Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Draft Talk; New Orleans Pelicans Have A Scary Mascot; Does Canned Beer Beat Bottled?

Rotolo's is celebrating their one year anniversary in Shreveport this week! More importantly, it's owner/operators, Jennifer and John Psalmonds' sons birthday! Happy Birthday JACKSON PSALMONDS! 

Baba Ganoush: The Cowboys need a safety but it starts in the front. Pressure makes your secondary look a lot better. People can say what they want to about Ware, but he's making them look better. He'll restructure and probably make half of what he made last year but the Cowboys will be okay. I think they're going to go interior line. You probably won't see an offensive player until the fourth round. Second round they'll go defensive line, then safety.

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GAME OF THORN: John vs. The Thorn

1) What was the first sport televised in the United States? 
John: Baseball 
Thorn: Boxing
Correct: Baseball

2) Who holds the career all-time rushing record for LSU?
John: Charles Alexander 
Thorn: Charles Alexander
Correct: Kevin Faulk

3) What city was last years Final Four held in?
John: Utah 
Thorn: Indianapolis
Correct: Atlanta

4) What year did the U.S. boycott the summer Olympics in Moscow?
John: 1988
Thorn: 1980
Correct: 1980

5) What is the name of Vanderbilt's football stadium: 
John: Rose Bowl
Thorn: The place where people come to win. 
Correct: Vanderbilt Stadium

6) What University has the most college world series title?
John: UCLA
Thorn: LSU Tigers
Correct: USC

7) Which former Saints head coach has won a Super Bowl not named Ditka?
John: I'm not sure about that one.
Thorn: Hank Stramm
Correct: Stramm

The Thorn takes the first Trivia Challenge! Think you can stump him? Listen next Wednesday at 7:30! 

How are your Cowboys shaping up?
Stefan: First of all, I'm not a Cowboy's fan. Not at all. Not a Dallas Cowboys fan. I was calling because I was listening to the show yesterday with Matt Yoder and the first overall pick. Unfortunately I'm a Houston Texans fan and I couldn't disagree with him more. Johnny Manziel is the worst pick for us. The way he carries the ball, the way he sets up, it's setting up for turnovers and injuries, just like Michael Vick.

Jon Bois of SB Nation:

Top Five Drafting Teams from 2004-2008:
5) New Orleans Saints
4) Dallas Cowboys
3) Atlanta Falcons
2) New York Giants
1) San Diego Chargers

Five Worst Drafting Teams from 2004-2008:
5) St. Louis Rams
4) Cleveland Browns
3) Oakland Raiders
2) Tampa Bay
1) Detroit Lions


  • SEC Update

JR: I think Ed Hardy has lost his mind again. There is no way Manziel or any quarterback should go in the top five during this draft. Let's look at 2002-2012  drafts when a quarterback was chosen in the top five and have Super Bowls. In 10 years, there have been only two QB's to win, and better yet play in a Super Bowl. If I'm picking, I'm not picking a quarterback. 
Fletch: (To EH) Has JR knocked off your hat?
EH: My hat hasn't been knocked off! He needs to wear his own helmet and see this! 
(This portion sponsored by JR's Schutt Vision....)


Fletch's Bold Brash Draft Prediction:
Saints have to be a little more judicious. I think the Saint's draft an LSU player this year, and I wouldn't doubt that it might be Lamin Barrow.

Ed Hardy found this picture for us. The story was on "WOMEN SEEKING JOBS". If this doesn't make your day better, I don't know what can. 

Beer in a can tastes better than beer in a bottle. Cans offer an air tight seal and shield against UV light as opposed to bud light. 

Fletch: Canned beer taste better.
EH: I'm a bottled beer kind of guy.
Syd: I think cans taste better, but also, you can take them to more places.
Cupcake: I like bottles, I like the way they feel. (Weird.)
Fletch: Ed Hardy, do you see your coolness factor? You've got me and Syd with cans, and then Cupcake with you. 

JP: I've been told this by people who know beer and actually have jobs with it. The benefits of cans, like Syd said, is that you can take them places, but also it protects the yeast and hops because light affects them. So with bottled beer, if you have it in the sun then it gets dark or even if you have it in your refrigerator, every time you open the door the light comes on and goes off, it can change it.