Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roy Lang (Shreveport Times), Dave Schwartz (Sochi 2014), Matt Yoder (AwfulAnnouncing.com), and SHRIMP FRIED RICE!

Another day, another sports post... But after a night of dodgeball our perspective is much different.

Things are getting intense! So intense we are camping in the woods! In the dark and the raccoons are rummaging through our food, but they can't get to our cold stuff because its in a Yeti cooler from King Hardware and Gift! 

Cupcake's bridge of his foot hurts, but he brought it for dodgeball! Fletcher is giving the breakdown: 
Cupcake gets out on the floor, balls are nerfy but a little harder, you were startled but didn't hurt when they hit you. Cupcake was the first guy out for the first 3 games. Cupcake was wearing a bright neon yellow shirt, 6'3" with an afro so he was hard to miss. By the end of the dodgeball tournament, Cupcake was whizzing the ball, catching it to get people out, throwing it strategically... He wins MOST IMPROVED!

Big game tonight for LSU! Listen on 1130 The Tiger. Speaking of 1130 the Tiger- something was missing yesterday. Paul Finebaum is no longer a part of the lineup. Miami Heat, NY Knicks, Richard Sherman were being discussed on the national show replacing Finebaum. If you enjoy national shows, and hated listening to regional discussion you are in luck.

Billy: Missouri is a pretty solid team, LSU has to win. SEC has to get the wins to break through the thought that it is Florida, Kentucky and Duke. SEC Basketball has to prove itself.
Billy says run Fletcher's show again in the afternoon. It's the best thing on the station and its local. Something you can't get on satilite radio.

LATech comes in at 28, LSU ranking in the 50s: Sagarin Ratings

Will Saban reinstate Tony Brown? 
Will Saban be held to same standard Miles has been held to when players get in trouble?
Silver & Black: Tony Brown should get a second chance
Fletch agrees, but worries about the way Brown got in trouble. When police give you opportunity to leave, you leave. 

Last night at dodgeball, Cupcake put on roller skates (thinking that's what to do since it was at a skating rink). Sports Wife tried to play it cool so Cupcake would wear them the whole time, Fletch ruined it by treating him like a moron.

Sports Wife: WHY ARE YOU EATING SHRIMP FRIED RICE?!?! (Talking to the boy.) That is from Saturday, I hope you don't get sick. Ugh. 8th grade boys...is that a rubber snake?!

Paul Finebaum's show is no longer on 1130 The Tiger. For all that were rooting to rid of him, congrats. Now you've got Dan Le Batard.
ABC: There are some things I like about Finebaum but some things I disagreed with, like if Saban doesn't win a National Champ next year he's gone as the head coach. 

Stat of the Day:
The LA Tech Bulldogs are flying high! Through games played last night, they are still ranked 28th in the recent Sagarin. They are ranked higher than LSU, Indiana, Georgetown, Texas, Arkansas, and many more.
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Pet Peeve of the Day: People that don't use blinkers.

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Roy Lang from The Shreveport Times live in the studio with us and Dave Schwartz on the phone! 

Dave Shwartz: Used to be the Sportscaster at KTAL-6 now in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Preparing to head to Sochi! 
Fletch: Roy and I have both had the opportunity to cover some really cool things. Now, you're about to get to cover one of the coolest events we have. You're about to go to Sochi. 
Schwartz: My boss called me and asked if I wanted to go and I said "no, not really" I wasn't really all that interested in Russia, I talked to my wife and she said "are you kidding me? You're not going to say no because if you do you'll regret it."

Schwartz: Most of our stories leading up to Sochi have been on Minnesotan Olympians. February 1st we leave for a total of about 21 hours of traveling and then I'm there until February 26th...hopefully we come back in one piece. 
Fletch: Don't be too hopeful! 
Lang: Better than coming back from the Summer Olympics. 
Fletch: Yeah or the World Cup.
Schwartz: They are letting us leave the media quarters which are located in the Olympic Village. 

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Don't forget LSU tipoff against Mizzou tonight at 6 pm!

Fletch: So will you be reporting live which will actually show the next day? Futuristic? 
Schwartz: I'll have to film it before, I'm working backwards, and I am going back to the future. 

Fletch: What is it that you remember when you were working here the most?
Schwartz: I remember all the high school football. How great and incredible it was. Covering it on Friday nights. I talk about how I got to cover Ryan Mallet, John David Booty...
Lang: What about sleeping on the floor of the Mudbugs bus?
Schwartz: I do remember that. It was SO cold. Do you remember that?
Lang: I think that was one of the first times we hung out.
Schwartz: Yeah, we did that for warmth!
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Fletch: What is the thing that you're hearing from Gannett, what's the ting they;re telling you to most be aware of?
Schwartz: They think the suicide bomber MAY have gotten past security. That's one thing I've learned about these national news outlets, and I'm not mocking the profession that I'm in, but we all know the newscasters sometimes type things up differently to make it more interesting. Gannett is very serious about this stuff. They've given us the option of backing out. If NBC is still willing to send their big guys over there, then I know it will be okay.  This is not something new, it's just under the microscope because it's Russia.

Lang: Mens hockey, can they do what they failed to do four years ago?
Schwartz: You know, I don't know. Canada has so many good players. When their roster came out I was just thinking...whoa. But USA has a great team this year too. I like Canada, I think Russia is going to be more of a contender because it's their home and I think they'll be more excited...and their lives may be on the line if they lose or something. 

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Fletch: Biggest issues facing Shreveport?
Lang: I think because it's our biggest event, as a sports town, the Independence Bowl needs to be our main focus because I mean come on, without that, what is there? I really hope that the Independence Bowl gets a solid foundation. All we have left is the tie to the outside world, through the I-Bowl.

Lang: If NSU didn't come to us every Friday, they wouldn't get as many stories on them. La Tech doesn't do that. It's a way to engage the fans as well. La Tech needs to engage their fans. But I would love for Louisiana Tech to have a consistency in this market. 
Fletch: Should La Tech and ULM play again?
Lang: Absolutely. 

Fletch: Do you think hockey is going to come back within the next 5 years?
Lang: I really hope so. I know our boys Tommy and Muscutt are doing everything they can to bring it back. I hope they can get something to where we can have something substantial here. 

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Matt Yoder from AwfulAnnouncing.com on the phone with us!

Fletch: Did you watch Sunday's game with a heavy heart?
Yoder: I did. I have hated the 49ers for a couple of decades now, so I was thinking maybe there's a way Goodell could come in and disqualify one of the teams. 

Yoder: If you pulled all of the stories about Richard Sherman yesterday, you could wrap it around the earth seven times. 
Fletch: What was the most fair criticism and unfair criticism of the Richard Sherman interview?
Yoder: An unfair criticism was someone crushing Erin Andrews, calling her a Kardashian of sports reporting. Unless you have a burning hatred for Erin Andrews then you wouldn't come out with that kind of criticism. A fair criticism is that the interview was taking away from the entire Seahawks team victory. The timing of it took away from the victory. If he could do it again I think he would have done it in a different way, and at a different venue.

We are a Fiat family! Caroline driving the Fiat 500L. Fletch got to drive it around and he's a huge fan! Loves the fact that Caroline hasn't had to fill up the gas tank in two weeks!


Yoder's Saints v. Fletch's Saints

Fletch: I think they need a replacement for Zach Strief. I think they need a new right tackle, someone that can stretch the field. 
Yoder: We've seen the Saints team approach the draft pick with the philosophy of picking the best player available. None of them jump out to me as a huge need. I think Saints fans should feel pretty good as long as Brees, Payton, and Ryan stay in this nucleus. 

Most Valuable Saints for 2013:

Yoder: 5) Kenny Vaccaro because of his rookie season, 4) Junior Galette because of his incredible work off the edge, 3) Jimmy Graham because of him leading the league in TD receptions, 2) Drew Brees because he is a blessing as our quarterback, and 1) Cameron Jordan because he was the leader of the defense. 

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