Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness: Does UCONN have an advantage? Texas A&M QB in TROUUBBBLE.

Cupcake: A lot of people had been complaining since Wichita State lost to Kentucky.
Dr. TV: That was why I got optimistic about Tennessee getting a good run because Duke was a weak team in the bracket, and so many others,

What will be different this time around when Florida plays UCONN?
Cupcake: I think its' just a battle for who can win the game. They're favored 6.5 points.
Sports Wife: I wonder if the first time UCONN beat Florida, if they were both surprised. But not, who is going to be more prepared to beat their opponent this round? UCONN because they think they can do it again? Or Florida because they want to succeed? Both teams have grown as individual. Answer that question.

Player of the Day: Kentucky's Marcus Lee. He's done a pretty decent job replacing the injured seven-foot center Willie Cauley-Stein. Cauley-Stein could be back on Saturday, he will be spending a lot of time with trainers to get him past an ankle injury.

Does UCONN have the advantage over Florida?
Cupcake: I don't think so, I think you just have to throw all of that out of the window.
Sports Wife: You can't though.
Syd the Kid: I think it matters, but I don't think UCONN has an advantage. Florida went into the tournament expecting to be the biggest baller shock-callers and they've seen all the upsets the tournament's had since the first round. They aren't going to jeopardize they're No. 1 spot.

LSU Baseball: 
G$: Cupcake not trying to beat you up about this, but when you lose =, you lose. That's the thing about LSU baseball. They are quality. They're good. Bregman is good but he's got to get better. He's got to learn how to hit the baseball and go. A lot of people use excuses, if you're playing golf, you've got to be able to forget your last shot into the woods. You have to learn to forget your mistake or you're going to be carrying it with you the rest of the game.
Sports Wife: Do you think he's struggling this season because he was so good last year?
Yecats: Dudes. Y'all need to chill on my Tigers. Four games in baseball? It's no big deal. Bregman could not have many hits, but he could have RBI's or walks or contributing in other ways. Baseball is a game of stats. They don't need to be depending on one person this heavily.
Sports Wife: So you don't think he's in a sophomore slump?
Yecats: I don't know, what he's doing right now is kind of the norm. He may light it up next season. Coach Mainieri will not tolerate that.

Texas A&M Quarterback arrested, suspended:
Flashback to summer of 2012 when Johnny Manziel got into a little bit of a tussle that left him with a shirtless mugshot, all the while he was trying to become the starting QB. Now, Kenny Hill, has been arrested for public intoxication...probably because he was passed out on top of a planter outside of a bar.

Twelfth Man: I was moderately okay with the discussion, but then Syd the Kid said "we don't care anyways because we don't even like Texas A&M."
Syd the Kid: I'm sorry, but I'm not going to lie to you.
Twelfth Man: Some people think the Texas A&M police see all of the students at A&M as just a bunch of dumb rich college kids.

Who is the biggest surprise to you that is not in the Final Four at this point?
Cupcake: Michigan State...or Syracuse. They really did fall on their face.

Who are you most surprised at that played really well in the season but has blown it in the tournament?
Cupcake: Syracuse. They had that long winning streak and then they blew it when they played Dayton