Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Awful Announcing Matt Yoder And Fletch's 7 Wonders!

Throwing 10th grade geometry at the Jimmy Graham argument! "Not every rectangle is a square...but every square is a rectangle."
Jimmy is a tight end, but it is a position that is different than it used to be.

You can make the argument that in the most important game he didn't put up numbers, but he creates a distraction for the other team because it takes a top player to take him out of the game. Graham MUST ALWAYS be accounted for.

SEC Network-
Matt Yoder: Dish deal will inspire others to hop on board. It's a game changer because of the wide reaching deal. ESPN and Dish have been in court for years trying to work out kinks. This is huge for Longhorn Network too because they have been struggling. 

Fox Baseball Booth is changing: Harold Renolds and Tom Verducci join Joe Buck. You need a voice that can tell stories not just break down plays. He has taken on this old school persona that doesn't want to hear about newfangled numbers- It may turn off new thinking baseball fans but strike a chord with older fans.

Awful Announcing was the FIRST to do Mt Rushmore!
New Idea: the continents! The 7 continents!
Yoder says how about the 7 Wonders of the World?
If you see Dick Vitale with a map on his face you'll know the continent thing has caught on.