Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cowboys Playing With Fire

Fletch: Are Cowboys trying to keep DeMarcus Ware... or not?

EH: They are way over the cap (20mil) restructuring... Its a dangerous game they are playing! Like refinancing your house multiple times and hoping for the best or being a college kid signing up for a new credit card.  They are afraid of rebuilding.
Fletch: But why?  it's not Buffalo or Cleveland, its Dallas! Guys want to play there- what a better place to rebuild?
Baba Ghanoush: DeMarcus and Miles Austin are the ones that are the problems for the Cowboys.
Fletch: How do Cowboys always find themselves in this position?
EH: Romo is history- he is a serious injury risk. If you push money away for a QB you are playing with fire.
Fletch: Romo is a guy that tries to keep the play alive, scrambling, he is at risk for injury.  We talk about Saints looking for a QB, but maybe it should be the Cowboys.
EH: Look what the Redskins did- they finally realized- they are letting guys leave and rebuilding and it's working. Cowboys need a GM that will handle his business better.
Fletch: Yeah, and Cupcake needs to pay attention more to running the board.  It's not going to happen.

Cupcake signs off with SportsWife impressions "Ya'll are getting on my nerves!  Everyone is FIRED!"

EH: Everyone is getting scared of Tim HawThorn and trivia... Just think if someone would have won the $25 Rotolo's card and used it today!  Calzones for the whole family!

Fletch: No one is going to beat the Thorn in trivia because they are afraid of him.

Cupcake interrupts: Not in basketball!

Fletch: huh?

EH: what did he say?