Monday, January 13, 2014

Saints Salary Cap Problems! Misery Monday Makes Men Mean AND Breakdown Of The Breakdown

What up fools?
Fletch decided not to watch football, but caught up on Downtown Abby, learned how to make noodles, went to New Orleans on a voodoo fact finding mission for Fletcher family, learned how to tie his shoes with his eyes closed and did a little work in his garden. He didn't watched football- it's such a silly game- grown men running around hitting each other.

There are only have 3 games left: AFC Championship, NFC Championship and the Superbowl.


By the way- it's time for the refs to GOGet the axe! They were horrible!
Seattle held ALL GAME LONG and they call it on Saints? NOW they decide to call holding? 
Panthers and Seahawks are making a living with getting away with pass interference
Bolden head butted a Panther- no call
How was Vernon Davis called a complete pass?

Was impressive pirouette when Harbaugh was spinning on the sidelines

Surprised Colts looked so out of place. Andrew Luck made horrible reads

Use Radio Pup App to wake up! It has an alarm now! 

Brady playing in his 8th NFC Championship with Belichick
ABC says its because they know how to evaluate talent
EH: And Brady doesn't have anyone to throw it to
Patriots have a chance against Denver

Billy: if you take weapons Manning has against what Brady has- Brady is more impressive because he is winning alone.
Patriots step up and do what they have to do which is more than Saints
Running ball better than above average and one of the best QBs and because conditions aren't 
Brees only had 34 yards passing- 
Unless conditions are PERFECT he can't throw the ball? Drew Brees got a D- 
They turn it on when the game is out of reach?

EH: Brees deserved blame, but creativity of the offense was nonexistent 
Sean Payton had a HORRIBLE game

Billy: But they ran the ball well.
It takes a call from 
Angry Young Men this morning
It's a Black Sabbath Monday
Cupcake is the Sade of Board Ops

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EH says they should have gotten rid of Ingram and kept Ivory. We really miss a deep threat that will stretch the field.

Silver and Black:  "How do you explain Jimmy Graham? His ONE catch came with 15 seconds left in the game?
Streif needs to be GONE! Armstead and Dawson are KEEPERS!

3rd down play calling was ATROCIOUS 
Dropping the ball on the 2 screen plays sunk them
EH: finally realization that Saints were lucky to get this far

Interesting college coaching moves this weekend-
Kiffen to Alabama
LSU looking for an LSU man
LSU Early draft entries haven't been listed in the paper- why? 

Fletch says good riddance. Clownie coasted through his season
EH: all NFL has to do is say they are going to relax JR status and there goes college football
Fletch: if any college player thinks they are going to waltz into the NFL their JR year they are idiots

Lander's Fiat, the #1 Fiat dealership in Louisiana! Caroline had a full tank of gas last Monday, she's got between 3/4 and a full tank now.

Sports Wife: "Forever we didn't have a defense, and now we've got this really nice defense but our number one weapon malfunctions and can't get it together. And yes, Brees has been up against the best of the best. What I'm trying to wrap my brain around is, he's still got the arm but the whole 'he can't play on the road' and it's just the crotchety thing of him to not try and get out of his comfort zone."

EH and Fletch: I'm tired of the screen pass. It seemed like Drew threw it at the feet of the play to avoid negative play a lot.

Sports Wife: "To me, we have everything we needed to beat, where's the malfunction?"
Fletch: "The Saints don't have that deep threat to make the defense honest. The Safety is now cheating on Jimmy Graham. Jimmy's getting UPSET!"

After the game, Sports Wife continued to scream at the TV: "WE HAVE A DEFENSE! We have a defense! We. Have. A. Defense."

ChevyLand, you know it by the feeling! Even if you've never met the big boys up here, they will treat you like an old friend It's a comfortable and easy atmosphere in ChevyLand on 7500 Youree Drive.

Pet Peeve of the Day: Wide receivers who don't know how much time is left on the clock.

Saints for 2014: They are in truh-buhl. Cap numbers:

Drew Brees: $18.4M
Will Smith: $13.4M
Ben Grubbs: $9.1M
Marques Colston: $8.3M
Jabari Greer: $6.8M
Brodrick Bunkley: $6.1M
Roman Harper: $ 5.9M (see ya, Roll Tide your ass out of NOLA)
Curtis Lofton: $5.2M
Lance Moore: $5.1M  (Bye Moore, we love you, but Stills can do your job.)
Darren Sproles: $4.25M
Mark Ingram: $2.4M cap hit, BYE.
Pierre Thomas: $2.9M; one more year.

What do you do with Graham in terms of longterm relationship?

12 days in, 12 days gone, Saints are out.

Killer Dawg: "Saints need to find out what that Omaha play was. Was he lost or what?"
Fletch: We heard he just wanted to get a Bud Lite. The city of Omaha tweeted "Thank you Payton for all of the free coverage!"
Killer Dawg:

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According to Cupcake, we have "that chick from Rotolo's", aka Jennifer Psalmonds, OWNER of Rotolo's. Calls in to defend herself because Cupcake's date at George Strait thought Jen was hitting on Cupcake. She says she would never do that. For many reasons.

Jimmy Graham is an unrestricted free agent. If he wants to, he can put himself out there as the highest bidder. If they franchise tag Graham this year and keep him from the huge signing bonus plus a signed deal with possibly $40M, will he give the Saints a hometown look?

Graham says he wants to retire with Drew Brees, loves the Saints, loves New Orleans, loves Brees.
James: A little disappointed but they played hard in the second half. It's kind of blasphemy, and we would be nowhere without Drew, but sometimes I wish he'd just scramble and have that threat.

EH: Sleepless in Seattle.

Regional Urology has cured the Low-T-Timmy. His testosterone was at full capacity watching the Saints game.

TWITTERVERSE with Syd the Kid

Vic: calls about athleticism coming to Saints. "If the DB's for Saints went to Seattle, they'd be 2's not 1's. You'd see some of them on the practice team."

Lucky Jack: cuts through the bull and gets to the point. Saints fans have gotten comfortable. Bills fans don't know what this is like, Chiefs, Panthers, Cowboys fan, all don't know what this is like.

Donnie Brewer at Brewer Quality Homes: Celebrating his 41st year in business! Someone is going to get a home they didn't think was in their price range until they showed up at Brewer Quality Homes!

Carolyn: "I'm a Dallas fan. Members of my church said Brees can't go to Seattle and throw badly, or mess up, he's going to win. They didn't believe me when I said Saints weren't going to win anymore games. Put my hat off to the Saints, better luck next time."

Lucky Jack: The heat that Colston is taking for that one play is ridiculous! He has done EVERYTHING he was supposed to do and played hurt. I'd bet a million dollars Moore was in the wrong! Coston does not deserve that kind of critisicm!
Ralph: That was a good call from Lucky Jack.
Fletch: I think we needed to hear that.
Ralph: I mean it doesn't make me want to go and take the pins out of my Les Miles voodoo doll. Who do you get for a TE coming out of college?

The American Football Association Convention going on in Indianapolis. Someone is saying that concussions are actually not doing any kind of damage. You sir, are a moron.

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Anything positive for the show today?
Cupcake: If you're a girl call 320-1130 because my date from the concert has a boyfriend now.
Fletch: I think all of us Saints fans will be okay.