Friday, February 21, 2014

Bret Bielema Expecting Death in Football; Weight Loss Challenge; Barksdale Air Force Controlling the Weather? DirectTV

Player of the Day: Kenyon McNeail of the LA Tech Bulldogs.

Bama Doug: Guess I'm going to have to shower you with praises, you're winning all of these big awards! Arkansas has a big game coming up.
Fletch: Every game is a big game for Arkansas.

EH: It's been a tough pull this week due to "The Tim Fletcher Show Weight Loss Challenge", I'm proud of you for the award so I'm giving gifts.

Ed Hardy brought Fletch his favorite "Jackson Vanilla Wafers" and peanut butter and milk...conveniently on the day they weigh win for the weight loss challenge.


Bret Bielema states that with the new rules, we might as well serve out "Death Certificates" because if he's out of timeouts and there's no way to stop the game, if a player is about to fall out, he can't get off the field.
Nick McElhatten from King Hardware and Gift in the studio
McElhatten: If you're a human being and playing in a game and it comes to a point where you feel that if you take one more step or take-on one more play, you will literally die, then you should know your limits and just lay down or just get off the field!

Bielema also mentioned that President Obama said his son wouldn't play football. But Bielema, President Obama said IF he had a son...

Little Jerry: Bret Bielema and the 15 second run-off, if you do that on every play of the game, you're going to have more TV timeouts than TV revenue coming in...always follow the money.
Fletch: "This 10 second pause is brought to you by..."
Little Jerry: Yeah I can see that coming.

Rafe: It seems like, and this is going to be a stereotypical comment, once you become the head coach over at Arkansas, you start taking unnecessary risks and get yourself into situations where normally your conscious would tell you that was stupid, like texting reporters, or riding motorcycles with girls other than your wife on the back. It seems to me that the last few coaches at Arkansas, just by there own actions, have done things to their own detriment.
Fletch: Yeah, you're right.

"The Tim Fletcher Show Weight Loss Challenge" Week 2:

Ed Hardy: 
Week 1- 223 lb
Week 2- 219.5 lb

Week 1- 243.5 lb
Week 2- 246 lb

Week 1- 249.5 lb
Week 2- 248 lb


SEC Update:
-NFL Scouting Combine is running, 11 LSU Tigers are there and representing well!
-Only Alabama, with 12, has more going through the combine.
-Bret Bielema has worry of death if the new 15-second rule comes into play.
-Paul Manieri and crew are gearing up for a game-filled weekend!

JR: I hate to rat him out like this...but I saw Ed Hardy last night leaving the CVS with two bottles of "Colon Cleanser".


Matt Lauer to Bob Costas: "Taking the red-eye home?"

King Hardware and Gift is your place to go TODAY to get you Mardi Gras stuff!! And it's 20% off! Hurry, hurry, hurry because Syd the Kid is going and will take everything!!!

Major Carroll: It was difficult, but that's the budgetary challenges we were facing as a nation. IT was tough but we're excited to put the show back on this year, and we've got a great lineup. 

It is definitely a lot of work, but it is a welcome change. We get such outstanding support form the citizens of Shreveport and Bossier, so it's kind of a way to give back. 

We'll be showcasing some of the most modern weapon systems we have in the Air Force, and it's also to get younger kids interested. I was at an Air Show and the Blue Angels were there and that's what peaked my interest and I've been there for 12 years. 
April 26-27, gates open at 9 and flying starts at 11. Thunder Birds kick off at 3. Ends at 4. 

The F-22 Demo Team will be there doing a flying demonstration. Don't fret, there will be B-52's flying!

The Weather in Shreveport:
Fletch: You watch the weather in Shreveport and it always seems to "miss" Shreveport. I think the wonderful guys at Barksdale Air Force control the weather. Do y'all control the weather?
Major Carroll: I can neither confirm nor deny...but we do enjoy good local flying weather.


Calling DirectTV about the SEC Network:

Giovanni: We are going to carry it when it does come out in August. We are the leading provider of sports, we've got the Big 10 and we definitely are going to be covering the SEC Channel for you!

Fletch: Well, an article posted on Out-Kick the Coverage said you aren't.

(Giovanni puts us on hold to gather his information)
(He's back.)

Giovanni: We haven't nailed the coffin yet, but we are in talks about it which was in our last meeting. We had one this morning, it will be specifically in the 11 state area. We're trying to get it to be a regional sports channel. We're just in negotiations still with the channel. From the last update that we had, DirectTV is trying to get this channel.

COX Sports Television:
Fletch: Is there any chance that COX Sports Television gets added to DirectTV?
Giovanni: I have no information on that, we have nothing that says we'll have that channel

Thanks Giovanni!