Monday, January 20, 2014

The Sherman-ator, NFC Championship, and Tony Brown getting arrested. Happy Monday!

Fletch makes up a new word "Funderful"

LaTech misses Raheem Appleby. They didn't have the oomph factor. Were out rebounded by Southern Miss

Why don't Seahawks use Legion of Boom! Instead of groping onto A&Ms 12th man? 
DETAILS: Lump sum payment of $100,000 in 2006, Texas A&M University receives $5,000/ year from  Seahawks for their use of the "12th Man." The agreement was five years, and Seahawks renew the agreement for five more years in 2011. 2016 Seattle's use of 12th man expires. 

Cupcake tries to show Fletcher every sound drop he added to the show this weekend. Fletch gets really grouchy really quickly.

Silver and Black: Referees were supposed to be AllStars? Mmm- ok 
How do you miss a fumble like that? And 
Glad to see Belacheck get beat. He should have been suspended, not Saints guys. But that is one of Godell's pets. 
Finebaum's turning into a party line. He is the Jerry Springer of Sportstalk.

EH in the house! And he is pitting Cupcake against Fletcher immediately! 
EH: I forced my way onto Fletch and the show a while back, and now Cupcakes doing it. What would Cupcake do if he wasn't here hitting the BOOMSLAM button?

BILLY: 1st game was mediocre. 
If Roger Godell has ANYTHING to do with the outcome of Superbowl, we will know it this year!
Fletch: this Superbowl is Good vs Evil
Billy: Didn't the sound bite from Sherman sound like throwing down at 3am after being bounced from a club? 
Fletch: Larry Byrd was one of the BIGGEST trash talkers of all time but there weren't mics around. 
If Seattle gets the calls that allows them to be on receivers then they win.
If Broncos get the calls that gives Manning more time, then they win.

Why didn't Crabtree step out of bounds? It would have saved a timeout. 
Malcolm Smith is the one that made the play of the game. He was in the right place to grab that ball out of the air and it was over.

Carrol is a jerk, Sherman is a jerk, everyone should want Seattle to tank the Superbowl
Richard Sherman: A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.

ABC: Broncos are a class act. They going to win because Seattle cannot play from behind. 
We think Broncos are going to pass pass pass, but they will run it and mix it up.
Fletch: Mannng utilized 8 guys to complete passes. And his uniform was spotless after the game.
EH: Kaernick may could pattern like Romo to learn to stay in the pocket, he is exciting and wins the games but will eventually catch up with you.

Fletch: Cam is like Kaepernick, but not up to his level. Troy said if 49ers would rely on Kaepernick's arm they will win- he was so wrong. He was rolling out to the left so well. San Francisco stopped doing what they did well to win.

Would neutral site would be better for the Championship games?
EH says no.

Bowman: while going to the ground has his knee shredded and still holds onto the ball.
He is a MAN.

Richard Sherman:

EH: This isn't his first rodeo, but it's sad he's getting this much attention. He's about a year or two removed for being a nobody, so I guess get it hot while you can. It doesn't look good for the NFL, people that DON'T like football, there's your reason in an argument. 
FLETCH: He made himself the focal point. You've gotta remember this is a guy who graduated from Stanford. He's an intelligent kid. What's interesting is, is that it's being overshadowed by his mouth. It just seems like he could've really made some bank with just his story alone. He's got a reason to not like Harbaugh. Harbaugh coached him in college, now he's coaching for the 49ers, but come draft time he passes on you. Well, now you get to shut his mouth playing Harbaugh. 

NFC Championship:
BAMA DOUG: I enjoy those kind of games, I like the low-scoring with the defense. When it's all said and done it's all blocking and tackling, isn't it? That one mistake at the end, it looked like he forced it up. 
FLETCH: We never saw the replay of an isolation on Kaepernick. On that final pass that he threw, Malcolm Smith said he was just coming back when the ball was in there, it was single coverage, but it was a poorly thrown ball. 

FLETCH: I like whenever they gave him his hat, he stood there and took off all of the stickers.
BAMA DOUG: That's Manning for you, he's all class.

Rotolo's opening the first Monday of February for all of you Bossier-ites. Happy hour from 2-5:30 today! 31 craft beers on tap. 

Calling Cupcake out on his crushes at the station, but he's used the same woman's voice three times today on our welcome back. Fletch calls out Cupcake out on having ADD, Cupcake says "You rubbed on me...I mean not rubbed on me, but rubbed off on me. WHAT?!"

Tony Brown, Alabama recruit and early enrollee, arrested in Alabama on Saturday for failure to obey and resisting arrest. The Tuscaloosa Police Department released a statement on the incident according to Alex Scarborough of
A man, Chavis Taylor, was arrested and as officers walked Taylor to a patrol unit a large crowd gathered around the officers, the statement said.
"Officers told the crowd multiple times to disperse. Officers warned one individual [Tony Brown] multiple times to back up and leave the parking lot. The individual would walk a few steps away and then would walk right back towards officers. The officers warned the individual that if he did not leave the parking lot he would be arrested. The individual yelled threatening profanity at the officer and stepped toward the officers again. At the time the officer grabbed the suspect to take him into custody. The suspect pulled away resisting officers. Officers used pepper spray on the suspect and forced him to the ground and took him into custody. Both suspects were transported to the Tuscaloosa County Jail."
How will Nick Saban handle this? Hold him off on spring practices? This isn't Jeremy Hill cold-clocking another student, this is one of your players GOING AFTER A POLICE OFFICER. We'll see how this plays out. 

Chimi V's Fajita Factory on I-20 and Old Minden Road. Home of the incredible $11.99 fajitas. HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Cupcake tries on a helmet:
His special helmet.

Pet Peeve of the Day: Guys that talk trash at the end of the game when they don't need to. 

Dodgeball at 7 pm. $10 a person at Hot Wheels in Bossier City. Need a team of 6 (two girls included). Cupcake may be getting hit from behind by his own teammates ("MOVE!!").

Sochi is eerily close to Armenia. Cupcake trying out for the bobsled team just to close to Lolo.

La Tech:
Tough loss for LA Tech against Southern Miss. They were out rebounded. Not the way Michael White and the Bulldogs have been playing so far this season.

Happy Honda Days are STILL here! Check out the Honda Accord LX. It's been about 25 years in a row that they have been a top car in all car magazines.

Valentine's Day is creeping around the corner. What will you do?! Bailey's Jewelers on East Texas in Bossier City (right next to Toys R' Us) will help you out. Go see them!

EH: What a clash of the titans it will be next weekend with total opposites.
FLETCH: Seattle does such a good job of the interior run, you just can't stop these guys. If you don't make the routine play, that's when a guy will pass you up 40+ yards.

Landers Fiat. The home of the Fiat 500L, 36-37 MPG, fun to drive, unique looking, AND it's safe! The HOT plus-size Italian model. Lander's Fiat,

King Hardware and Gift has some really cool stuff on the way to their store. The owners went to market and have picked out some great gifts for Valentine's Day. Guys AND Girls: Find each other your V-Day gifts!

The thing about Manning:
FLETCH: What percentage want to see him win just because he's a good dude, just to fulfill his legacy? I can't remember a more sentimental favorite picked to win the Super Bowl.
EH: I think it's going to be so much orange, even in Washington when the Super Bowl comes. His neck issue isn't going away, it's not getting any better, he's going to be evaluated after this season. He's lucky he hasn't gotten hit, but that shows how good of a quarterback he is, getting the ball out fast enough to where the left tackle isn't killing him.

FLETCH: 15 times the NFL's top scoring defense advanced to the Super Bowl... with Seattle going to New York, this will be the 16th time the top scoring defense has gone to the Super Bowl... what is the record of those teams in the previous 15 Super Bowls?
EH: .......(to Cupcake) Music please...stop waving (at people through the window). I'm on this show too! I'm gonna say it's south, lets go 6-11.
FLETCH: 6-11, which doesn't add up to 15 but that's okay.
EH: Okay 4-11!
FLETCH: I would have said 5-10. So the number one defense in points allowed, in the previous 15 Super Bowls have a 12-3 record.  12-3!

Bill Belichick is not happy with himself, and actually admits to it.

Want to sound smart to your football friends? Tell you what, that Khalil Mack would be a great fit for Dallas. You know? He's a huge dude for the University of Buffalo, I was watching that game against Toledo when he had the 15 tackles.

Gibsland Bank & Trust, their headquarters are right on I-20. Keeping their roots right at home. GBT the Great Banking Team!



Dr. TV: Someone told me this once...when the Patriots were winning everything, Brady was more of a team manager, but then it fell apart. I'm going to go ahead and make my pick, the Broncos are going to win it.
FLETCH: Seattle was favored by 2 points in Vegas. The money flew in so fast for Denver as a 2pt underdog to Seattle. Since the NFL/AFL merger, the team ranked No. 1 in top scoring defense allowing the fewest points, what's the record for them being in the Super Bowl? 12-3. 

JR: Playoffs
JR: When was the last time there was an NFC championship game that did not involve Manning, Brady, or Roethlisberger?
FLETCH: 2001?
JR: Close. 2002.


Minute-a-Day-with-JJ: old school television shows.

Johnny C: I don't know if that bad Denver defense can stop Seattle, I hope they can, but I don't know, Brady was missing some wide open receivers. 
Fletch: And personally, Peyton Manning played great.
Johnny C.: I think it will have to do with how the weather is up there too. 
Fletch: I'm hoping for horrible weather up there, just to show Goodell how he screwed up. 
Fletch: Can Russell Wilson take advantage of that because he has not played well this season?
Johnny C.: That's what Wilson had against them, but you can't turn the ball over. 

Johnny C.: Is Richard Sherman the defensive Dez Bryant? 
Fletch: Sherman talks more than Dez.

Regional Urology, call 683-0411!

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