Monday, February 24, 2014

You Heard It Here First (Check the Time Stamps, Boom!) Duck Commander's Independence Bowl!

Fletch didn't rampage twitter just to toot his own horn about being first to break the Duck Commander- Independence Bowl story, it was local reporting snubbed by ESPN. For ESPN it wouldn't be a big bump to their bottom line, but would make a big difference to a small business owner, which the Fletcher biz is. If it would have been any local reporter; Roy Lang, Adria Goins, Shayne Wright, Lance Snow, Brandon Dunn, Paul Crane, Tatum Everette- ANY of them that had done the work and gotten the story by good old fashion digging and then were passed over, Fletch would have defended them ferociously. Local reporters reporting on local stories (big or small) should be given credit for their work. The Tim Fletcher Show website sponsors need to know they are being seen. If our big stories are snatched up by others, our sponsors don't get the traffic and they drop, and there is no more local sports talk. 

An hour AFTER Fletch posted the story on FletchWorldWide and tweeted it out, Brett McMurphy from ESPN somehow gets word and tweets it out and he is cited as being first with the story which was incorrect. Still wondering how that happened since he doesn't follow Fletch on twitter. Has Brett McMurphy ever stepped foot in Shreveport? Has Brett McMurphy ever toted a camera around here chasing down local kids, local stories, worked hard to build relationships here in North Louisiana? Seriously doubt it. So why should this random person get the bump on his radar? 

Bob Griffin: Can you imagine if Duck Commander came out with some inexpensive duck calls and everyone got to have one at the game, can you imagine how loud that could get?
Fletch: Exactly! Buy your ticket and get a duck call at the gate. 

Kenny sees a small problem:
Kenny: I think it's great that Duck Commander wants to sponsor the bowl, but the problem is if we can't get any better teams at the bowl then none of that matters. That's just me but I went to Arizona v. Boston because the Boston kids were supposed to be great but then that didn't happen and it was a waste of my time. 


Rafe: Love it. I can not never crossed my mind that it could be a likely sponsor. With AdvoCare they aren't like the other sponsors, I thought they did a good job with the bowl, they were more exposed for their business, I think this is a much better mutual decision for the Independence Bowl AND Duck Commander. 
EH: Years ago, Bass Pro Shop over in Monroe thought about sponsoring the bowl but then said no because they were sponsoring in Nascar instead. Duck Commander sponsors Nascar, and look where they're going, Shreveport to the Independence Bowl. 
Rafe: Like Mr. Griffin said, if people are going to the event for any reason, that's a good thing. 
Fletch: I mean, if they start selling Independence Bowl stuff on their website, that's huge. 

LJ: If you had ZZ Top in the crowd with all the other people wearing those beards too, how would you even find him?!
EH: We should make Fletch grow his beard out, seriously, like to the max.
LJ: Then he'd just look like Santa Claus. I don't know if you got my name for the bowl, the "Duck Gumbo-wl".


SEC Update:
-Jared Poche tossed 7 strong innings
-Parker Bugg pitched strong as well
-LSU took care of business against Texas Southern (4-1)
-Georgia State stopped Ole Miss' winning streak
-Mississippi State falls to 4-4
-Arkansas finished with an 8-3 win at home. 

JR: I'm going to give you an example then bring it back. As you known Schutt Vision is being debuted in arena football...we have availed that we can sell in venue and television rights, well I can tell you that going around and selling that...with the advertisers, what they're investing in is Schutt Vision, my point is, I agree with everything that you've said. It's going to take a couple of years for things to change, I think at first attendance will sky-rocket. But television advertising...ESPN sells multi-platforms, so there won't be a big jump there initially. Nationally, there's still some things that are against it: if there are two bad teams playing, and if it's a 2 o'clock game on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Scotty: I know you have to let the teams play that are in line to play, but this might not be possible but having scrimmages at UL or something to keep that Louisiana money in Louisiana? And do you know where I can get that highly oxygenated Booty water?
Fletch: Yes...the Booty family is behind the oxygenated water, and the fact you called it Booty great.

NFL Combine:

Manti T'eo had a rough combine, the nerves can something take hold of the players. 

Johnny Manziel, helped himself or hurt himself? Runs a pretty decent 40, handles himself well in all the interviews, has a gun for an arm, but Jadeveon Clowney has changed the game. 

MRI Guy: One, we need to figure out who came up with that idea and give them that credit. 
Fletch: The first mention I ever heard was from my wife, then we said it on the show in a joking way but then we all looked at each other and said "Why not?" and we're glad it's happening, regardless of where it started.
MRI Guy: Kentucky vs. LSU, what is the deal? Why can LSU not close out a game? 

Hats off to Dale Earnhardt Jr. on winning the Daytona. Good news over this weekend for Nascar fans, football fans, and in general just sports. 


Sports Wife joins us in the studio to herd the crew. 
EH: If Syracuse could play...
Sports Wife: I love the Oregon Ducks, that would be awesome!
Fletch: I like the duck calls at the gate, get a beard to wear. Yeah there are 9 million other opportunities that this will bring about. Like it was said earlier, a lot of the guys have graduated from Louisiana schools. 
Sports Wife: I like the idea of having a parade. I mean that would be perfect. Or Cole Vosbury and ZZ Top coming together for the beards. 

Sports Wife: PETA better not come to my neighborhood, I'm from Bistineau, I'll drop them like rocks.