Monday, March 10, 2014

Are You Coming to Our 1-Year Anniversary Party?

March 17th, 4-6pm join us at ROTOLOS for green beer and good pizza! It's the show's one year anniversary being on 1130 The Tiger! 

JR: It's not always as important who you lose as who you replace them with is. That's the big question. Right now it looks like they're just losing key components, but if you reload the right way, then people will forget that this happened come March when they determine whether these were smart moves or not. Like the Patriots, used to be like the Steelers for the most part, when they let key players go they always got a good player coming in on the return. I think that'll be the determining factor.
Fletch: RB's and WR's looking for a big paycheck are going to find their sources scarce. 

Today is the day that Schutt vision arrives in Baton Rouge:
Fletch: When you drop off the Schutt vision at LSU will they start using it today?
JR: When we got the helmet on Friday morning, I called Stringfellow and told him we got it in. He called me back and said they pushed spring practice back until tomorrow which would've been Saturday. I asked him if Monday was okay and he said yes and that he wants it in time for 3 o'clock practice today. Fingers crossed that Brandon Harris will be wearing that helmet at some point today. 


Fletch: Does LSU have any chance in H-E-L-L to win? LSU has to win their season opener: Bama. If they beat Alabama, then they have to go on to beat Kentucky. Then, if they do that, it's either Ole Miss or Georgia. Can they beat Ole Miss or Georgia? I think so, but I don't think that ANYONE will be able to beat Florida.