Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fletch is in Vegas: TIME TO PARTY!

JP from Rotolos checks in to the asylum with the rest of the crackpots! 

EH: People talking about winners and loser? A team that I've been bashing for a while, like the Oakland Raiders, they could be fine this year. I got on board with the Saints around '94-'95-ish and my roommate would but Captain Morgan in the freezer every Sunday morning. I asked him "Dude what are you doing?" and he would tell me it was Saints game day, that's why.

EH: Do you like the Cowboys letting go of Ware or do you think they could've renegotiated?
JP: Well you know, sometimes a lot of teams plan that so they'll call around and ask them, and they'll say " interest".
EH: Do you think Jerry gave him a number to go by?
JP: I think a lot of times they do but then it's low and that's when they go out to be a free agent.

Cupcake's feelings are hurt that he doesn't know JP has a Twitter.

Sam: These players like Demarcus Ware, I'm a Cowboy for life, all that stuff. These guys make more money than us relatively more than we'll ever make. If he wanted to stay in Dallas, he'd say "I'm going to take a pay cut in order to better this team." But I kind of don't feel sorry for these guys.

Tai-Bo: You can tell Rotolo's is doing well and that it's not hunting season because he's up in the studio!

JR: We were down in Baton Rouge on Monday and that had the helmet on a walk-on WR. We haven't gotten any feedback on the video and we left before practice was over. They loved it and we got to sit down there and watch spring practice, it was a pretty neat experience.
EH: How did you see, was it pretty vanilla what they were running?
JR: You know I didn't see anything one way or another through the drills that they were running but let's just say all the QB's have talent. Harris has a cannon. LSU had a lot of intensity for only the second day of spring practice.
EH: Are you still having to make the calls or are they seeking you out now?
JP: Oh we're definitely getting the calls now. These conferences, you know everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of technology from the coaching stand point and it's a trend.

St. Patrick's Day but also "THE TIM FLETCHER SHOW" ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY AT ROTOLO's! They'll already be having a St. Patrick's Day party so we're throwing one on top of that! Come out to Rotolo's on E. 70th this coming up Monday!