Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tied Basketball Game? Todd Walker in the Studio! Fletch wins an award!

Player of the Day: LSU Tigers Jarell Martin (20 pts) and Jordan Mickey (19 pts) from last night's game.

Bama Doug: Who hasn't gone to Atlantic City and knocked there fiancĂ© out? 
Fletch: (on Darren Sharper) He's a guy thats got money, good looks, and he's got kind of a magnetic personality. Then you see these stories, and you're just shocked. Wow. 
Bama Doug: If Ray Rice really did knock her out, he's looking at a serious felony right there. 
Fletch: This has gone from what Rice's lawyers first described as a minor physical alteration to a summoning in court.
Bama Doug: The Ravens will be looking for RB's in the combine. 

Fletch: There was so much going on with "What will we do with a gay man in the locker room?!" and now the NFL has murderers, alleged rapists, drug dealers, abusers. Nice. 


Wess Moore, Fletch's old coworker from KTAL, now at KLRT joins us. 
Moore: The whole state of Arkansas is in a good mood today because we won!
Fletch: Arkansas was just mopping the floor with South Carolina. Up 17, then they lost a 14 point lead, then it was tied, and then Shreveport's Michael Qualls brought them back.
Moore: For Qualls, he was a 5-6 guy last season, now he's number 1? So he's got all of that pressure and attention on him now, I think that's what happened last night.

Mike Anderson seems to be in a love/hate relationship with his fans. The inconsistency seems to really gnaw at the Razorbacks fan-itude:
Moore: The team is inconsistent because the team doesn't have enough players, honestly. They're inconsistent because they have a bunch of inconsistent players. 

Surely the Hogs can beat Mississippi State on the road, they haven't won an SEC road game yet.
Moore: Well, we won at Vandy. They've won 4 out of 5 so there's a little hope here. If you can we at Mississippi State, then you'll be 7-7! Hope for Anderson too, he's not talking about the NCAA Tournament, but just winning some more games. If you can beat Kentucky on the road then you have something to put on your resume. 

Why is it that Arkansas High School football seems a step behind?
Moore: Arkansas has been slow in developing things like 7-on-7. Arkansas was the last state to go to 7-on-7. The support isn't here, the money isn't here, there's a lot that needs to be done. And when I say "here" I don't mean everywhere. North Little Rock has it going on. Where the most talented kids are, are the underprivileged schools that aren't getting any support. 


MCD: Congratulations on your award, and THANK YOU for all that you've done for the community. 
Fletch: Your son told me that he watched me on television and wanted to be me. 
MCD: It may just be a little bit of lie. 


Walker: We had a guy ask me if scrimmages go on our regular season's fun and frustrating at the same time. So I'm trying to basically bring it down to their level so they understand how some kids won't show up to practice but then the next day they are playing when other guys who practice hard aren't playing. 
Fletch: There was a high school soccer game in south LA, after he scores a goal, he flips the double bird at the crowd. The school announced that they have suspended him for one game. 
Walker: The reality is in what you learn, no matter what you say to the crowd, it's going to be a bad thing. You're not going to win that battle. 
Fletch: If you had a kid do that after hitting a home run what would you do?
Walker: You know the personalities in these kids. My philosophy is always second choices for these kids, they're 15-16. You get a warning the first time, the second time they're off the team. You've got to be firm with what you say, if you let them get away with it then they're all going to think it's okay.

G$: How many years do you have Seniors/Juniors get the Freshmen to get the balls? 
Walker: You tell the younger guys to get the curve balls and they going running searching for them. I always want to get the freshmen to clean the clubhouse and get them to grab the equipment, but I'm a true believer in equal effort. Last week the seniors cleaned the locker room. I pull for kids, I want them to do well off the off the field. We want to teach them to be able to function, but most of these kids, my gosh, maybe I was the same way in high school ha, but if you've got an interview with these kiddos, look out.
G$: Most embarrassing Airline Viking moment?
Walker: Other than my ex-girlfriend who I still liked leaving notes for a teammate every day...other than that, if I made an error that was always embarrassing. One time I was playing Short and I grabbed the ball and then slipped and fell and of course tried to throw it and just launched it into the stands. 

The Philadelphia Phillies have reported a potential player, Oregon State's Ben Wetzler, to the NCAA for speaking with a financial advisor...mainly because he didn't sign with them. 

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