Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celerbate Valentine's Day Tonight to Open Friday for LSU Baseball, SEC Segment of the Day

Player of the Day: Former Arcadia Hornet, now a Texas A&M Aggie, Kourtney Roberson.

Fletch sounds like he should be in a death metal band today, 

Louisville has come in to the state of Arkansas and offered 5 players scholarships. STAY OUT OF ARKANSAS, LOUISVILLE.

Bubba: La Tech basketball is playing the #15th ranked in the Conference-USA Saturday, don't tell anyone, we don't want to jinx it or anything but they have had the best season in many, many, many years. 
Fletch: If you've thought about "I think I'd like to see Tech play at home! That sounds like a wonderful idea." Well hurry up, because their home games are coming to a close end!
Bubba: If you want to watch basketball where you can see a coach actually coaching his team and watch some great basketball, you gotta go see them. 
Fletch: You don't have to be a Tech fan to enjoy the game. 

We've figured it out, Fletch doesn't sound like he's in a death metal band, he's Moe from the The Simpsons. 

ChevyLand watching out for sinkholes under their Corvettes, better go check them out! Youree Drive, you know it by the feeling. 

Cupcake vs. Carpool: Famine.
Definition: When someone doesn't have food.
Sentence: "There's a huge famine outbreak in Culver City, California." 

Arkansas Razorbacks are trying to sell beer in the indoor club areas of their stadium. Are you for this or against it? How about are you for this in Tiger Stadium?!

Ralph: Do you see another 50 game win this season for LSU baseball?
Fletcher: No...Paul Mainieri is going to tinker with this batting schedule a lot this season. 

Holmes Honda has the 2014 Odyssey that is equipped with a built in vacuum cleaner! Yes. They are brilliant. 

SEC Segment of the Day: 

  • NCAA looking to make 'delay of game penalty' for playing too fast
  • NCAA rules looking to change targeting penalty 
  • Kentucky Wildcats improved with a 64-56 win over Auburn
  • Georgia outscores Mississippi State 67-33; Georgia now 7-4 in the SEC, a game ahead of LSU
  • LSU lost 83-73 to Texas A&M

Olympic Update: 
TEAM USA LEADS 7-1 against Slovakia

Keep it coming Rotolo's!


The Original Chris D. (The OCD):

OCD: We're actually celebrating Valentine's Day tonight because we already have plans on Friday, so Ralph should do this for the LSU game. 
"I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with you until FRIDAY! Let's celebrate tonight! I love you, so very much."
The O.C.D. has just become the smartest man we know.

Free reward checking and 4.11% interest!

When it comes to Mardi Gras headquarters, don't go anywhere else but King Hardware and Gift! Follow the light to King Hardware and Gift on Line Avenue in the Uptown Shopping Center! 

SportsWife has come up with the greatest idea ever, Cupcake can only speak in "Candy Hearts" tomorrow on the show!