Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Bowl = NYC's Biggest Traffic Jam, La Tech Hoops talk, and everything in between!

6am-7am Hour Tweets:

Fletch and crew went to the La Tech basketball game Saturday, says if you haven't gotten a chance to see the Dogs play, you've got to do it soon. 

Cupcake's Word of the Day: Gingerly.
Use it in a sentence:
"Fletch has been acting so gingerly this morning."
to act happy?
to show great care or caution, or to take caution 
Sports Wife: You know why Goodell changed the Super Bowl to be up there? Because IF the Saints made it that far, he wanted them to fail. 
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Pet Peeve of the Day: Interstate 20 traffic.

Dillon: I think retractable stadiums are a good idea, but having the Super Bowl in an open air stadium with weather like New York's? There's no space in New York City.
Fletch: You first think, "oh yeah New York City for the Super Bowl? Perfect!" But then imagine all of the people already there...They are truly concerned about traffic for the Super Bowl. They're telling people to leave 7-10 hours early due to the traffic. 

EH: I bet one day we'll see a Super Bowl in London. 
Fletch: Let's assume we live until we're 75...which sounds morbid. But I bet we won't see a Super Bowl in London...

Guy Pile Text Line:
With the weather in play, how do you REALLY know who the best team is? 

Cascio's Market Bistro, right between Benton Rd. and Airline Dr. on Shed Road. TODAY is Red Beans and Rice MONDAY! Yes. Sweet!! It's the best thing since sliced bread. Call 742-3205 for to-go orders! 

January 27th 1991, Scott Norwood's kick sailed right and the Giants win 20-19. Scott Norwide.

EH: Maybe the weather is really taking a front seat to all the shenanigans that Sherman pulled, it should be about football. 

Peyton Manning has thrown 491 touchdowns. That is amazing. 

Peyton Manning sure doesn't have Low-T, but Fletch sure did. Thanks to Dr. Jimmy Moss and crew, Fletch has been cured and is now the manliest man he could possibly be. He even dominated a guy 20 years younger than him in basketball the other day. A true accomplishment. 683-0411


Fletch: If Broncos win then I think that makes Manning the best quarterback.
MRI Guy: Montana and Bradshaw both have Super Bowls. Would it have been better for Bradshaw to go to 6 Super Bowls and lose 2? Leaving him with 4-2?

Fletch: You can get so much run for your school if you get into the NCAA Tournament. Get past the first round? Cinderella story about La Tech, out of school for days they participate, so much media coverage for kids to look at La Tech. 
JP: Yeah, Mike White is a hell of a coach. What's the best basketball team in this area, outside of Ruston, that's in the Top 25?
Fletch: SMU is pretty good, not Top 25, but Baylor is really good. You'd have to go to Oxford, Waco, Fayetteville, to really find a good team that's on the same level or maybe a little better than La Tech. 

After Super Bowl Sunday, Shreveport location will start having Sunday Trivia Night! Yes.

8:22:! Fiat 500 L has seating for five with great gas mileage! We love Caroline's Fiat 500. It is a seriously nifty car. Check them out at Lander's Fiat.

JR: I think it's crazy we are talking about the greatest quarterbacks. When was the last time the Super Bowl was won by the quarterback? I think the QB gets all the accolades, but the MVP's have turned into just singular moments. Not a consistent play maker but one significant play. My point is, does Terry Bradshaw win all of those Super Bowls without that defense?


John: I should win a trophy for waiting! I was just curious, who is the player in the NFL that has won the most Super Bowls? 
Charles Haley. 

Sports Wife: Maybe Cupcake will hang up on me again, HANG UP ON ME AGAIN. See what happens.
Cupcake: Nothing...
Sports Wife: Give you iPad to Fletcher, you've lost your privileges. 

EH announces his dream ChevyLand Tahoe. 7500 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA. 

Johnny C. thinks Drew Brees will give up some of his salary to pay Jimmy Graham to keep going so he can fulfill his legacy as a New Orleans Saints. Hmm...that sounds pretty good actually. 

Have a great Monday everyone! See y'all tomorrow morning, right and early!