Monday, March 3, 2014

EH and Fletch Go To Blows Over Worth Of Jimmy Graham!

Fletch gives an evil giggle as he says, "Its frigid... Kids get ready to go to school!"  Right now there isn't any wet stuff falling, its just really cold! Fletch loves dashing the kids gleeful hope of a snow day!

ABC: Northwestern State hoops is getting hot just at the right time.
Fletch: they would be the 4/5th seed. SFA has been the premier team. Unbeaten in Southland Conference play with 27 overall wins. 
ABC: A lot of teams have had to adjust to the refs. More focus on scoring, can't take a charge in the lane.
(ABC and Jim Boehiem would get along splendidly)
Drizzle is starting to accumulate! 

ARKLATEX is a hotbed of football talent AND dominated Academy Awards?! Proud of our fellas that started out in our stomping grounds for stellar performances in "Dallas Buyers' Club" ...

 Jared Leto, Bossier City, wins Oscar

 Matthew McConaughey, Longview, wins Oscar

Hoops talk comes back around...
BamaDoug gives insight:
Team that can't make their free throws are like dogs that chase cars... They aren't around for very long!

Cupcake gets a new gig with KSLA12 News. Fletch is breaking down what that means: when icy roads and tornadoes come swooping in, Cupcake will be the first thrown out into the hellfire. 
Ed Hardy enters with a thought: what is MCD going to think about her little tooka wooka not being able to stay home and snuggle with Snowy the dog on bad weather days? 
Also, we know how he was when he missed breakfast...
Fletch: Here is how it plays out- Cupcake is sent to the City Council Meetings and he forgets to turn on the camera or he sits down in front of it and instead of getting the fist fight that breaks out, KSLA gets 20 minutes of Cupcake eating a sandwich.

Any team can negotiate and sign Jimmy Graham, but if they take him the team has to give up 2 first round picks. 
EH: Rob Gronkoski is more of a franchise player than Jimmy Graham because Graham can't block. He is useless in the run game, a finesse player
Fletch: Saints running game? They have a long, medium and short game. Long game? Drew throws deep. Medium game? Drew throws intermediate routes, wheel routes.  Short game? Out routes, Ins and Slant routes along with handoffs. Jimmy Graham is extremely effective in Short Game!

The mood in the studio is starting to get tense...

EH: Brees is the offense, not Jimmy Graham.
Fletch: No, duh. But what if you are the Atlanta Falcons and you have NO ONE to take Gonzalez place? What would keep them from throwing a boat load of $ at him? It's such a DEEP draft, they will be able to get a starting offensive lineman in the 2nd round.
EH: If Saints could trade Jimmy Graham for 2 first round picks? 'See ya!' 
No one has EVER given up 2 first round picks.

Our buddy Dennis Lary sent this in from Minden-

Green Campbell, Shreveport native made a diving grab in the gap to save the game for Yale in their 8-7 upset of LSU! Talk about mixed emotions! Green grew up dreaming of playing for the Tigers according to reporter Hunt Palmer

NFL Draft Talk
Bridgewater, Blake, Manziel: EH thinks Zach Mettenburger is going to be a steal! 
Fletch: if he would have not suffered the knee injury he would have WOWED at the combine and we all know, "You can't teach size and strength!"
Who needs a quarterback, but not necessarily right now? Patriots and Jets- no.  Do Bengals start shopping around? Colts? Nope. If Houston goes Clowney for 1st pick? Broncos look for Peyton's replacement? Chiefs- no. What about the Chargers? Do you want to get a guy ready to step in for Rivers in 3 years? 
Eh says Cleveland Browns- yes
Eagles, Cowboys- no. Giants?
EH- don't be surprised if he gets picked early 2nd round
Oakland was in love with Derek Carr- can he throw the ball to himself? He's fast and the RAIDERS LOVE SPEED!!
Panthers, Saints- no. They love Ryan Griffin, right?
Our bet: Mettenberger goes to Arizona, Tampa Bay, Minnesota or the Giants. 
EH: Mettenberger is the least LSU guy talked about but will probably make the biggest impact eventually.

RP: If I'm a team with good QB, I'm looking at Jimmy Graham. Graham couldn't block polio with a vaccine. Why would you go long with Graham when Brees won't be there in 4-5 years. 

Fletch: Sammy Watkins- only receiver in the country this year and first in Clemson history with two touchdowns of more than 90 yards in his 91-yard grab against Syracuse and a 96-yard catch against Virginia- will be first receiver taken in the draft.
Odell Beckham could be moving ahead of Mike Evans.

JP: with a warning: Learn from the Chiefs mistake! They didn't pay Gonzo or Allen and ended up paying the price of losing them and losing all hope of AFC West Division Titles for years.
EH: How many ch-championships has Gonzalez won? How many championships has Allen won?
Fletch stares at EH.

If Peyton Manning would have had Graham it would have been a lethal team.

Graham last two playoff games had 4 catches for 54 yards
Give him a little more but not $12 million a year.

Fletch vs. EH fueled by the callers! 
Brees worse games this year- Seahawks, Carolina
Graham was a no-show against New England when Brees was 17 for 36-236 yards for his lowest output for the season.
EH: If Greer wouldn't have slipped they would have won!
Fletch: Games that Graham had a bad game was same games Brees had bad games.
Calvin Johnson missed three games for Detroit and had three games with fewer than four catches... Graham had four games with less than four catches.

Rodney: Graham had 16 TD and people say he isn't worth keeping? Saints are going to raise ticket prices at least $10 per seat. That's $7 million- pay Graham!
EH: still worried about Graham's lack of blocking skills.
Fletcher: I'll take 16 TOUCHDOWNS over the ability to 'block down on the tackle,' or 'seal the linebacker' on one of Mark Ingram's 2 yard runs. SIXTEEN TOUCHDOWNS.  Ben Watson going to deliver that production?

Paul Little: Jimmy Graham IS franchise player! 
EH: It's a business!
PL: You've gotta have Graham! If you have a great receiver you keep him! He is going to get better! He is still young in football years. Pay him as the 2nd or 3rd best wide receiver. They will put him in the slot- he doesn't need to block! Graham hasn't been on the field enough either! What wide receiver would you take over Graham? 
EH: I'm going to have better defensive players if I cut Graham. They are going to tag him, and they might do it again next year. 

Cupcake says Fletch won the argument. Everyone is arguing now- EH is stuttering uncontrollably and Cupcake's voice has gone up 2 octaves.