Friday, January 17, 2014

Why wasn't this posted Friday? Who knows!

Its Academy Awards Discussion that opens the show: Movie "Her" is reviewed.
"Stupid stupid stupid stupid"

EH says worst movie ever: "Shakespeare In Love"
Made EHs skin itch. 

"We are hardcore Americans!!! We aren't right wing! We aren't left wing! We're the breasts of America!!Whoooo!!" @FletcherShow excited today

LATech Hoops Talk: How bout them Dawgs!?
Coach Michael White will be visited by other schools- hold on to him!
@LATechHoops going to play Southern Miss Saturday
Chimi Vs will be a destination!

Keith Caller: disagrees with Billy. NFL is more of a thug league than NBA. 
Fletch says NBA has gotten too friendly. Le Braun giving all this love to Durrant
Keith: NBA has made basketball an international spot! People would know who Le Braun is walking the streets in Amsterdam, wouldn't know Brady.
Keith: We are too regionalized here. The only sport that is the true American sport is basketball.

Cupcake plays Kenny Rodgers & Dolly Parton's "Island in the Stream"

7:16:; the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L. The Price is Right's Showcase Showdown? Fiat 500. You know you've made it big when you're on the Price is Right! Have your prices right at Lander's Fiat on Bert Kouns.

Donnie Brewer and Brewer Quality Home's celebrating their 41st year in business! The Kabco home: 2x6 walls, plywood floors, handmade cabinets, and so much more! The full quality of a home but half the price. 

Before we came back to the show, Syd was talking about having blisters on her hands from raking her backyard yesterday. 
Cupcake: How do you get blisters from raking a yard?
Fletch: Have you ever raked a yard before?
Cupcake: (silence).


Tom Al-Betar:
According to
Has a new website and business selling Alabama memorabilia. His homepage of the website includes jerseys signed by A.J. McCarron and two others players, one of them is still playing at Alabama, which would violate the NCAA rules.

His website features "event galleries" including pictures of Johnny Manziel and others former players signing footballs and other merchandise when they were currently on their collegiate teams. UH-OH.

Check out the website here: Y'ALL GONNA BE IN TROUBLE!

Some agents of college athletes will hire children to go up to players and pretend they are their biggest fan, only to return the merchandise to vendors and then trick the collegiate players.
^^^^^^^^^ and there's Alabama's excuse for all of this.

Be ready Bossier City. The first Monday in February means you'll have your own Rotolo's on Benton Road!

Pet Peeve of the Day: Hollywood's full of crap. They continue to make movies that are horrible.

Dylan: wants to talk about paying college athletes.

Should players be paid in college sports?
Dylan: In short, yeah I think so. I think football stands above all else for making money though. I think you would have to add in how much money each individual sport brings in revenue and attention. Look at this SEC network that ESPN is about to unveil, the amount of money that's going to change after that.

ChevyLand has your Car of the Year and Truck of the Year! ChevyLand, you know it by the feeling. 10 years in a row now as the top Chevy dealership in Louisiana. Out of all the 4,000 dealers in the nation, they are number 25. Take that Texas.

Cupcake is incredibly awkward when he is left alone by himself.
Rotolo's will have the Tech basketball game on at noon tomorrow, and kids (12 and under) eat free all day!

EH: "Okay, I have to buy Fletch a beer now. I made a bet with Fletch that I'd stay out of the vortex and NOT be mean or make fun of Cupcake but I just, I can't. You're scaring sponsors away now."

Rusty calls to discuss NCAA paying athletes.
G$ calls in to discuss NCAA paying players.

G$: Lets say they have a Manziel and makes $8,000 in one month, then he gets capped. Every month it would be distributed evenly
Fletch: Sign a contract...if you play for 3 years, you get a certain amount of your earnings, play for 4, you earn more money.

Bailey's Jewelers is your home for Valentine's Day presents.
Fletch: A watch is good right? Because then she'll know what time to make dinner!!!

Missy Setters: I think they should be paid a stipend, you could have guys that may not be able to pay for a dinner or some clothes. BUT, you know you already have a group of lawyers ready to jump on this and take over.
EH: Why can't there be a universal rule, 3 years minimum, and thats it and then you c=sign a contract. That's why the NCAA is so screwed up because there's so many difference rules for everything.
Setters: That's why you've got to sit down and see all the different scenarios, but it should be the same across the border.
JR: I've gone back and forth on this paying of college athletes.

Hello Honda Days! Once you start the Honda trend in your family, it will be a continuing cycle.



Ralph: It's tough times in the economy, things are expensive, I get that, but look at some of these players. They've got nice suits, nice phones, expensive earrings.
Fletch: But, look at the $20 million that schools are getting for airing the kids. Who do you think it should be distributed to?

Cush: I think it's ridiculous that they don't pay these guys.
Tweet: @EyeofDTiger75 "These kids are already getting education."

Twelfth Man: So then if you're recruiting and you see someone's department has gone bare bone do you want to go there?
Fletch: If they're paying me!