Tuesday, January 7, 2014

RIP BCS... Will We Miss It? Tim Brando Update and MINDBLOWER!


Silver and Black: Kicking game killed Auburn, Gus is thinking about going to Cleveland?
Fletch: McDaniels interviewed for Browns and will get that job
LSU held Auburn to 21- Jeremy Hill ran through them. On Sept 21 LSU was a much better team than Auburn. They killed them. Everyone that was there for that game thot LSU would be the national contender, NOT Auburn.

Silver and Black: Brandon Harris will do well at LSU. Heard he is a great pocket passer

ABC: Auburn had nothing to be ashamed of
Marshall got rattled after interception
Winston didn't play that well. He didn't do anything Heisman worthy.

Both QBs made tweaks throughout the game and are coachable. 

Fletch Crimestopper tip: there may be criminals roaming looking for cars that are being warmed up, turn your interior light on so when they steal it you can see them! 

If Auburn gives Tre Mason the ball 30 times, 

Billy: it was the offensive show everyone wanted to see
Florida made adjustments that other coaches will watch to learn how to stop a team like Auburn
Auburn didn't do much 1st down passing
The full Gus bus wasn't gassed up and ready to roll- stopped coaching in the second half.
Auburn was the better team starting out, but Fl St made needed adjustments
Florida St was blitzing corners- that's how you stop a jets sweep 

There was a lack of ingenuity from Gus, maybe because of weak QB.

Cupcake says he made a Freudian slip during his sportscast update... A stutter about Florida State isn't Freudian. 

Cupcake's word of the day: Ipitomy
Ipitomy of stench- he nails it!

Ben Scully shows up and complains that it has taken too long for people to recognize his talent.

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North Caddo Rebels were being coached by Coach Byrd to "stay in your lane!"Besides the Rebels, every other coach is coaching that as well. Coaching gospel = STAY IN YOUR LANE!

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Weather chat, ya dig?
Every square inch of the the USA had a wind-chill of forty degrees or less except the edge of Florida and California.

The crew minus EH went to Rotolo's to watch the game last night, the mega-cast was interesting because of the comments by Kevin Sumlin and Saban. Sumlin was so spot-on on so many things. Sumlin started talking about TV timeouts. After a change in possession, more often than not they'll go to a TV timeout. It's interesting though because at the beginning of the game, TV timeouts are 3-4 minutes, but in the 4th quarter, they are only :30. TV has THAT much of an influence on the game.

Auburn had 32 1st down plays: how many times did they throw it? 6. 

Pet Peeve of the Day:
Cupcake had the opportunity to close out the show with some style, yet he didn't do it. So, people that are given great opportunities to do wonderful things and they don't.

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On Auburn:
"I think it shows a lot from the coaching staff, not only your performance, but adjustments you make during the game and at halftime. The better team won the game."
"When you get to the BCS game, all of the teams are evenly matched. Big plays make big differences."

RAM 1500, the first time EVER Motor Trend Magazine has named the same truck #1 truck in a row!

"I hope the SEC-haters are happy. It only took a team built like an SEC team to beat one."

Gibsland Bank and Trust:
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-"I think the game-changing-play was the foul on the punt, the roughing the punter. If it would've been a 5-yard penalty then probably not, but the fact that it was a 15-yard penalty, yep."
-Now, Fletch has to buy Ralph lunch or dinner at Chimi V's Fajita Factory.
-"You think about what the media did to their team. Look at what the media did to put Florida State in that position, how can you give them a No. 1 ranking with the schedule they had this past season. Do you think Florida State is the No. 1 team in the nation?"
     Fletch: "Yeah, I really do."
     Ralph: "Well, that's something we'll discuss at lunch."

Out of all the college football teams in America, only three teams had a one loss season (Michigan State, UCF, and Louisville), and Florida State was the only undefeated team.

Preacher Man:
"Until you have a true playoff season, there's going to always be controversy over the National Championship. All that matters is that Florida State WON the game that matters."
"Is Brent Musburger just that old and scenile? He doesn't even know who is anymore!"
"The big interception was another game-changer, but Musburger was talking so much he didn't even see it, that's why he kept replaying it so many times! Just so he could see what was even going on!"

Winter Olympics BREAKING NEWS!
Lindsey Vonn is out of the Olympics with a knee injury.

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JJ's Minute-of-the-Day:
Hottest girl at Haughton when he was attending high school there.

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"Red Lightning": You have to be a fan of Red Lightning whether you're an Auburn fan or not. The ball boy for Florida State, he is a star. There is now a picture floating around of Red Lightning celebrating the win with his shirt unbuttoned and gold chains showing, while two girls rub his gingerly chest hair. Here's his highlight reel:

"To me the whole game changed when Auburn got called for roughing the punter."
-If Manziel was in the Florida State offense, they would've been winning games by high scores.

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Timmy B (Tim Brando):

-Impression of the game: 
"I hated it. I hated the idea that a pre season poll would come in to effect. At that time it was the AP Poll. The fact that the coaches and their views, that they'd be in a position to rule. I certainly didn't like the idea that two teams and their brand names would help them get in. It was more bad than I think good, but it did play a role. It's clearly now the number two sport in the country, it by-passed baseball and NBA. It served a purpose but it's time has come and gone, it's outdated. Think of how much more credible it will be to have a system of play-offs.
-Jameis Winston:
"He's got extraordinary talent, I would compare him more with Newton, but I think he's still got to mature."
"Good riddance to the God-forsaken BCS Championship."
-The Tim Brando Show: 
"We're negotiating our show coming back on television, and it will. I think our future is very, very bright."

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Trivia: "When was the last time a non-Big-6 team won the conference not outright?"
            - Ole Miss, 1963.

Johnny C:
On Comcast:
-"A great shoutout to Comcast! They managed to lose service with ONE MINUTE left in the game. It came back on at 5:30 this morning. So, who won?"
-"The poor little girl that answered the phone at Comcast...she got an earful. I got myself together and apologized but man, I just had to vent."