Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep BRACKET THURSDAY; First Round Upset Challenge Picks

Louisiana Tech vs. Iona: 89-88 Bulldogs:

Bubba: There were five of us there, and it was just a magical game last night. Its awesome to see a team with players that get double numbers for points. It was like a 180 point ball game last night, and just all the good stuff you look forward to seeing in a good basketball game.
Fletch: How packed was it?
Bubba: I've been going to games since the 80's and it was the loudest it's ever been in there. This team is so deep and well coached, it's just a pleasure to watch them and it's great to see some quality basketball on the floor.
Fletch: Well, and you know, if Tech can make sure they keep Coach White around, they are on the cusp of being a Wichita State and a Creighton. I really think they will be that good if Michael White is the coach next year.
Bubba: There's always going to be the risk of a coach moving, but at this point, I know where we are. It's just going to happen in a school this size, we're going to keep Michael White. If Tech beats Georgia on the road on national TV, no one good will schedule us next year. We'll have the lowest RPI in the country!

Paul: I didn't like it from the beginning because a lot of people were left off and a lot of bad picks were made. I think Mr. Bradshaw for his accomplishments, Super Bowl rings, no one has done that. Hester, Toms, Sutton, they've all done great things here. Joe Delaney died trying to save children from drowning without his own ability to swim.
Fletch: Bystanders said that once he heard the cry for help, he didn't hesitate to jump in that water and try.

Larry: I'm just wondering why Hal Sutton isn't in the mix. He oughta be right in there with everybody.


Derrick just texted in and said he sent in the winning bracket. DANG IT, DERRICK! 

Ralph: I got Arizona State over Texas, 80-72.

12th Man: Very cool to meet Ralph the other day. I'm going to go with North Dakota State over Oklahoma, 86-81. 

JR: I saw where Jones Drew visited the Steelers yesterday and it made me think, man I thick that'd be good for the Saints. He's kind of a Sproles type. They're saying he hasn't visited many teams, he made $4.9 last year, and that's around what Sproles was going to make this year. I just though, you know, who else do they have? 
Fletch: They're really big on Khiry Robinson, and they still have Travaris Cadet, and he's kind of the guy that they maybe try and mold into the fold. They've got their backs, but they're missing that element, that Sproles element. 
JR: One thing I learned Monday night, I walked into a production van, and I don't know how you could live past 40 working in that. There were four people crammed in there yelling at other people, and some one from the front of the van starts yelling at the guy in the back. Not sure how you don't have a heart attack. 


Lucky Jack: Dayton over Ohio State: 55-46 

Louisiana High School Basketball Coaches Association is presenting the high school Boys and Girls All-Star Basketball Games this Saturday at BPCC. Girls start at 2, boys start at 4. Admission is $10!

We've been big timed. Coach Michael White couldn't come on the radio because he was already booked. Womp womp....

Rusty: North Dakota takes Oklahoma 78-74 for his upset. 

Sports Wife: Delaware over Michigan State 78-72

Sausage Man: Arizona State over Texas 59-54

Tyler: Western Michigan over Syracuse because Syracuse has struggled with rebounds and height challenges. 63-61.
Fletch: Western Michigan has been 6-2 in the spread over the last 9 games. 
Tyler: The whole reason Michigan State is being picked is they were a top five team, what's been said all year long, if they got healthier all year long, if they get healthy. We saw what happens if they get healthy, they blew through their competition. 

Cajun 318: North Carolina State takes St. Louis 83-72