Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Smoothie KING Tech Tuesday with Michael White, Hunt Palmer, and Matt Yoder!

Hunt Palmer from BayouBengalInsider.com

Where is LSU going to get the most help fro this class?
Palmer: The thing that I'm worst at in this job is picking the true freshman that will actually play. I looked at Tyrann Mathieu and said "That guy's going to probably red shirt, he's tiny." When a freshman TE is running away from your secondary, that's not something you want to see. You see Leonard Fournette and there's a guy that I can see against Wisconsin

How much has Grimes helped with recruiting?
Palmer: That was part of his pre-req. Grimes is known for his recruiting. His first task was to maintain a relationship with two commits and then try and grab Kelly from Florida.

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Player of the Day: Broderick Jefferson from Parkway High School. He's a triple threat athlete. Tomorrow he is putting his pen to the paper and signing his letter of intent.

Hunt Palmer, from Bayou Bengal Insider, still joins us to talk LSU hoops.

Seems like something turned on during that Kentucky game and grew the Arkansas game, do you feel confident they'll take this to Athens?
Palmer: I can't be too confident because they haven't played very well on the road. If they win the next three games, then I'll start talking about them like a serious tournament contender.

The Tigers are shooting the ball so well. During the second half against Arkansas, was that the best you've seen them?
Palmer: This season, yes. Really they played great against Alabama in that second half, but they were down so far that they couldn't get back up. Those two teams, Arkansas is decent but Kentucky is as good as they come.

If you had to pick the 2nd MVP for this season (besides Johnny O'Bryant III):
Palmer: The most consistent player on the team this year has definitely been Mickey. I think he's kind of blossoming into his full potential. It's possible that he'd be the MVP this season. Mickey has been so steady and so consistent that I truly think he'll a No. 1 draft pick.

What is the Tigers 'achilles heal'? 
Palmer: There are a couple of things, if O'Bryant gets in foul trouble, they get in real trouble. I say this with a little hesitation because they played so well the other night, but because Hickey and Stringer are so small, that could be one too.

How many teams from the SEC do you think will be in the tournament?
Palmer: I think 4 is probably a good bet. Kentucky and Florida will definitely be there. The last two spots will be a battle between Mizzou, LSU, Ole Miss, and

How easy is it to sign up on BayouBengalInsider?
Palmer: It's free right now for 10 days...all you have to do is type in your credit card information, we won't charge it until the 10th day. Try it out. You don't like it by day 10? Cancel it. But I promise you won't.

Check it out right here: Bayou Bengal Insider

14 minutes away from Matt Yoder and about an hour away from Coach Michael White because guess what day it is? SMOOTHIE KING TECH TUESDAY!

Cupcake vs. Carpool: Atypical 
Definition: "Atypical is the opposite of typical."

Seventh Grader with a T.K.O. over Cupcake!

Tomorrow between 6-9, starting at 6:15, recruiting day on the show! Local kids signing. You'll hear more than a 12 second sound byte. Why wait until 6pm when you can hear it first 12 hours earlier? Yeah. 

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Super Bowl XLVIII:
Yoder: The Saints vs. Seattle. The second time they played the Seahawks, you could see a large improvement, they should've won that second game if a few things went differently. But for Denver playing Seattle for the first time, I don't think they knew how fast they were. How fast the secondary was and I think it really did shock that Denver offense.

What if the NFL had the Larry Bird rule where you had the salary cap exclusion for that one player you wanted to keep?
Yoder: I think the NFL would hesitate just because if you had something like that it may dilute the parody of the league. I think it'd be better for fans and for franchises, but I doubt Roger Goodell and the owners would like it because it would be paying the players more.


Matt Yoder of AwfulAnnouncing.com is still on air with us to chat signing day.

Has Signing Day gotten a little out of hand?
Yoder: I think it's a bit blown out of proportion. ESPNU is having 11 hours of signing day coverage. But then you look at it, it's the biggest day during college off season. The interest in college signing day has grown tremendously over the past few years. 

Jared Lorenzen is back at it, and he's gotten bigger:
Yoder: I admire him. He's still a better athlete than me! He's out there still slinging it, so hey, if that's what he wants to do with his life, then so be it. Just maybe, the Cleveland Browns will want him. 
Saints news?
Yoder: Speaking of viral videos, Drew Brees before the Super Bowl. Brees leaped up onto the desk in a Tom Cruise manner, to defend Jimmy Graham and confess his love for him. 


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