Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cam Newton out for how long? SchuttVision UPDATE! Drills for LSU!

Lucky Jack: It sounds like absolute pandemonium in there.
Fletch: What do you do with someone that drives you absolutely insane?
LJ: Fire them.
Fletch: Yeah, that's one way to do it.
LJ: I can't wait for the 10-year anniversary party, maybe we'll all be coming to Rotolo's in wheelchairs.

Cam Newton having SURGERY?
EH: He's probably getting surgery on his feelings because he can't throw to anyone.
Cam Newton having ankle surgery, out for four months, at least.

Flip a coin 33 times and it land on heads every time, that's the same percentage you have of making perfect bracket.

Baba Ganoush: Henry Melton's helmet. Recently we've all become pathologist seeing how the cap works. How do youthink that changes their draft needs?
Fletch: I think safety is a HUGE need for the Cowboys. I bet they go safety first round and DB second.
EH: Think about the departure here: Henry Melton, Nick Hayden (who?), the DE Jeremy Mincey (HUH?), and George Selvie (Who??).


Silver and Black: Did they have Reverend Duron on the greatest sports legend?
Fletch: No they did not!
SandB: He won a state championship at Captain Shreve and then went on to Northwestern to win a national championship. You know reverend Duron started a school one?
Fletch: You're right. Besides Shreveport's greatest sports figure, what about greatest figure to encourage high school sports? No one would beat Evangel. Evangel really did change high school football in North West Louisiana, in all of Louisiana!
EH: What about greatest Shreveport music figure?

Les Miles is a big fan of the Big Cat, now there's the goal line drill.

Fletch: One thing having these drills does is they keeps the kids interested in practice. You talk about getting a kid hyped, that's what gets a kid hyped in practice. When he says "Big Cat Drill", everyone gets excited. I remember this, Coach put out a 2x12 and you had to straddle it. About a yard away from the other guy, and they'd blow the whistle and then you and the other guy go at each other trying to push the other one far off the board. You go mono y mono and you earn your respect. That's where you arrive. These drills.

JR: The only thing keeping Schutt Vision from a 10 is keeping it from the broadcast, but that's easily correctable. The helmet is working flawlessly and the video is great. We'll be putting out some links to see the video today on Facebook and Twitter. You know, it's like a cornerback was wearing it on extra points and coming in on the side. It's just different players wearing it at different points of the game, it's neat.
EH: What's the player feedback so far?
JR: No issues at all. It's funny right there, I think it was the LB from Portland and he just lit a guy up on a kickoff return and he handed the helmet to Jeremy and said "That's the one you're going to want to keep brother, I just lit him up!"

Fletch: LSU had helmets delivered, do you know if they used them in the big cat drill or the goal one drill?
JR: I don't know if they did or not but when I heard about it I was just thinking 'man that would be so cool if they had Schutt Vision on for that Big Cat Drill.'
Fletch: What colleges, if you can name them, have ordered Schutt vision?
JR: Last order on Friday: Browns, college Arizona, Utah, Kentucky, Rutgers, Michigan, Louisville, thats just last week I think. I mean 15/20 top schools are ordering this helmet, but these state schools have restrictions on receiving equipment. They can order the equipment but they can't use it until a certain time.

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Big Dog: I imagine Miles also lined up with Carolina, they deserve each other. I also read about Jerry Jones screwing up the future of the Cowboys. Talking about your high school football days, I used to have to line up against Leon Strange who was huge and we ended up going against each other about 17 times before they decided I had enough. Still have concussion symptoms and that was 35 years ago.

National Football Post: Which colleges produce the most NFL talent? 
Before 2009, it was Miami with 187 players.
Since 2009 most NFL producing schools 1) Georgia with 205, 2) Alabama with 188, 3) Southern Cal with 179, 4) Florida with 162, and 5) LSU with 160.

Ralph: That's for all those no-sayers about the SEC, count the players in their conferences and see what else they have to say.