Friday, February 14, 2014

Ronnie Jo at the Olympics, Cupcake Speaking in Candy Hearts, Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

Cupcake has to speak in Valentine's Day Candy Hearts all day. This is radio gold. 

Player of the Day: Chad Lott and David Holmes of the Byrd Yellow Jackets

Here is a picture of our Olympic Correspondent Ronnie-Jo in Sochi underneath the "Wi-Fi Tower", a.k.a. the Olympic Torch! 

Ronnie-Joe with a Mission Trip from Shreveport in Sochi, Russia. 



Ed Hardy: 223 lbs

Cupcake: 243.5 lbs 

Fletch: 249.5 lbs 

SEC Segment:

Arkansas Razorbacks: had a miserable football season, so Bret Bielema has decided to go beyond the boundaries, not the state but the COUNTRY! Denmark's Hjalte Froholdt, a defensive end, is a part of the 2015 class and his older brother is going to try and enroll at a JuCo at defensive line to hopefully join the Razorbacks as well. 

Mizzou: also getting out of their comfort zone, 7 commitments from FLORIDA for 2015.


Bama Doug: What kind of football do they play in Sweden?? How did you watch the Arkansas game if you were working a basketball game here?
Fletch: I do everything man. 
Bama Doug: Yeah.....well as a Bama fan I'm all for his rule change.
Fletch: Well if you're an Auburn fan are you for it?
Bama Doug:....who cares?! 

Worst Valentine's Day Gift ever received or gifted? 
Bama Doug: I'm a lone wolf, so it's just a regular day for me.

Regional Urology is helping Fletch TAKE OVER the weight loss challenge. 

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Phil: Put the premium on a different type of athlete. The best and worst thing that's happened to college football is now EVERYONE is on TV. Let the defense rest during time outs and TV breaks. 

J.R.: I'm against the proposed college rule. I think it's stupid. It's going to lengthen the games. Its not just a matter of the number of plays. What the fans want in stadiums and away game, is scoring. The NFL has started to realize than now. When announcers say "boy, we're expecting a defensive struggle in today's game," I'm changing the channel. I don't want to watch a defensive struggle. 

Get your Bailey's on, E. Texas Street! 


Calvin: Southern University Jaguar fan who is in favor of the NCAA rule!
Calvin: I think where we're going is defense having a chance to do something. Everyone says "I love scoring, i love scoring" so then why even have a defense? 

Shout OUT:
Congrats to the Captain Shreve and Loyola boy's soccer teams, and Byrd and Loyola girl's soccer teams for heading to the THIRD ROUND of playoffs! Good luck! 


Skandar: Here's another reason for the rule, an increase in sportsmanship.
Fletch: HMMM?
Skandar: It drives me crazy, every time a guy gets hurt fans start yelling "boo" and not even know if he's hurt or not. Now, players shouldn't fake injuries, but fans shouldn't "boo" anyone who is potentially injured. 
Fletch: (Fletch explains a 5 minutes long example of LSU vs. Alabama that is extremely complicated and too difficult to type out.)