Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tiger Talk with Michael Cauble (WBRZ); Colorado Springs Can Hear Us; Shreveport Times' Roy Lang

Player of the Day: Jarell Martin of the LSU Tigers!

Rick Holland: I want to challenge everyone to challenge themselves by REALLY being a part of it. Buy two tickets, buy four tickets! If you really want to prognosticate this, call in to your show, leave their name and I'll make sure they get the best tickets available. There's nothing better for our community. It's incredible. No other bowl matches what we do, we don't have the beaches or Disney World, but we have to remember that it's not about the television aspect, it's about the kids playing. Maybe their last game of their career, this is their Super Bowl. 

Rotolo's on E. 70th's first anniversary is SATURDAY! AND guess what? Soon, to both Shreveport and Bossier, will have STRAWBERRY ABITA ON DRAFT! 

Michael Cauble joining us on-air from WBRZ: 

Tiger Basketball:

Fletch: Are we looking at a team that can make a run, we know potentially they can, but do they have what it takes to make a run at the SEC Tournament?
Cauble: Absolutely...not. Get that out of your head right now. It's "Throwback Thursday" but it's no Chris Jackson. They can't get up, they can for Kentucky, and we'll see how they do against Florida, but they aren't consistent. 
Fletch: How much falls on Johnny Jones?
Cauble: I still think as a coach, you have to set the tone, and he said earlier in the year, he's not out to win the games but to build a program...but you do have to win SOME games. You're just seeing some rough shots on offense, their guard defense is going to be at a disadvantage, their playing 8ft guards. 
Fletch: When you look at Mickey and Martin, are they carrying the team more than Martin?
Cauble: I think Martin was really bad early on, just unsure and Mickey was really good. I've seem to think that Mickey has taken a bit of a back role, iI think it's weaned, Johnny O'Bryant has gotten tired, and these are just things I've noticed. While there are certainly dynamic players, I don't think Jordan has been playing up to his potential. Initially, one of the things we noticed, the team was terrible when he wasn't playing. 

Tiger Baseball:

Fletch: So much was lost with leadership last year with tis squad. Is Bregman all they have now? How good is this team and who are the go to leaders?
Cauble: I think this is going to be a rather unique LSU team. In a way they aren't waiting around for someone to lead them. I think you have such an influx of talent that they can play at several different times. The leaders o this time, I think Tyler Moore. The outfield is so used to playing with one another that they hold each other accountable, but Nola is leading the staff as a whole. I think they are a very fast team, a fundamentally sound team, but that doesn't always sound out right. ULL looked like an LSU team from a few years back, I was really impressed by them. They were crushing it at the plate. 
Tiger Football Recruiting:
Fletch: It seems like it's parlaying a lot of attention to getting 4-star and 5-star guys.
Cauble: Les is the Teflon Don of college football. I think what you have is Les is a fantastic finisher with moms and dads in living rooms. I think a lot of people beat him up for guys that got away, but once you look behind the scenes and see those kids who just wanted to get away from their moms or dads, it's probably for the best. He's almost got an image, a characiture of himself I guess, I think they're doing quite well though. LSU offered 7 juniors yesterday. I think that is one of the shocking things, people thought everything would derail when Nick left. LSU football kills me because it's always one side of the football or the other. 
Fletch: And that's why Alabama is so good, they cover the ball on both ends. 

Got a flow problem? Let Dr. Jimmy Moss and crew help you out! 

Colorado Springs can hear us! Palmer calls us from Colorado Springs and is from El Dorado, said it's nice to hear some sports from home. I heard someone say that you must be in Colorado because you sound high, but I want to clarify that not EVERYONE is participating in that! 



Roy Lang with us in the studio! 

Fletch: What did you take away from the Duck Commander Independence Bowl press conference?
Lang: It's...what else could touch this community, when you're talking about a corporate sponsor, and we've had some great corporate sponsors who've provided money and they bowl, but for the past 10 years this bowl has had a gap between the bowl and the community. Nationally it was getting a lot of respect, locally? None. There's a disconnect between the bowl and the people. It's not our right to have Auburn, LSU, Alabama every year. This is our bowl, this is the 11th oldest. It shouldn't really matter who's playing. The tickets are expensive. Perhaps Duck Commander, their presence, the characters, will help bridge this gap that has developed. And it's not just the game. They're going to try and have an event every couple of months with Duck Commander, maybe not with the actual people every time, but with their stuff. I think it's important to realize that it is a year long event. I can tell you this, people wouldn't be going this crazy if it were in New York, they wouldn't wear camouflage. 

Fletch: Aly designed a logo and I love it more than the one they're using. 
Lang: I saw both and I like both. Aly's is nice. Aly's is...nicer...?

Motor Trend Magazine's Truck of the Month, AGAIN! Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Coffee Stories: 
Roy Lang has never had a cup of coffee. 

Fletch: Do you see anything negative with this affiliation?
Lang: I don't see any negatives yet. I am interested to see the details though. Where does the money come from? There are no negatives yet, but there are also no details. Let's say it is 6 years and 3 are guaranteed. Even if it is 1 year, as long as the money is coming in. I only see positives. There has been an excitement from a different crowd besides the avid college football fans. It's nothing against AdvoCare, but they contributed money and not every was taking their products but in Shreveport/Bossier, you see people walking around wearing camouflage and people who go hunting every weekend, people who love the show.

Fletch: What's the value of the Duck Commander sponsorship if there's nothing tangible?
Lang: A scenario would be, maybe the title sponsor dollars are less, but they are planning on making it up by having high attendance and having these events throughout the year. I'm not saying thats the case, but just a scenario. 
Fletch: The worth of their sponsorship is more than AdvoCare's. Sports Wife said, if they gave less money it would be more than AdvoCare because so many people will be coming just for that reason. Long term, it seems like such a good fit, there's just a part of me thinking "it's almost too good to be true." 

No matter how much you want this to happen:
THE PICKS ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE for bowls until 2019. They are contractually locked in. The only way that would change is if a bowl that is above the Duck Commander Independence Bowl folds.