Monday, February 10, 2014

Michael Sam, Marcus Smart, and Bob Costas has the PINK EYE.

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Michael Sam, Missouri's DE and NFL prospect comes out as potentially the 1st openly gay player in the NFL:
Wherever he is drafted, it will be a media circus, and everyday will it be: how's it like being a teammate of a gay player? If every player stands up behind him then everything is fine, but when that one player, even anonymously, says he's against it. 
Syd the Kid: Would you rather have someone who is a criminal, who is suspected for murder as a teammate? Or someone who is gay? It's not that big of a deal.
Fletch: Would you rather play with someone who was gay or someone who was a racist?
EH: I just want to have someone who can play. 
^ Point made!
Are NFL teams ready to handle this? 
If your teams drafts Michael Sam, does it change your opinion about him or your team? Tweet us at @FletchWorldWide with your thoughts! 

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Player of the Day: Arkansas Razorback and former Huntington Raider, Michael Qualls!

ChevyLand, you know it by the feeling:

We asked high school football coaches:
Have you ever had a gay player on your team and who did you handle it?

-"I have never had one that I know of but I don't think it would be a problem."
-"I have never had one but I think it would DEFINITELY be a problem, more of a problem if it were the coach."
-"As long as you can make the plays, I don't care if you're a woman or a man or in between, just make the play." 
-"I heard rumors back in college that a guy with me was but never confirmed...guys back then never came out because they were scared of repercussions."
-"Not that I know of, I believe it is biblical. I'm a creationist."

Raph: To me, publicizing your sexual orientation, even if you were just announcing a monogamous way of life, is trying to get attention. It seems like he is trying to be known not just as a football player but as a gay football player. 
Fletch: Discrimination from the 60's against men of color in every sport in the books, do you think there was a little bit of this in Michael Sam to put this on the NFL...meaning if he was rumored to be gay and hadn't come out then he could have missed opportunities for barely being lower in the combine. But since he has come out, if he doesn't make the draft then he can defend himself and say "I was All-American, I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year." Then it becomes an NFL issue. 
Raph: To me it's a selfish move. 
Fletch: Now has the pressure been put on teams that actually need this position and come the time of the draft, they still haven't drafted anyone and he's left? Does that put the pressure on them to draft Sam?

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EH: This is what I hate about the media. I just want to watch football. The press conferences are all surrounding his sexuality when it should be "Are you ready for the game?" or "How do you think the offense is going to compare tonight?"
Fletch: The NY Daily News and the Post unfortunately don't make money for putting positive inspirational stories on there, they are trying to sell money by stories that stir. 

At KTBS, someone wanted Fletch to "get the dirt on Evangel and their recruiting" and told me they'd give me all of the sources I would need. I told them, no one is going to say it on camera, and I don't believe in that kind of stuff. 

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Larry: How many people that are listening in, how is it affecting them at all? A guy can be whoever he wants to be. What really does it matter? This guy being gay is not going to effect my life at all, if he can knock down the guy from a team I hate, that's what I care about. I'm not going in the locker room with him, I just want to see him play well. 

Sports Wife has arrived. She is now MOBILE!!

Who's in the wrong in the whole Marcus Smart situation?


Call the 'People Plumbers' at Regional Urology:

Besides the fact that Michael Sam is now openly gay, why hasn't anyone addressed the fact that he's a linebacker named Mike Sams? "MIKE! MIKE! MIKE! SAM! SAM!"

Every high school coach has had a hot head on their team and a hot head in the stands. Marcus Smart gives a fan in the crowd a shove, at first Smart said the fan called him the "n" word, then he took back the statement saying the fan only called him "a piece of crap". Apologized and then the fan apologized as well and said he wouldn't go to any more games if necessary, Smart suspended for three games. 


The right thing was the conference by suspending him. Every sporting event that I've ever been to in my life, I've heard profanities volleyed at players but no one react. 

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One opinion on Marcus Smart: 
The fan should probably stick up for Marcus Smart..."I'm the one who instigated this, I'll make sure to avoid coming to games." 

The fan allegedly has been a disturbance in other games as well. A Texas A&M fan recalled a game against them where the same guy flipped him off with his arms. 

12th Man: I wanted to come to the defense of our good friends at Texas Tech because that's so out of character for their fans. They never tear down goal posts and do anything obscene. So quit with all of this "Holier than Thou" crap. 
Fletch: Have you ever crossed the lien as a fan?
12th Man: Well...there were a few times I yelled at coaches that couldn't have been very respectful...but no, nothing to that extent. Let's see Texas Tech do something proactive to try and limit this stuff. 

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Herm Edwards, is he putting his foot in his mouth? Edwards suggests that Mike Sam is "bringing baggage" into the locker room. We don't all agree with this, but it's HIS OPINION and HIS BELIEFS.

Mike: I give him kudos for coming out, that takes a lot going through the media.
Robert: I was just going to say, Herm Edwards, saying what he said, him being a former NFL coach and an analyst, that he would know better how it would effect the locker room, the team, or the whole organization, but than me or you and it's probably the truth, and not everyone wants to hear that, but it's likely true.