Monday, February 17, 2014

Downton Abbey is FOR MEN, EAT Rotolo's Tomorrow to Support Scott Wells, and Ronnie Joe from Sochi!

6-7am Hour TWEETS:

Player of the Day: Kyrie Irving

Cupcake went to a local gentlemen's club on Valentine's Day, he sent us pictures to confirm. 

Everyone on the crew is FOR "Downton Abbey" and Ed Hardy is saying "Dude. You're a man. You are a man!" Dr. Jimmy Moss at Regional Urology, the KING of Testosterone, is the one who suggested it to Syd the Kid! 

Dr. TV: Ranks television shows  for us:
  • Game of Thrones
  • True Detective 
  • Black Sails 
  • Justified
Killer Dawg: You say everyone can run? How long is a basketball court? Well once you get to the end you get to rest! And Dr. TV with Game of Thrones? They're either fighting...or...the other thing. 
Fletch: Yes, they are either fighting or...frolicking. 

Cupcakes vs. Kids in Carpool: 
Since it's President's Day, Ed Hardy is coming in hot with: alliteration. 
Definition: An English term, used in English classes, across America, and it's alliteration...alliteration. 
Sentence: When I was in second grade, I wrote an essay that had a lot of alliteration.
Fletch: So what would that essay have? What would be alliterate about that essay? 
Cupcake: (no words)
Fletch: Cupcake Can't Compete

G-Money has an idea to create a decathlon for Cupcake, EH, and Fletch to compete in. 
Lucky Jack wants Cupcake to be a participant in the decathlon by catching the javelin. 

14 years ago, Scott Wells was paralyzed from the chest down due to a drunk driver. Wells is attempting to become a part of the US Paralympic Handcycling Team. Rotolo's is helping Scott out. Visit Rotolo's tomorrow and a portion of the proceeds will go to Scott Wells and his funding to make it to the US Paralympic Team. 

Wells: US Military Endurance Sports invited me to come to Tuscan, AZ to partake in their military cycling camp. The fundraiser is about helping to support my traveling and race entry.

How long have you been involved?
Wells: I founded Independence Regain in July of 2010 and we're working to get a hospital built in Shreveport/Bossier.

When did you become a Paralympian? 
Wells: I started hand cycling ten years ago when a buddy of mine introduced me to two-hand cycling. I've done two rides across LA, first to BR and the second to Vicksburg and back to Shreveport. I'm looking forward to the national championship in June. I spent a total of 10 years in the Navy and 2 years in the Active Reserve. 

Go to Rotolo's or get a to-go order tomorrow (Tuesday) to help Scott Wells get to his destination! 

SEC Segment:
-Arkansas knocked off LSU 81-70 
-Georgia knocked off Ole Miss 61-60, Georgia now 8-4 in the SEC

Our Olympic Correspondent: Ronnie Joe

Ronnie Joe: We're at the two man bobsled finals, they're about to start in just a couple of minuets!
Fletch: This is so cool, we're talking to you like you're over at Tinsley watching a soccer game. 

What's the easiest event to get a ticket for?
RJ: Curling wasn't very expensive, we went to the USA vs. Russia hockey game which was awesome and that was our more expensive one. 

How much?
RJ: A few hundred dollars, and we were in the nosebleeds but somehow sitting across from Putin. I've been interviewed by Swedish television stations, Australian, Japanese, Russian, and Canadian. They're saying I'm a rockstar because all of these stations want to hear my Louisiana accent. 

Which event has been the one that you think "Hm, I'm not sure I got my money out of this one"?
RJ: I wouldn't say that about any of them. I mean women's curling was a little different but people around us explained the rules and strategies and once you found out the way to play the games, it made it a lot more interesting. 

Out of all the events you've seen, which event could you see yourself actually participating in?
RJ: Bobsledding of course! 

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Mike and Mike say that New Orleans did a good job with the All Star Game, yet again proving they are THE SPOT for BIG GAMES (cough cough, Roger Goodell).



Golf Talk with Cowboy:
No one remembers that Phil Mickelson changed clubs the week before the Ryder Cup and didn't play well. 

"The Tim Fletcher ShowGolf Tournament" has commenced. Syd the Kid hasn't played in two years but says she will still whoop Cupcake. 

Ralph: That Poche boy, I tell you what, he looks like a 14-year-old but he showed a lot of poise. 
Fletch: Yes and then they didn't have Jim to broadcast it, and he is the glue to that broadcasting system. They needed to have private jet to get Jim down there. How about this stat? Arkansas swept Appalachian State. They used a three-run home to win 7-6. 

Golf has kind of had a gap between the generations but we've got some prospects coming in hot. Barbaree, Burns, and Carter are all going to be kids you need to be watching. 

Ed Hardy is ready to sign on the line for that LTZ Tahoe at Chevyland.

Fletch ends the show by telling Cupcake he's like the son he would hide in the basement and not tell anyone about.