Friday, January 31, 2014

LHSAA Select/Non-Select, Jacob Hester in the Studio, and SUPER BOWL PREDICTIONS! Last minute Harlem Globe Trotter Interview!

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Principal Gerald Badgley from Byrd High School joining us on the air to talk select-non-select:
Badgley: I don't even think it will come to a vote, because every single class voted individually on whether they wanted to stay. 

There was some discussion of Byrd and Scotlandville being moved:
Badgley: No one has said anything directly to me, but there is a proposal being based on eligibility. There's some intricacies involved with that...if they transfer to another school, do they remain eligible? It will be an interesting vote whether who votes for it and who votes against it. 

What's your gut feeling for where Byrd will be playing football?
Badgley: I think we'll be in the select category like we were this year. Last night  I saw that a principal is offering an amendment to a proposal to split up all sports. 

What's the difference with magnet/private schools and M-and-M transfers:
Badgley: Theres not a whole lot of a difference, I think it comes down to numbers, random 25%, if you're more than 25% out of your district magnet school, then you have to go somewhere else. Back in '93 when we came up with magnet program and no one cared about it because they didn't think it would work and left it alone, now it's working and we're providing a unique program to help educate kids and it's becoming a problem now. Let's face it, people in Caddo Parish want magnet programs. 
Look at the # of Byrd students

Every starter not he Byrd baseball team a few years ago came from out of the district, what do you say to the people who use that as an argument?
Badgley: I understand that, but those schools have the same opportunity to do that. These schools actually have a lower requirement for enrollment. I mean lower test scores, lower GPA requirements. That's my response, it has nothing to do with athletics, they have opportunities to do the same thing.

Is there anything to day that would surprise you fro the LHSAA convention?
Badgley: No. I think the surprises are going to come days and weeks later, after the votes have been in. I think if anything changed it would be the private schools getting out. 

Is this a case of "everyone gets a ribbon"? 
Badgley: It may be a by-product of it. I certainly don't think it was the initial motivation for it. There's always someone that doesn't make the play-offs. I don't think we can argue that going down to New Orleans...I mean look at the scores of some of those games. They were pretty bad. 

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Jacob Hester in the studio! 

Who on this team, outside of Peyton, is best suited to  handle the gutrenching-ness of the Super Bowl and who tightens up a little bit?
Hester: Knowshon Moreno, no matter what kind of pressure he's under he'll do good. I don't want to speak for the defense, but there's not one person on Denver's offense that is a weak spot. There aren't many weak spots for the Broncos, but there also aren't any for Seattle.

Hester: It's hard to get a sack on Peyton, just because he gets rid of the ball so quick. Indianapolis did it because they put pressure on the receivers. 

The big x-factor here would have to be, are the refs going to allow the Seattle secondary to be physical or are they going to call it, and are they going to let the Broncos run their pick plays?
Hester: Usually in the playoffs, well I only got past the second round, so I can't really talk for the Super Bowl, but the refs really do let you play. They won't call as many little penalties that they would during regular season. 


What would be the most shocking?
Hester: For Seattle to just take it a way and run with it. A 35-2 blowout would shock me. 
Hester: I'm thinking low-scoring, 20-17 or something. 

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Is there somebody in that Denver backfield that Peyton will probably insist on not being covered by him?
Hester: I don't know about that, I do know that Peyton will want Knowshon in every play he can be in. 
Super Bowl Prediction! 
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Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl?
Hester: It's hard. I made the Broncos team this year for a little bit, and if the Broncos win, yeah there will be a little bit of bitterness there. I've won a National Championship on every level so if Broncos win, it will be a little difficult to watch. 
12th Man: 
Chooses Seattle's Michael Bennett...very low odds.


What's next year looking like?
Hester: Depends on if it's right to move my wife and three boys again.