Friday, March 7, 2014

Basketball is Cool in Ruston Again!

The 70-48 victory over Rice came after Chris Anderson came out like a man possessed scored 17 points! Kayser swatting shots, Jaron Johnson added 16, Hamilton offered up 11 points and Speedy Smith was there with nine assists. 

LATech needs to look around and see who got them the banner... Pay Coach Michael White and keep growing that program! 

How many single ladies are at KSLA? Cupcake is figuring out how to shake with his left hand to try and find out if he feels a ring.

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Great Obituary from the LATimes-

"In the summer of 1974, Dodger pitcher Tommy John heard his arm snap like a guitar string after delivering a pitch. The torn ligament was the type of injury that commonly ended athletic careers, but John, then a 31-year-old star, pushed team doctors "to figure it out."

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank Jobe made what many consider the most extraordinary medical advance in baseball history that September when he invented a transplant procedure that resurrected the pitcher's arm."

Rusty: Wants to talk IBowl
There are some questions that need to be answered

Fletch: People just want answers if IBowl has taken taxpayer money. Lets get with the city and hold a press conference instead of columns in the paper and letters to the editor. We don't think IBowl has anything to hide so might as well give more transparency.

Rusty: I want the IBowl to stick around and if they are taking tax payer money the best way to do that is let us know what's going on.