Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ladies Show Pt 2: Saints, Cupcake Mud Riding, SPROLES IS GOING WHERE?!

Player of the Day: Matthew Sewell, Haughton Buccaneer

Saints Nugget: Hey mama! It's so opposite today because you aren't here with me!
Saints Wife: I told him because he LOVES to antagonize her in the morning.
Saints Nugget: Yeah! When y'all were talking about group text messages I was going to call in but then dad said "NO NO NO!! WAIT TIL YOU GET IN THE CAR!!"
Saints Wife: What did Ed Hardy make you for breakfast?
Saints Nugget: (pausing) .....a hard-boiled egg.....
Saints Wife: And you know what? It's because that's what EH EATS in the morning.

Saints Nugget: How much does Jimmy Graham want the Saints to pay him?
EH: $12M-$15M
Saints Nugget: Does he think thats a good idea or a bad idea
EH: He should stay a franchised player and make $7M because Brees is the man

Saints Wife: So how do you like having a new ride?
Cupcake: It's great! I've actually been doing a lot of mud riding!
Saints Wife: Where?
Cupcake: Byrd's baseball field's parking lot.
Saints Wife: What?! You are not a winner, you are a loser!

Jack: I wanna talk to y'all about Cupcake's extracurricular activities. Cupcake's 23 and acts like he's 15. Cupcake, can he grow up?
Saints Wife: Obviously, not.
Sports Wife: He's Peter Pan.
Jack: I would also like to talk about the sports coverage around north Louisiana. The coverage of our local teams, for instance Channel 12 starting off with two stories about TEXAS last night. I think the big thing is that sportscasts now start with Texas and talk about Texas a lot. This is Shreveport.
Sports Wife: I agree with you and I know what you're talking about, but I also know the coverage map. It's something that I struggle with.


Sports Wife and Saints Wife: Did you know that he blamed you for him being late this morning? Because you didn't wake him up.
MCD: Hold on, my cheeks are hurting from laughing so hard. I heard you claiming your adulthood on the ride in, saying you were 23? You have three alarm clocks.
Saints Wife: Lets talk about how long he was in labor!
MCD: 23 hours, and it was all natural.

BREAKING NEWS: Darren Sproles going to the Eagles. He's the second Saints player that the Eagles have picked up THIS WEEK (Malcolm Jenkins).

Sports Wife: Are we ever going to find another player like Sproles? A weapon like that?
Cupcake: I think there's definitely someone out there...I was admiring your sports talk.
Saints Wife: Oh great, now he's zoning in on you.
Sports Wife: Props to Kissing Suzy Kolburn for the information about Sproles.

Sports Wife: Do you consider yourself a productive person?
Cupcake: YES!
Saints Wife: You were late this morning!