Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kershaw is making how much?! Schutt Vision, Oxygenade, Todd Walker, Josh Booty, and more!

Show getting off to a good start! 

"If only I would have been more serious about baseball. My coach told me I had a shot"
When is the last time Cupcake stepped onto a baseball field to play? He answers 'Scrimmage'
Reality hits and we discovered he has never played ONE baseball game EVER.
Started off talking about Kershaw, ended up being shoehorned early by Cupcake.

Kershaw will make $185,000 per game. He will make $24 Million this year for not working. TV money is good. 

NFL made $9 billion in 2013 and commissioner Roger Goodell wants to reach $25 billion by the year 2027. 

They are 463rd highest paid in MLB.
World Series doesn't draw Duck Dynasty numbers

BILLY: Johnny OBrien is double teamed every game and the middle is never probed . LSU has talent, but runs no offense in basketball. They cannot decide what kind of team they are. Ole Miss players were all 4 inches shorter and they still whipped LSU. We're the players worn down? 

"The art of meaning something, to someone...?"
When Cupcake puts "the art of.." In front of anything he thinks it makes him sound more educated and savvy. 

Fletch: What does shoehorn mean? 
Cupcake: One of those old timey, big shells or horns that Vikings use to get everyone's attention.

J.R.: Calls to talk about his new innovative product, Schutt Vision. It's a technology that allows live-action recording and visual scenes by placing a camera on a football helmet that is small enough to fit within the nose bumper.

J.R.: I was a business manager and Jeremy was a salesperson at a local RV store and we were friends there at work and I knew that he would have certain connections with people that would be helpful so I pitched it to him. Jeremy always says I can't believe I was sitting in your office two years ago thinking about this.
How many investors?
J.R.: We have 5.
I'm assuming they're important people?
J:R: Oh yes. Very important people.
Where are the helmets produced?
J.R.: Produced in Salem, due to liability, the last person to touch the actual football is the manufacturer and then they ship it directly to the consumer. It's patent-pending, but it's kind of like they get around to it whenever they can. The thing I always tell people is the patent is important, but they patented the red pen and then when the blue pen came out they didn't touch the red pen's patent.

Congrats to J.R. and Jeremy Jeansonne

Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: Motor Trend Magazine "Truck of the Year" in 2013 was the RAM 1500. In 2014, they named "Truck of the Year" AGAIN the RAM 1500.

Fletch and Syd were getting coffee and walking back to the studio when Cupcake cuts the corner and yells "WE'RE BACK ON AIR!" to which Fletch and Syd look at each other then look at him and yell "Well get back in there!!"

LSU Tigers have a new offensive line coach: Jeff Grimes.
Is it kind of strange that LSU hires a guy that CAN'T produce a Top 100 offense?

Regional Urology: Are you having too many minutes at the urinal? Are you having a flow problem? Give Dr. Jimmy Moss and crew at 318-683-0411

Pet Peeve of the Day: Baseball players get paid too much money (sorry, Todd).

Stat of the Day: in 2010 as the OL Coach, Jeff Grimes number 5, 2011 32 , 2012 they were 85, at VA Tech they were number 109

Cajun 318: Wants to know why no one is talking about A.J. McCarron in the draft.
Fletch: AJ has unfortunately been labeled as the "game manager". I don't quite get it to be honest with you. He's a winner, he's delivered in crunch time situations.

Brewer Quality Homes is your place to get that home you've been eyeing. Right across from Cupcake's second home, The Wild Orchid, on Texas Street in Bossier City!

Cush's Grocery and Market has GUMBO FRIDAYS! Todd Walker gets the tuna so try that too. Ellerbe Road and Flournoy Lucas.

Todd Walker joins us in the studio and on the air with us Josh Booty!

Josh Booty: I was thrilled when I heard Walker was going to be the head coach there. Walker is talented and a legend.
Todd Walker: Me and Josh were drafted in the same round. I was the 8th overall pick, Josh was the 5th overall pick. I got really close with him and his family and now we've been friends for what, 20 years?

Booty: One of the reasons I chose the agent that I chose was because Todd did too. Our agent has been a friend for a life. When Todd was at LSU he had so much success and I knew we'd go through a similar process.

Walker: It's ludicrous. Everyone in the MLB makes a great amount of money. The best players obviously get paid much more, it's not an equal distribution. I'd make about $2M a year which was great, but then a guy who was just a little bit better than me would be making $10M.

A guy making about $1M every start, is that good for baseball?:
Booty: It's wonderful for the player. If a guy can get that kind of money and the market allows it. Think of what the owners are making if they are allowed to distribute that. I do think it is crazy though to get paid that much money. That was unheard of in the 1980's. I think it' really because of the TV contracts.

King Hardware and Gift: It is Mardi Gras season and it's time to get your hands dirty! Don't just go anywhere to get your supplies. Go to King Hardware and Gift where the money stays local. Line Avenue in Uptown Shopping Center!

Cascio's Market Bistro between Benton Road and Airline Drive, the home of the Italian Stallion, Rocky Cascio, the silver haired fox. No one makes a better sandwich, salad, pasta. His food is insane. 318-742-3205

Todd Walker still in the studio and Josh Booty hanging out on the phone!

Walker: You could make a Kardashian "Booty".
Fletch: Get it...

Booty: My business partner came up with the idea and some of the process on how we make the water, its super oxygenated.
Walker: What would you say to someone who asks 'water already has oxygen in it why should I buy this?"
Booty: It's alkaline water and it hydrates highly and works like an antioxidant, balances your body's pH level. 

Check out Oxygenade water! OXYGENADE

Lander's Fiat providing you with the sexy little Italian models!


The SEC Network coming to cable systems everywhere in August, they signed Tebow, they got Finebaum, you've got to think they need someone to run this thing. 

Rotolo's is coming your way Bossier City! First Monday in February, start counting down the days. 


TWITTERVERSE  with Syd the Kid

If Ryan Mallet plays, and Tom Brady may have the flu, will Mallet play?
Walker: You know they're pumping him full of wonder drugs though, he'll be fine to play.

Fletch: Colin Kaepernick: has been said to be the greatest QB of all time. We've seen him now in the last 6-7 weeks do things that no one else in the league can do. Newton has similar qualities but still can't measure up to Kaep. There's no one in the league with a stronger arm. Fletch thinks the 49ers win this weekend and then go on to win the Super Bowl.

Guy PILE text line is being revived. You'll be able to text in to the show at 318-GUY-PILE. Keep up with the show for details!

La-Z-Boy has that recliner you've been dreaming of watching the Super Bowl in! On East 70th in between Fern Avenue and Youree Drive!