Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII: The Most Boring Game of All Games.

6am-7am Tweets: 

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Cupcake vs. the Kids
Word of the Day: simpatico. 

Mike: I just wanted to talk about how everyone was rooting against Seattle. 
Fletch: I think if we would've seen the team from last night play against the Saints, everyone's reaction would be different.
EH: Lynch. Lynch who didn't want to talk to the media, he scores a touchdown, throws it up to the ref and walks back like "I'm going to be here again." That's when I knew, okay they're back and they're being classy.
Mike: In church yesterday, they showed us a clip of 3 Seahawks' testimonies and I'm sitting there thinking, okay, so I'm supposed to be going against this team...? I know there are good players on every team, but it just made me wonder.

There are now 3 coaches who have won National Titles in College and a Super Bowl, what do they have in common? All three were assistant coaches at the University of Arkansas. 

Fletch talked to a fellow SBXLVIII viewer last night who was also feeling lethargic, not himself, and he went to see Dr. Jimmy Moss and his crew at Regional Urology. Just call 683-0411!

EH during the break...talking about how tired he is. Says he is going to "POWER APPRAISE!" today  so he can take a nap. 

Player of the Day: Russell Wilson.

If it would've been "playa'" of the day, it would've been Joe Namath.

Favorite part of the broadcast:
Syd the Kid: The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno (Purposefully switched the order.)
EH: I think the whole thing sucked.
Fletch: Joe Namath's coat.  

Looking at the Seahawks for 2014.
Unrestricted Free Agents (Ones that are a big deal): Thurman, Tate, McDaniel, and Bennett.

G-$: Seattle Defense. They came into the game with the same mindset, we're coming into this game and we're going to win. I'm not a big fan of their coach, because of how he left USC. Conspiracy theory : Do you think the NFL set up for everyone to dislike the Seahawks and go for the Broncos on purpose?

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KCPQ (Seattle) goes live after Seattle's win and fans are going by man decides to take all of his pants off, including his underwear and just stands there. 

Raph: Whenever I watched the Saints play Seattle, I wondered why Drew Brees played so bad but then I realized that the Seattle defense makes all of their opponents QB's look bad. It's something to watch a defense like Baltimore, you can see it happening, but this is something you really can't see. All you can see if the QB fumbling around and then makes a bad pass. It's because everyone is covered!
Fletch: I think it interesting that Seattle's secondary is what sets up the defensive line. Usually it seems like whenever a defense is that good, everything is generated up front.

G-$'s conspiracy theory:
Eh: I could see that. The Sherman thing? They loved it. If there's a malcontent the NFL doesn't like, what follows immediately after that? A fine. Sherman? They didn't fine him. 
Fletch: You're right, thats detrimental to conduct. Speaking of conspiracy theorists, during the MVP interview, some hipster dude gets up and grabs the mic saying "Investigate 9/11."

Guess who else is a 9/ll truther? Pete Carroll. 

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Cupcake's Mistake of the Weekend:
Friday: Shows up a day early to film an LSUS basketball game. Shows up Saturday. Cupcake goes to announce LSUS Lady Pilot's starting 5. Ends up announcing 7 people. Then, he couldn't get the sound system to work. Ended up playing the National Anthem off of his iPhone while holding a microphone above it. Good Quality. 

JR: LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints will be using Schutt Vision in the spring. Speaking of Denver, the only time I've seen fumbles like that were when Cupcake was on a date.
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Misti calls about Manning retiring. 
Misti: Manning's body will go out before his heart goes out. 

Cupcake's shirt being buttoned all the way to the top. Fletch says "That top button was screaming for help. OMAHA! OMAHA!"

Carolyn: Sherman and Lynch were working for their teams. Not that I don't like Manning, but neither team was my favorite. Most of the ones I go to church with were for Seattle and they're mainly Saints. They say like father, like son. Those Manning boys? They're like their mother. Like mother, like son.