top heavy with RPI. The west has three top RPI teams in the bracket.

King Hardware and Gift, what are you looking for? A refrigerator light, a toilet flusher handle thing, some candles for the house, cleaning supplies, a trashcan, a present for mom, a rake, etc. Make it easier on you and go check them out. King Hardware and Gift on Line Avenue in the Uptown Shopping Center.

Fletch thought they'd move Terron Armstead for LEFT TACKLE duties, well...it appears that Zach Strief is going to be the LT for quite some time. Strief is going to be playing under a 5-year contract.

Saints are moving part of their training camp to West Virginia. Why? 

  • Greenbrier, West Virginia:
  • Hosts the PGA Tour
  • Billionaire lives there
  • Billionaire has a good friend
  • Good friend is Sean Payton

Fletch: I'm okay with it. It just means we aren't going to get as much Saints coverage during their camp.
Da Truth: I'm all for it. I think what happens is that in New Orleans, you're only allowed so many practices with pads on. They need to get away, and I know they stay at the team hotel but there are still so many distractions right outside of that hotel.
Fletch: Jairus Byrd has had more interceptions in the last 3 years than many people combined.

Craig Booth did a study of player weights in the NFL. The weight of NFL players over time. The average weight for a center in 1980 was about 241 lbs, 30 years later the average weight is 290 lbs. Running backs heaviest decade? 1960's-1970. Heaviest QB to ever play? You guessed it. Jared Lorenzen.

BREAKING NEWS: Four UGA football players arrested the day before Spring practice starts for "double-dipping" UGA University checks. Someone said "If this were Alabama, the bank would've just made sure that never happened."