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Jerrell Jackson
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Jerrell Jackson: recruit from Haynesville, initially committed to Hawaii; ULM made a hard press to keep him in Louisiana.

Jackson: It's tough, even friends were texting wanting to me to stay here, but I'm going to Hawaii. 
Fletch: Is your ceremony going to be low key?
Jackson: No, going high key! I want to wear a lei and sign a surf board!
Fletch: What will you tell the team about Haynesville?
Jackson: We are like champions. We win games. I've already had an argument with a guy from California about who has has the best football. We'll be competing at practice!
Fletch: Besides football, what did you like about Hawaii?
Jackson: They got girls in bikinis on riding skateboards! I was like DAAANG!

Damien Boone
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Damien Boone: North Desoto recruit heading to Natchitoches to be a Demon.
How has Coach Ab helped you out through the recruiting process?:
Boone:He's been there through all of it. 
Hakeem went through this with LA Tech, did you talk to him any to know about this?
Boone: Hakeem helped me a lot, he was there to talk with me when no one else was. He was always like a big brother, he looked down on me and helped me get through it.
What position do you want to play at NSU?
Boone: Wide receiver. 
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Coach Rodney Guin has done an incredible job at Haughton High School. Two young men will be signing their letters of intent, Jared Craft and P . J. Douglas. 
What is today like for you, Coach?
Guin: It's fun. Our deal is a little different than most schools because we've known most of these kids since kindergarten. It's neat to watch these kids grow up and work so hard for something. It's really neat. 

Jared Craft
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Jared Craft: recruit from Haughton heading to Louisiana Tech.
This has been a long time coming, is there more pressure on you that you've kind of been expected to get to this level? 
Craft: People always have expected me to do big things and it would be kind of a disappointment if I didn't.
Marlon Seets (Haughton High School) is over at LA Tech, did that help?
Craft: Marlon is like my best friend. We're very close. 
Did that help you make your decision? Or was it something else? 
Craft: My family. When I told them I got offered, they were just as excited as me, and I and to take it. 
Which side of the ball have they said they wanted to play on?
Craft: I'm going out for running back.
Will you miss playing defense?
Craft: Yeah, anytime you've got the chance to hit the person that hits you, it's always good. 
On Coach Guin:
Craft: Guin had a lot to do with this, he helped me out so much. I'm going to really miss playing for him. 
Craft: Mississippi State started paying attention to me and I started talking to Dak a little bit but then Louisiana Tech started paying attention to me as well, and I started talking to Marlin.


PJ Douglas

P. J. Douglas: recruit from Haughton going to play at the University of Arkansas-Monticello
How you feeling today buddy?
PJ: I'm feeling really blessed today.
How many trips have you made to Monticello, AR?
PJ: One trip recently. In January for my official visit. 
What did you think of the community?
PJ: It really reminded me of Haughton. It's small but it's still rural. It's kind of like Bossier City and Haughton rolled into one. 
Have you talked to any of the guys from here that are at UAM?
PJ: I made contact with some of the guys that are already there and it really had a toll on my decision. 
Have you heard of the phrase:
"There ain't nothin' more evil than a damn boll weevil."
Where do they see you at?
PJ: They expect to be lining up at slide receiver. 
What do you know about that Southern Arkansas division?
PJ: I didn't know the competition in D-II, but I'm going to be playing for a great school and a great city. 
Does it stop today, Coach?
Guin: We've got a couple more, Jarod (Jared's brother) actually has a visit next week to Delta State, and if it doesn't work out, he would probably go and walk-on at La Tech and be with Jared. 
Does it ever get old coach?
Guin: No not really, you know you consider yourself lucky to even get to have one. It's been fun the past 5 or 6 years, and it inspires the younger guys to work and hopefully achieve that same opportunity. 
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Santos Ramirez
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Santos Ramirez: Evangel recruit signing with the University of Arkansas.
How you feeling?
Ramirez: I'm blessed, been working for this all my life. I started playing football at 9 years old. 

Do you realize how special today is and that you're going to go play SEC football?
Ramirez: Yes sir, I realize only a handful of people in the United Stated get the opportunity to play at a D-1 school. I'm going to work hard.

You and Donovan Wilson have the ability to stop the ball thats uncanny, what is it?
Ramirez: Mainly its due to natural instinct, but it's also a lot of preparation. Lots of film you have to watch and lots of practice. 

Who were some of the first colleges that opened your eyes?
Ramirez: Memphis, Southern Miss., Houston, after that, that's when I knew "I'm going to do something with football."

Controversy from the transfer of going from Shreve to Evangel:
Ramirez: It didn't really take a toll on me, God has a plan for all of us. I just let it roll on and I just rolled with the punches. 

Jared Cornelius already at Arkansas:
Ramirez: He said it's going to be a lot of hard work but come in with the mentality that I already have. 

Has there ever been a time where you thought "Am i doing the right thing?"
Ramirez: No sir, actually I haven't. When I made my commitment to Arkansas I was committed. They gave me some opportunities that the other schools didn't and I had to take it.

Bret Bielema:
Ramirez: His demeanor at Arkansas. He wants to start a new legacy. Bielema teared up when he realized his seniors didn't have the season they wanted to. He really does care about his players. It really did take a toll on him. 

Is that one of the reasons Arkansas became so attractive? The thought of "We can really turn this around?"
Ramirez: Yes sir, We want to come in there and make a difference for them. We want to be a part of something new. 

Santos Ramirez just called his Hogs, congrats dude!

Broderick Jefferson
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Broderick Jefferson: recruit from Parkway heading to La Tech.
When did you turn off the basketball switch and turn on the National Signing Day switch?
Jefferson: Last night after the game!
Jefferson: I'm excited, it's going to be a great experience. I've been looking forward to this day since Day 1. 
Do you feel like you're really going to be able to contrite right out of the shoot?
Jefferson: Yes sir, as long as I go into this with the mindset of me knowing how to do this. 
What about the academic side of it? You play every sport, is that something people forget about? That kids have so much going on? 
Jefferson: It's been tough, I get kind of lazy a lot. Grades come first though.
What is it about LA TECH?
Jefferson: It's like a brother hood down there, everybody is close and they all get along. My mom makes all of my games, no matter what. It's nice to have that family support. 
How much did Coach Feaster play his role?
Jefferson: He played a big role, I just want to thank him for playing me and helping me and also just keeping me on track.

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Donovan Wilson
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Donovan Wilson: recruit from Woodlawn High School signing with Texas A&M.
What was last night like trying to go to sleep?
Wilson: I slept like a baby! I was anxious to put that pen to the paper. 
Whats been the most enjoyable thing about the recruiting process?
Wilson: Being able to be around the players and coaches, and just the thought that someone really does want me to play on their team. 
Whats it like going to visits?
Wilson: You get to have a lot of fun, when I went to Utah I went snowmobiling! 
Theres been some tough choices for you, what was it about Coach Sumlin and A&M that made that decision?
Wilson: Its a real family environment over there. The new safety coach has done a lot. You come in early and do hard work. 
Coach Joseph, what does he like best about your skills?
Wilson: He likes my ball skills, the way I go up and get the ball at the highest point. 
During ONE QUARTER, Wilson had four interceptions as a sophomore. 
Wilson: It's really preparation, like watching film, it's also reading the quarterbacks eyes. 

Chris Bradley
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Chris Bradley: recruit from Evangel going to play at TCU.
Bradley: There's so much excitement between me and my family, I think they're more excited than me.

The switch to Forth Worth:
Bradley: I went on a visit, I liked everything around there, talked to my family, talked to my coach, and then made the decision.
Playing Big 12 Football:
Bradley: God has blessed me with this opportunity, so I'm going to give it all I got. 
Defense has been getting pushed around in the Big 12, are you looking forward to chasing after some of these guys?
Bradley: I've been blessed with the athletic talent, the rushing the passer, the athletic ability, all those passing teams, they need to watch out! 
Who was the coach that did the most recruiting for you?
Bradley: Coach Rusty Burns, the WR coach. 
What was your recruiting trip like over there?
Bradley: It wasn't all football, I got to meet with the players and talk to them, how they felt about life, they kept it honest with me and really helped me make my decision.

What do you want to major in?
Bradley: I want to be a Mechanical Engineer. 

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Coach Bo Meeks for the Airline Vikings joins us to talk O.J. Smith's phone call this morning from Coach Napier at Alabama.

O.J. Smith
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How did you handle what happened yesterday with OJ and the fact that at one point, Alabama wasn't going to be able to sign him?
Meeks: It's a really tough time for the young men. Everything they see is great, and on the other side everything is business. OJ felt like Alabama was the right fit from the beginning, all the hard work that he's put in to make this opportunity happen, it's great. 

Meeks: He's going in June. He is part of the 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide Class. He didn't sleep too well last night, but all is well now and this is a great day for him.

How he find out, what his reaction was:
Meeks: He was in class, Coach Napier from Bama called and gave him the news, he came and found me, he's very laid-back, but he came in and was definitely grinning.

What's it like being a coach going through this?
Meeks: They're like our sons, it's not easy to see them hurting. I mean OJ has been fully committed since May of 2013, we talked last night and I texted him "God has a plan" and then this morning His plan went into action!
Hear what OJ had to say about the last 24 hours of recruiting madness!


Blake Bogenshutz
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Blake Bogenshutz: recruit from Carthage going to play at University of Texas-San Antonio

What was it like putting your year into perspective?
Bogenshutz: I've always dreamed of winning a state championship, and I've always dreamed to play at a D-1 school or even the college level, and its all coming true. 

How much has Coach Surat and the coaching staff prepared you?
Bogenshutz: I think just the knowledge of the game Surat has given me will help me a lot. 

Are you relieved or excited?
Bogenshutz: I think I'm more excited, but also relieved that I get to continue and play four more years of college.

Coach Surratt of the Carthage Bulldogs:
Surratt: It's a special, special day to see 10 of our athletes (9 football, 1 volleyball) go on to play collegiate sports. 

What is Carthage doing to continue this success of sending out their athletes?
Surratt: Our superintendent allows us to do things right. When you go to do special things, you have to have special people at the top. I've got great coaches to help lead these kids, and then the parents come into play to keep the kids doing what they need to do, and then it comes down to the kids putting in their effort .