Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fletch Puts LATech Coach Michael White On The Spot: A Look Back...

Smoothie King LA Tech Tuesday!

Coach White was on with us last Tuesday, March 4th. Tech hadn't faced Rice on the court yet- and Fletch had a couple of good questions for Coach White, one about his future with the Dunkin' Dawgs!

White: Crazy time of the year, there is a huge opportunity if we can capitalize!

Fletch: There is a log jam atop Conference USA... A four-team first place clog!

White: If we can beat Rice on Thursday, we still have to beat 2 good teams to make it (to NCAA Tournament).

Fletch: What do you have to do to make sure the guys don't suffer a letdown since you're playing Rice, the last place team in CUSA?

White: Last year was the perfect example of what can happen. Denver was 2 seed and got knocked off right before we took the court. Momentum is a huge factor. We have to have the right approach and mentality and let our actions speak for himself.

Fletch: Where is Appleby with rehab?

White: We were hoping he could be some what of a factor towards the end of the season and he has been. We hope a week from now he will be 100%.

Fletch: I'm going to put you on the spot. If you had to pick one guy to be MVP, who would it be?

White: "that's easy. Even the guys in the locker room would tell you. Speedy Smith. If Raheem would have been healthy he is the guy that is the most disruptive. Speedy is the best passer in college basketball. He is the engine that makes us go!

Fletch: that didn't put you on the spot at all so here is another one- what would it take to keep you at LATech?

White: I love it here at LATech. My wife and I are comfortable. Most of all I love my guys. My staff is terrific. If I was looking, I would have signed JUCO guys and went for a quick fix, but this has been a destination job for me from the get go.

Fletch: Coach Micheal White is the best young basketball coach in the country and you've got him, LATech. Don't let him get away!