Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh, Yes It's Ladies Night, and We're Feeling Right!

YEP! It's LADIES NIGHT, err, DAY on the show today! Sports Wife, Saints Wife, Syd the Kid, and Yecats join us this morning. Cupcake too, and he's a woman of heart! Just kidding.

Sports Wife: Y'all know this isn't the first time I/ve hosted this show! ("Z" Snap)

Saints Wife: I don't like group texting. Y'all always do group texting.
Syd: One time I didn't have my phone for an hour and I ended up having FORTY-NINE text messages from the four of them.
Sports Wife: Alright, let's change the subject.

Steve from "Hookin' Up and Trackin' Down":
Steve Graff: We had the conversation of bass master wives yesterday, and maybe y'all could do NFL wives?
Sports Wife: Well, earlier in the show we talked about Michel Sproles:

(Courtesy of

Graff: I've heard guys say that there's no place you'd rather play than for the Cowboys due to the media that surrounds them for spring practice, even just walking out. I love talking sports, sometimes I even get tired of fishin'!

Sports Wife: Every state should have an NFL team and I still think it would be hilariously funny to think of who the states that don't have one now and what they'd pick for their mascots. 
Holly: I think it's kind of funny because life isn't fair and not everyone is good enough to have a football team! 
Sports Wife: But what about Texas? I don't get it. They have the Cowboys, but then they have the Houston Texans? What are Texans?!

Roy: I got to talk to Tony Romo yesterday in Shreveport, he was at the El Dorado. He has a good outlook on their season, so for all the Cowboys fans: he feels like they will have a 10+ win season. They're doing some kind of inside-the-locker-room-reconstructing.