Thursday, January 30, 2014

Replay of Doug Williams Interview, Avery Shoebridge, Jerit Roser on LHSAA, Frank Caliendo, and Todd Walker! TGIT!

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Player of the Day: Speedy Smith

Jerit Roser of the Times-Picayune (@JeritRoser for LHSAA info on the Twitter Machine)

Roser: I don't know how much more south I can move.
Fletch: Avery Island here I come!

What is on the agenda today for the LHSAA Convention?
Roser: It's going to be an interesting one because all the stuff from yesterday has been pushed today and combined with what was already planned. I guess the biggest thing today is the Board Executives Meeting. Awards luncheon at 11 o'clock. 2 o'lock there's a roundtable discussion where they'll talk select/non-select, and have class meetings where each class gets to vote on whether they want to continue to participate in select/non-select or not. 

South LA is going to determine what takes place with LHSAA Rulings on Select/Non-Select:
Roser: It's been really interesting because you mentioned I might know more than the coaches or principals and I really do have some of them asking me "Hey, what's going on with everything?" It's been tough to get a read on a lot of people. I've heard a lot of people talk during the class meetings and mainly 2A and 3A not coming back together. and that 1A, 4A, and 5A may be kind of a toss up...but on the public school side of things, particularly in 5A, there are people saying there's not a chance they would be coming back together. 

Tournament Success Factor: 
Roser: One is for just football, one is for all sports. Things can be slow to change and it seems like such a foreign idea to folks in LA but what it is is in a 2 year classification period, if a team gets 6points on the scale they are setting up and you win a state championship, then you  would move you up on the scale. 

Roser: There's always the chance that a proposal can get amended on the floor. There's definitely talk of the potential of, this isn't just what if, this is stuff principals have been talking about, but the potential of splitting all of the sports. How are we going to have something like that come up and then only give people two minutes to think about it and vote? 

Roser: I guess you could call me 'lucky' for being down here for all of this, it's usually not this exciting. 


Todd Walker in the studio with us!

Fletch: I was certainly leading one way with the select/non-select, but I'm watered down with there being 9 state championships but seeing the teams that had never even gone to the playoffs and actually win? Seeing those kids faces made me think differently. 
Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Come pre-March Madness you need to be paying VERY CLOSE attention to these fine folks. 

Frank Caliendo, ESPN Contributor and insanely talented at doing impressions, joins us on-air now! 
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Do you ever get a break from impressions?
Caliendo: People really don't recognize me as much anymore, I've lost 30-40 lbs and people expect me to be 6'5 when actually I'm 5'6. Then I have to explain, "No, I didn't pop out of Frank Caliendo."

Some guy on the elevator: You ruined the baseball playoff coverage!!
Caliendo: Well you're ruining this elevator ride for me buddy. Hashtag, shut up. 

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Super Bowl Picks
Todd Walker: 31-17;  Peyton Manning MVP.

Richard Sherman: the chatter about him has brought him down. 
Welker was blasted and kind of the goat for dropping the pass from Brady a few years ago.