Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Manny Diaz , Michael White, Matt Yoder, and SNOW DAY...

Bob Costas has pink eye and they have started only showing him in wide shots.

Wade: Just a reminder, you guys (Arkansas) stole our college of business dean from LSU...
Fletch: And that's the only shot fired...


You need one of those 4x4 Silverados to get you around town today. Get your phone charged up buddy, your friends are going to be blowing you up! 


Player of the Day: Grambling Tiger's, A'Torri Shine!

Coach White on the Marcus Smart situation:
White: Marcus, he needs to be, there has to be a punishment, I'm not sure how severe it should be but it's a first class organization there so I'm sure they put a lot of thought into it. The kid is a tremendous player and the scrutiny he's under is a lot. You hate it for Marcus, no one knows what was said or what wasn't said. Things are always said in hostile environment. They need to understand the full picture of the consequences of the actions. 

White: It just seems like you don't see as much of the crazy talk in the stands during NBA games, or I guess over-served men getting too personal. It's not like these guy are getting paid millions of dollars for games to play and every now and then hear a little heckling, these kids are going to class, studying, and definitely not making any money. 

Fletch: If there's one game that I know of who's player would want you to yell, would be Marshall Henderson, but he thrives on that. So as a fan, I wouldn't do that because he's going to start draining 3's. 

When Fletch was in college, his PIKE Bro's would yell at North Texas State (Now North Texas University):

Can you guess which one is FLETCH?

Bubba: This is just another example of today's culture. God love us, but we are all bad. There's gonna be somebody in a crowd of 1,000 that doesn't have a filter or that can't control themselves, whether it's a college basketball game or a 6-year-old flag football game. We just need to accept that people are dumb and don't know how to behave. 

Cupcake vs. Carpool: Onomatopoeia
Definition: When you umm...have pale skin.
Sentence: "Fletcher has onomatopoei."


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Matt Yoder from AwfulAnnouncing.com joins us!

Which has gotten the most play or the most traffic? Michael Sam, Marcus Smart?
Yoder: Well actually, in terms of Google search, Bob Costas pink eye wins. In terms of impact, definitely Michael Sam. 

Yoder: It becomes an awkward situation when they are live events being tape delayed.
Fletch: That blows my mind...I think that means they're now three days behind!

Holmes European, you're home for Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes, and Volvo. The Fletcher family's LR3 is now 9 years old and still runs like a beaut. 

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Matt Yoder still hanging with us!

Michael Sam: 

Yoder: I don't think Michael Sam and his people could've handled it any better. He was able to own his story. In terms of being a gay man, and the first NFL player, we think, to come out, is a good step. The most fascinating element is how many more outlets found out that he was going to come out to ESPN and The New York Times. Letting Sam come out on his own, in his own terms, is remarkable to me. I think it was a great job by Sam and the company and their choices to respect his decisions. 

Where will the NFL go with? Will it hurt/help his draft stock? 

Yoder: The thing with the NFL draft is it only takes one team. It's going to hurt his draft stock...he dropped 60 spots overnight, which makes you wonder how someone could judge you on being a gay man and dropping that far. Then SI with the anonymous football sources. We're talking about the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. You need just one team that can see the positive aspects of this and a team that can think a little outside of the NFL box. If I were the NFL and it's players I would make sure I would know how to talk about all of this to the media because the national media is looking for that. 

Marcus Smart Situation:

Yoder: This is a situation that nobody is really in the right. Everyone can take a bit of the blame here. It puzzles me why every time we have to take a side in the sports culture, why you need to pick someone over the other. I think both the Texas fan and Smart were clearly in the wrong here. We're seeing athletes as more sub-human nowadays with social media. Grown men tweeting teenagers cursing them because they didn't pick the "right" college to play at. 


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Skip had said that all of the tentacles in his coaching process had reached far and wide, when they said one of them was you, do you think you are a good puzzle piece?
Diaz: I do, I think we share similar values. We want guys who are champions on and off the field, guys that can't settle for second place. And then all of the things going into being a football coach. Are families are very important to us and we are helping raise all of these kids. 

Of all the stops you've made, which coaches are still there?
Diaz: Coach Bowden at FL State, a great man put his ego aside on the staff, the loyalty. Coach Amado with NC State it was about passion. Working for Dan Mullen was just the relentless pursuit of excellence. And again the opportunity to work at Texas. It's hard to sustain. 

Do you coach with a chip on your shoulder because of what happened at Texas?
Diaz: This thing is about the kids that play, we are responsible for them. You want to make sure that whatever you're doing is best for them. Then there's the guys on staff, if there's one guy who wants to win more than another, it becomes a problem. 

Is there such thing as a Manny Diaz Defense?
Diaz: There is. It's guys playing fast, and it's a relentless attack. There's always a threat of something going on and you always want to see the kids playing on the forefront and playing aggressively. In some ways we want the offense to react to us. 

Schutt Vision:
JR: What's going on now is funny, it's all about trying it out before actually purchasing. We've got 76 helmets that are going to ship out to Illinois for arena football. Then we've got some shipping out to D-1 schools, including LSU. 4 going out to NFL teams: Jaguars, Patriots, Saints, and the Eagles. After that, we'll have about 60 left for the trial.

JR: It takes about 6 weeks for them to get made, shipped, and delivered before the actually purchase. Most of your budgets in college don't actually kick in until like June or July. 

JR: We're going to the scouting combine Sunday, I'll call you and let you know how it goes!

Thanks everyone for listening and braving the crazy winter storm! Happy snow day Shreveport!