Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NFL Money Game

NFL Money Game
BILLY: San Francisco is one of the best and does it on the cheap. New England does it well- NFL doesn't want teams to pay one player big money- it's a team sport. Drew Brees salary is weighing down the Saints.  Tom Brady is taking bottom of the barrel $$ so his team has more to go around (Granted, his wife is worth hundreds of millions, which helps. Maybe Tony Romo can make up with Carrie Underwood?)

EH: Ravens suffered because of Joe Flacco. Who is the 10 million dollar man on New England or San Francisco? No one.

Billy: NFL is forcing teams to dump salary and players.

EH: Misleading stat is dead money

Fletch: NBA is example of what has gone wrong with how to compensate players. There are a handful of superstars and the rest of the league is watered down. 
EH: Talent is just not there.
Tight sweater and button down, Cupcake...
started his job at KSLA12- "There were a lot of nice people and I was waaaay out of my comfort zone. I- I'm used to being in a radio studio so I was definitely out of my comfort zone, definitely out of my comfort zone."  Lapsed into Rainman, mentioning his comfort zone in every other sentence.
SportsWife: Comfort zones are for cowards
Ed Hardy enters... misunderstands the conversation and proceeds to give valuable female advice "If you have to defend your position more than twice, you are right, so ignore her."
Everyone looks around to see who EH is talking to, EH fiddles with his headphones looking very satisfied with his interjection.