Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nawrocki Calls Draft Prospects Out for Character Defects, Hunt Palmer, Matt Yoder

Player of the Day:

Nolan Nawrocki decided to share his list of top draft prospects and the character defects they have! How thoughtful No-no! (Courtesy of SBNation)
  • Johnny Manziel: "Suspect intangibles -is known to party too much and is drawn to all the trappings of the game..."
  • Jadeveon Clowney: "...too much of a follower."
  • Colt Lyerla: "Overly emotional and prone to outbursts..."
Bama Doug: He talks about getting into the "trappings" what does that even mean? How many kids go to college to play football and DON'T fall into that spotlight? They're college kids, thats what its all about! What made Manziel stand out to me is like Russell Wilson and Elway, and Winston...those guys all can make plays. What did they all have in common that makes them a little different than these system quarterbacks? 
Fletch: Umm...talent?
Bama Doug: They were all great baseball players. 

12th Man: Those of us that are SEC fans and have had the pleasure of watching Manziel can spot lazy reporting from a mile away. That's what this is. Lazy reporting. What did Johnny do during the Super Bowl?
Fletch: PARTY!!!!
12th Man: No. Worked out. 

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Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider joins us!

We have some folks jumping off the Johnny Jones bandwagon.
Palmer: If that's what they want to do then they can go for it. It doesn't take a lot for people to realize that we're doing a lot better this season than last year. The Tigers are beating teams that are better than the teams they were beating last year. 

I don't know who is the defense specialist on Jones staff...
Palmer: I know Charlie Leonard works with the post guys and David Patrick works a lot with the guards and I know Johnny does a lot of recruiting too. Whoever is coaching up the defense, it's not working, because they are trying everything under the sun. 

Some of our regular callers are concerned that the disgruntlement of not being able to reach the potential of LSU will cause some of the players to say "see ya." You look at the mock draft, and none of them are on it. Do you think anyone will leave?
Palmer: I feel supremely confident that Johnny O'Bryant doesn't come back next year. The reality is, is that some kids live in a different lifestyle than we do. Some HAVE to get a paycheck and whether that's in Switzerland or Texas, they'll do it. Jarell Martin isn't going anywhere. He's got good skills but he's a freshman. There's no way he's ready to go and dominate an NBA game, he isn't even dominant in the college game. Mickey is the wild card. He'll have a decision to make, unlike O'Bryant, he's got that NBA stance and he's developing a nice little jump shot. 

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LSU Baseball had a smashing debut, was there anyone that stood out?
Palmer: I think so, everything this weekend can be taken with a grain of salt. I really liked what Kramer Robertson had to offer. I thought he played with a lot of energy and what I really liked about him was that he really affected the game without even getting a hit. Another guy that showed some competitive zeal and some moxie was freshman, Jared Poche. 

It seems what I've read about Bregman is that he's got a sense of humor and off the field he's got a good personality
Palmer: He plays intensely, but he's got a good personality. During his freshman season, we couldn't get him to say anything about himself. "You are hitting 550 into your freshman year, WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

When can we start taking about Alex Bregman after all is said and done and he's completed his career at LSU?
Palmer: His numbers won't stack up with Todd Walker or any of those guys but what he's projected to be in that draft, he'll be a top 10 pick if he doesn't get hurt again. That's how good of a hitter he is and how hard he hits the ball, they don't draft that high for his position. 

The arrest of three kids trying to steal rings from Skip Bertman, what was the reaction?
Palmer: It was shocking. You lose faith in people by the day with people becoming so pathetic. Once we found out everyone was okay, we heard that Skip was 'salty' to them saying "Get out of my house, or i'll getcha!" Good to know that people are in custody now and that everything will get squared away. 

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Matt Yoder from AWFUL ANNOUNCING joins us!

Yoder: The curling tiebreaker game was magnificent. 

As far as the rotating chair of pinkeye vs. non-pinkeye for Bob Costas is back in the saddle. Does this say something to NBC?
Yoder: I think the nightmare word was a bit facetious. It speaks the depth that they have when you have people like Matt Lauer who can come in and take over, but what I think has happened this week is that it's given NBC a little window to see that Bob Costas may not be doing Olympic coverage forever.

What do you grade NBC's coverage so far?
Yoder: I give them a 'C' because they have the opportunity to show more live sports than they are doing. NBC has so many more opportunities to show live sports. I mean they have 4 cable networks and in any given time only one of those networks is doing so. 

Jimmy Graham and his agent have already said that they are going to file a grievance if the Saints tag him as a TE.
Yoder: I think it's easy to be a negative Nelly in this situation. I wouldn't worry too much, this was predictable, the Saints were always going to franchise Graham as a tight end. I would be shocked if it got to a place that was bad enough for this relationship to break down. There may be some times of worry over the next few months, but I would say it's about 80/20 in my mind that Jimmy Graham will be in a Saints uniform next season. Jimmy Graham loves his New Orleans and New Orleans loves their Jimmy Graham. 

Rick Pitino Shares His Opinion: "I think anybody in sports who reads social media is not all there. To me, it's the great class of underachievers who live on the internet and social media. I think its people who waste their time, and underachieve because they're not paying attention to what they should be."


RP: You've hit the big time! I remember when I'd call and you'd answer and say "Hey this is Fletch! Oh RP? What's going on?" You missed something on your SEC Update, apparently Miles has a commit for the 2022 class, the 5'11 eleven year old that has already committed to LSU. Johnny Manziel, really? He parties too much?
Fletch: He's a 21 year old. He's getting hit on by college girls, and we're chastising him?


ABC: Johnny, I think he's going to be good, too many times I think these NFL guys want to say anything and then they'll believe anything. I hope he gets drafted by the right team and gets the right coach and the right camp. 

The Truth: I'm going to make it long-winded. It's pretty erroneous if they Houston Texans don't take Johnny Manziel. If they draft Broyles because that's what worked in New England, then that will set them back forever. Its just a no-brainer to take the kid. He has the talent and the fan base. Look at what he did in college. If you take Manziel away from the Aggies?