Thursday, January 2, 2014

See Which 5 HOT Commits May Make LSU's 2014 a Very Happy New Year! And Which NFL Teams Are Looking At Manziel

Cupcake looked puzzled when the word "edifice" was used by Fletch.  Before he could google the definition, he was asked to use it in a sentence:

"If you go down a rocky edifice it would lead to a downhill slope or downhill slide to the weekend! Woo hoo! Rowdy ride home! ... Is that right?"

Fletch: don't try to use it in a similar way that I did by saying rocky edifice. Try it again-

"So far 2014 has been down an edifice."

It's like watching someone stepping into the batters box, wearing flippers and using an ice skate to hit the ball.

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"I saw the best of LSU football in the past few years and now the chinks in the armor are showing
I saw a game plan that was Jordon Jefferson all over again. But it wasn't even as good as Jefferson- at least Jefferson would RUN the ball! The one play where he threw down the middle it was intercepted!"

When Jennings dropped back to pass if his first receiver was covered it was PANIC PANIC PANIC!

Billy: If you only try to make these boys into a pro QB it's not going to work! They aren't NFL QBs or Johnny Manzeil. 

8 plays all runs to a TD to open the game. Jennings didn't look comfortable- EVER

Jermauria Rasco and Tre'Davious White represented Shreveport well! 

Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden were ready to call out Les Miles on his lack of time management at the end of the game. That gets frustrating.

Today at 3pm: Under Armour All American game!  we will be able to see Brandon Harris play with talent that matches his skill level on both sides of the ball. If Brandon passes the test, Tiger board will BLOW UP with 'here's our new QB!'

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Baba Ghanoush: Brandon has an arm- and he can run.

Brandon in the past has said, "My first option is to pass, but I like to use my feet to set up the defense."
Brandon believes he has the talent to step in and compete immediately for playing time at LSU.

BIG FIVE - Will LSU get delt this full house?
5 potential commits announcing today- if LSU gets all 5 it will be HUGE haul!
Leonard Fourrnette- St Aug RB
Tony Brown- Beaumont, TX Cornerback
Speedy Noil- Edna Karr Athlete
Gerald Willis- Edna Carr defensive end
Jamal Adams - Lewisville, TX  safety 

ABC says Dak Prescott played lights out. 
283 passing yards with 3 TD's
78 rushing yards with 2 TD's

ABC: Out of QBs returning for 2014 in the SEC, Dak Prescott should be the best.
Miss St could be 8/9 win team.  If Dak plays up to his potential, you will hear his name in  Heisman talk next season. 

The SEC: 5-1 in bowl games so far with four more teams in action- Georgia could have won, but tight end dropped a catchable ball on fourth down deep in Nebraska territory. 

Of the four games involving SEC teams, they are favored in three of them. 

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Money needs may send a few LSU players into the draft earlier than they should go. Hope they have good advisors they can trust. There are many that did ok and others that did not going early. Gut it out for another year to improve your stock from 4th round to 2nd  round pick. Yes, there is possibility for injury, but that can happen anytime, anywhere.

Boston College vs. Arizona in Tuesday's AdvoCare V100 Bowl: Ka'Deem Carey looked like he was ready for the NFL, Andre Williams (BC) didn't look impressive at all

Sun Bowl/UCLA QB, Brett Hundley: put some big numbers running and throwing... darkhorse for #1 Pick In April's NFL Draft

12th man:
-"I thought, 'I did not want to be in that locker room but whatever they did at halftime, it worked.'"
-What a difference a healthy Johnny Football makes.
-"ESPN on their front page that day had JFF going to the night club, so the poll question was, "Who could be the better NFL QB Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater?"
-Fletch watched Johnny Football's run and then his escape out of clutches of a tackle that ended with a touchdown pass at least 20 times because it was so great.
- Is Johnny going to Cleveland? People already comparing Cleveland to College Station.
- Texans, Browns, Jaguars and Vikings will all be considering him for their 2014 offense plan

-SPONSOR SHOUTOUT from 12th Man: Italian sausage emergency, Christmas Eve where do you go?! The Italian Stallion. Cascio's Market Bistro. And he's got it fresh made. Johnny Football may be living the dream, but so is Rocky Cascio.


Pet Peeve of the Day: When newscasters and sportscasters keep their countdown in the broadcast. (cough cough, Cupcake).

If Cupcake keeps up all of these mistakes, he'll be with The Tim Fletcher Show for a very long time!

Was the AdvoCare V100 Bowl the first live football game Cupcake has paid attention to? Yes.

Cupcake: I played flag football in fourth grade, Coach Fragi, you can look him up!
Syd: Do you mean your gymnastics coach?

Silver and Black:
-"Rasco had a big game, glad he got to come back in. He got bent back over."
-"What a game by Dak. People were talking about running that coach off, you've got to be kidding me."
-SEC speed, nothing like it.

Cupcake begins to sniff his armpits. 
Fletcher mentions it shouldn't be a problem... you rub deodorant under armor, er...under your arms... "HAHA UNDER ARMOUR UNDER YOUR ARMS?! HAHA!" Cupcake seized the opportunity to point out someone else's mistake.

Cush's Grocery and Market: Is there anything in the store that can help Cupcake? Probably not, but if you need some glass cleaner, cookies, and a nice bottle of wine, they're your people. Flournoy Lucas and Ellerbe.


"That was my stage name: Crystal Clear." -Cupcake
"Or what the doctor said when they scanned your brain...Crystal Clear, because there's nothing there." -Fletch

Lovie Smith is in as the Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach.

Bill O'Brien now with the Houston Texas. He also had some unkind things to say about satisfying the "Paterno" contingent of Penn State fans.

FLETCH: Les did a really good job yesterday, up until the hosed on a couple of calls. So did Iowa. The team looked ready to play, they looked fired up. BUT, did someone put LSU's jerseys in a dryer though? It looked like LSU players were wearing halter tops.

LA-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery: home of the Tempur-pedic mattress and obviously all of the comfiest chairs and couches. E.70th near Rotolo's!

-Under Armor all-american game; the skills competition yesterday with speed drills and obstacle course, something I noticed was there were an awful lot of kids that had LA for the state they lived in. Is this an Under Armor strong area? And did you see Brandon Harris get handed a microphone and got to walk around and get interviews from fellow players? It was hilarious.
-I didn't think Brandon did as good as he could have done.

Going through the roster of the All-American game and the Louisiana guys are taking over. Florida, California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Louisiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Louisiana!

It's truly amazing how many delicious and perfectly crafted craft beers Rotolo's provides on tap. It's your spot to watch football today. E.70th near Fern Ave. We are headed there at 3pm to watch the Under Armor game!

SO many Louisiana guys in the Under Armour All-American game and it's phenomenal. High school Louisiana football has gone LOCO!

LSU playing in same town as Under Armour All-American Game can't hurt recruiting efforts. The Tigers know the high-school studs thanks to recruiting trips.

Two girls got in a fight on New Year's Eve and one of them got her toe bitten off. That little piggy passed out before midnight.

-Wants to know "if Fournette knows Jeremy Hill is going pro, will that help him decide to go to LSU?"
- "You'd think Miles would tell him that he has a shot at starting once he gets there because that's what kids want to know, they don't want to sit on the sidelines."
-It's down to LSU and Alabama for Fournette, but EVERYTHING people have been writing, indicate LSU is his top choice. Doesn't hurt that LSU RB Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, Frank Wilson has had a strong relationship with Fournette's dad the last 20 years!
- No one wants to see Jalen Mills play every down next season.

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Minute-A-Day-With-JJ: Foreign Language
or more like Half-Minute because Cupcake is STILL incompetent and cut him off.

How bad is Alabama going to whip Oklahoma tonight? Is Bama still reeling from the Iron Bowl? Saban has failed to rally the troops before, though.

McCarron's going to go out in Blades of Glory and just put a beat down on the Sooners.

Local business on Line Ave. that literally has everything you need for anyone in the family.



-the replay official wasn't paying very much attention last night.
-Is Caroline in the top 50% or the bottom 50% of LA drivers because if she's in the bottom half he's staying off the roads.

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Arrested Development's "Buster" who is VERY attached to his mother was documented being in his mother's womb for 11 1/2 months and leaving scratch marks on her uterus trying to stay in. We've come to the realization that Cupcake is Buster in real life.

Cupcake: "I see you as my dad, I see Aly as my mom, I see Syd as my Sister."
Syd: "I see you as my pet fish."


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