Friday, February 7, 2014

Smoothie King's Tech Friday! Coach Holtz, Tommy McClelland, and Northwestern's Coach Thomas.

Cupcake vs. Carpool: Lambasted
Definition: to beat the breaks off of somebody.
Sentence: Fletcher lambastes me every day.

PC: To attack verbally, or verbally abuse someone.

The number of south Louisianians on the La Tech roster makes you wonder if its from Jabar Juluke. 

Bubba: It's the first real part of the Skip Holtz administration that we'll get to see by them getting these quality players.
Fletch: That pipeline that didn't quite come up from below I-49...but there's almost too many of them down there to add! Think about how much talent they have in south LA, La Tech is just scratching the surface by getting 5,6,7 guys. What if each of those guys goes back over Christmas break or Summer break and people ask how it's going and they tell them it's been great. Think of what the potential has. 

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Player of the Day: Jalan West.

Cupcake getting flustered, typical.

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ABC: I wanna talk high school basketball, we got a lot of really good teams. I truly think that we'll have a few teams in the finals. Bossier will continue that district streak, I believe. 
Fletch: You're right, a lot of teams are playing just outstandingly. Captain Shreve, Southwood, Southwood girls, Loyola girls are rippin' and roarin.

Cupcake's Dating History: 
-A Fictional Brochure
-You Could Fit it on a Business Card

Skip Holtz, your La Tech Football Coach is live on the air!

Holtz: Have you ever met a coach that wasn't good after National Signing Day? Really the wrestle now is the Monday and Tuesday leading up to it with guys going back and forth and new schools jumping in. 

What are the rules for those Monday/Tuesday days?
Holtz: It's all phone calls. It goes to 48 hours before. We aren't allowed to leave campus and go see anyone, and no one can come on the campus and see you. It takes all of the face-contact out. 

How many phone calls were you making?
Holtz: I talked to 18 of them. I talked to parents, I talked to coaches, and then the faxes started rolling in on Wednesday.

How many pleasant surprises did you have Wednesday and how many unpleasant surprises?
Holtz: The way I've always looked at it is, if you don't have any issues, a hassle free signing day is a good day. You're getting commitments from since June and from that time, you've got bigger schools coming in trying to get them and they still stay with us. Those are the ones you want. 

Wide Receiver/Athlete, also the Offensive Line:
Holtz: They were definitely the short-term needs that we needed to make the biggest impact on. Short-term, long-term. Long-term you see a lot of freshmen sign to go out and learn how to gain depth and then stay to help develop the program. 

Holtz: You lost four defensive linemen, I'm really excited about Jaylon Ferguson, he's an absolute war daddy. He's big, he's tall, he's athletic, he's bigger. 

Forever, La Tech has had difficulty getting kids form south LA, I don't think it's a coincidence from Jabar Jaluke being there. Is the one of those things where you look at him and said "Good Job"?
Holtz: Without a doubt. Our coaches from the NOLA area have done a phenomenal job. They are working together all the time. Joe Sloan is going from Baton Rouge over to NOLA all the time and Jabar bringing is in more people. There are great players in this state, there are great coaches in this state, and there is great football. 

The two QB's that are a part of this 2014 recruiting class:
Holtz: I think both of them have the ability to be part of the short-term solution. Anytime you can sign a QB freshman as a part of your short-term solution is a good thing. I think they both have unique skill sets and will both be able to compete for that starting position in the fall.

Jared Craft is one of the kids that committed in June that never changed his mind and also Trent Taylor:
Holtz: Trent Taylor making the impact as a freshman. I would like to see Taylor to continue to develop. He's such a dad-gone competitor, if it's a critical situation he'll pull the 4th down plays. As a freshman, he's a competitor, I think one day he is going to be a leader on this team. When you talk about Craft, we had him at camp, I went over to Jabar and said "I really like Jared Craft." He looked at me and said, "we've had camps all over this state and he's the best we've seen." When you put his highlight film on you watch the combination of size, skill level, and athleticism...I just think he is a great player and will be the next Kenneth Dixon at La Tech,
Fletch: He is a warrior. 

Tommy McClelland, La Tech's Athletic Director, joins us on-air:

McClelland: Being able to grind out a win at home and get our fans involved and have our players really focus in. It took us most of the game, I mean we weren't even in the lead, and Tulsa was in control until the end of the game but that's what we need to get to the tournament. Those type of games. A win is a win. [La Tech - 66 Tulsa - 61]

McLelland: Our first plan of action is to kidnap Coach White and hide him. He's a fantastic coach and I've had the pleasure of having him coach for our basketball program. We aren't naive enough to think it couldn't happen, him leaving, it's a part of our business. We are going to try and do the best we can and be competitive to maintain this streak. We've got something special here as we know now. We're focused on keeping him and doing what it takes. 

It seems to me the student interest and the fan interest has finally turned a corner, as an A.D. what does it mean to you to see that?
McLelland: Students are in class all day and studying, and Mike White's staff is working long hours, and our staff is staying up late burning the midnight oil, and everyone shows up at the game, you feed off of that energy. 

Do you feel like the football program has shifted into 'drive'?
McLelland: It's a process. If you think of it in the most simplest form, is it better to make a big jump or learn to run? What we're doing, what Coach Holtz is doing, placing one foot in front of the other, moving forward to get a good stride going. We're trying to get this thing going with consistency. 

Why not have the Northwestern State game at Indpendence Stadium?
McLelland: We're paying them to come here. We're focused on trying to build a schedule and do it the right way. The reality is, is that you create a conflict. You just renovated your south end zone and the suites are getting purchased by alumni. 
Fletch: Is there going to be a guarantee of a Shreveport game? Because of the stadium upgrade in Ruston, is that going to protrude Shreveport from ever getting a game?
McLelland: There's been a history here of only having potentially one game in Shreveport, that's still absolutely on the table. No matter how many upgrades we make, I think that's absolutely on the table. It's hard to understand why don't we just take that game and move it over there but you have to think about it financially. 


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Coach Jay Thomas from the Northwestern State Demons:
Give us your assessment of the new 25 kids that signed on the dotted line and specific needs that you addressed:
Thomas: It was gonna be a real tight fit, we didn't have many spots, but our coaching staff did a great job going out and finding these men, we really needed to target our offensive line and in this conference it's a tough league. 

No QB signed, so you must feel pretty good about that:
Thomas: (chuckling) yeah, I feel pretty good about it. We had one on the board but he ended up somewhere else. 

Of these 25 new signees, you would love to not have to play these 25 guys, but that's not the nature of the beast these days, how many will be needed?
Thomas: Last year, we had a couple of true freshman, but we were blessed to able to red shirt a lot of them which will be beneficial for this class. It's going to be the line of scrimmage if there's going to be some guys that need to play. I think there's some quality players that are coming in who can help us next year. You know, we'll just have to see. 

As far as having a year under your belt, and being thrown under the fire last year, having a full year and being able to analyze game tape, how much of a difference did it make for this coming up spring?
Thomas: It allowed us to be a lot more thorough in our recruiting process.. It doesn't start in the fall, it starts in the spring. Then we have the opportunity to do our traveling camps around the state. The good majority of the guys we have in this signing class went to one of our traveling camps. It made a huge difference. Out of the 25 guys, 19 of them have a 3.0 or higher GPA which is impressive.

Running back situation, I'm sure you'd love somebody to come in and be the hoss, do you have that person on the roster?
Thomas: I don't...we still like doing it by the committee. All the guys bring something different, one of them is a very talented young man, he can make guys miss, he can acth the ball out of the back field. 

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