Thursday, March 6, 2014

HEAVY Saints Talk-- Jimmy Graham Replacement Found!

Lance Moore tweet sounds like he's almost out of New Orleans-- he made it MOORE fun- salute to Moore!! 

Rafe: Brees is the one that makes the receiver, if he had Aggie, Mike Evans, Saints would have our Jimmy Graham. Or Cordarious Johnson- LATech Basketball- he has football skills- 

Saints dangling Darren Sproles!! Pierre Thomas also being held by the heel off of a cliff- we say DONT LET GO!! Got to find the money to pay Jimmy Graham somehow. Is Loomis trying to divide the team and put some pressure on Graham to back off his demand to get $$$?

Table for parents to sign permission slips for players to play football at A&M- they getting younger and younger.

ABC: who Saints going to draft?
EH: they are saying this draft is the deepest IN HISTORY! they have to protect their investment, Brees, they'll look at tackles then pick up safety
ABC: I would trade up and get Matthews. You can't have enough offensive linemen
Fletch: you are right. What will they do with De la Puente and Strief

JR- Jimmy Graham is a product of Brees (65-70% target) 233 times out of 650 pass attempts 
Written was targeted much less than Graham and only had --- less than Graham... 
Fletcher interrupts right after EH agrees and then takes a potty break.
Fletch: Number one was not Graham- Pierre Garçon  was targeted 181 times---most in NFL.
Graham caught 86 passes and was double covered probably 30% of the time-big reason 40% of the passes in his direction fell incomplete!

Garceaun, Andre Johnson, AJ Green all targeted more with less production. JR climbs back into his SchuttVision Shell