Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPORTS WIFE! Nkemdiche Brothers Getting Sued for $2 Million

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Player (s) of the Day: 
Montrey Thomas (Byrd) and Toronco Loston (Shreve); both hit game-winning 3-pointers!

Cupcake and MCD (His mother) went to Europe when he was 14. Cupcake walked out of the hotel room's bathroom and asked MCD "What is this? Hand sanitizer?" MCD looked at it and said "Baby, that's not hand sanitizer." She then looked around the room and realized the queen size bed, the champagne, the "hand sanitizer", and the fruit...they were in the honeymoon suite. 

Regional Urology, thank you for sponsoring the show! 318-683-0411. Fletch had low-testosterone a couple of years ago, Dr. Jimmy Moss and crew got him back on track! Give them a call. 

How big is the Nkemdiche situation at Ole Miss going to be? 


How will the players react?
They know that they've got have the Nkemdiche brothers out there in order to win, but if it's true that a year ago, they have evidence of a dude being unconscious for 10-15 minutes because 5 dudes were fighting him, and the one guy that tried to stop it got his ear drum busted? That's WAY worse than the Jeremy Hill bar fight. 


Griffin Fan: I totally agree with you on this music, I just almost took out an oversized truck on 220. There's no hope. I want to talk about all of these changes they're making in the rules. What kind of injuries? I have yet to see any injuries unless they were fake.
Fletch: That's what they are all saying, "show us the data!" 
EH: The only injury they have is cramps. The fat guy running in and getting a cramp. 
Griffin Fan: I was a former Offensive Linemen. It's 101, you put your hand down on the ground? You better be still, or the coach is going to kick your butt. It's getting ridiculous. Just get a defense to stop them. 
Fletch: Just call Johnny Chavis, "How did you stop Manziel?" He would say "Contain. Contain. Contain."

Landers Fiat and their Fiat 500L is AWESOME. Feel good in a Fiat at Lander's Fiat on Bert Kouns! 

-Vanderbilt D-Line Coach Tata arrested for DUI in Nashville. Blew a .18. Ta-ta, Tata!
-Did UGA recruit too good at running back? 2015 Recruit now saying he may look to find somewhere he can start playing immediately. 
-LSU Tigers welcome Mississippi State tonight. Johnny Jones squad is now the worst 3pt defense in the league, but good news, Mississippi State is the worst 3pt scoring team! Yay! 

Gibsland Bank and Trust has free-reward checking, and you actually get to know your banker. They want to help you! 

Fletch is winning the "Outstanding Contribution to Amateur Football Award" tomorrow! 

LJ: When LSU baseball came up to play Centenary at Fair Ground Fields and lost, who was the pitcher for Centenary?
J.C. Biagi

Jerry Byrd: Congratulations on what you've done to win the award and I also wanted to mention the local players getting scholarships tomorrow night at the banquet: Byrd's Downey, and Pratt; Shreve's  Doughty; Calvary's Kosin; and Benton's Schaeffer.


LJ: Money talks. Yesterday, Garrett Williams will make his first start for Oklahoma State today. 

EH: Cowboys won the "toin-coss" against the Ravens and they are going to pitch 16th. 
Fletch: Did you just say toin-coss?
EH: Coin-toss...

Jimmy: I want to know when do you think that the Saints are going to draft someone to replace Drew Brees?
Fletch: That's such a dicey proposition because you know they eventually have to. 
EH: Remember when Favre was playing and Rodgers was drafted. Favre was still kicking and Rogers rode the pine for four years. 
Fletch: Do you want to them draft a future replacement?
Jimmy: Well it takes 3-4 years for them to get used to it. 

EH: What's Fletcher cooking you tonight?
Sports Wife: OH! Nothing I hope...
Fletch: (completely puzzled look) I make delicious food. Chili?
LJ: Chili with beans is not chili!