Friday, January 24, 2014

Jerrell Jackson, Jacoby Jones Was Feeling Good During His Interview, Brandon Wilson, and Coach Michael White of the La Tech Bulldogs Basketball!

6:15: Jerrell Jackson, University of Hawaii Commit on air 
7:10: Jacoby Jones (possibly) Drunken Interview
7:20: Cupcake's Word of the Day
7:30 Pet Peeve of the Day
8:04: Brandon Wilson, University of Houston RB on air
8:30: Coach Michael White of the LA Tech Bulldogs on air
8:45: TWITTERVERSE with Syd the Kid 

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Jacoby Jones gave a possibly drunken interview to Jennifer Hale while being in New Orleans.

Should Jennifer Hale have approached an (obviously) drinking Jacoby Jones?

Darrell in the Barrel: I think if you put it that way, then she had an obligation as a sports reporter. I assume he agreed to do the interview. I think she was respectful with it and did a good job. Should someone have said "Hey Jacoby, maybe you should think about this...?" well we don't know if they did or didn't. I thought it was fun.

Instead of showing him a picture of Jennifer Hale and it was Cupcake they should've shown him a picture of Alan Hale.

CHEVYLAND, your Silverado headquarters!

Rotolo's. Bossier City. Get ready. ROTOLO'S HAS GOTTEN THE PERMISSION THAT THE BOSSIER LOCATION CAN DO TAKE-OUT ORDERS FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Talk about being the hostess with the most-est.

Cupcake's Word of the Day: ENIGMA

Cupcake: "The ticking point of the day? I left my charger this morning and it was the enigma of my morning."

Fletch met with the Shreveport Sports Commissioner. Kelly Wells texted him this vital information:
"We approved adding a marketing advisory board of 14 local Media, private businesses and stakeholders to the sports commission board today. We are taking nominations and will approve over next couple of months...will include 2 media spots..."

Pet Peeve of the Day: 
Someone who gets a gift in front of others and doesn't share it.

Giblsand Bank and Trust:

Paul: I was going to ask if you were on the committee if you'd give us some insight on everything?
Fletch: They split the country up into sections and then each section would pick teams to go into the tournament.
Paul: Yeah, they change it every year. Our [La Tech] RPI is really bad...if we're going to have to get into the tournament by winning our own conference tournament, that's a hard thing to do.

Say howdy to a brand new Honda Accord LX with Holmes Honda's  'Hello Honda Days'!

Are you providing a Super Bowl party? Don't be THAT guy and bring the disgusting food, be the Super Bowl Super Hero and go by Cush's Grocery and Market and pick up a party tray! You can pick them up as late as Saturday at 8 o'clock.

Cowboys ever being in the Super Bowl? 
EH: If Jeff Heath is the answer then no.
Fletch: I know what Jeff Heath is the answer to, 'who's the worst player ever in the NFL?'

Fletch: You need a Top 15 defense to get into the playoffs, they don't have that. If you do, you'll get into the playoffs.

If you purchase jewelry for Valentine's Day, you will be in good standing with your significant other. Bailey's Jeweler's is your place to go!


Brandon Wilson, University of Houston RB, live with us on the air!
Wilson: The first time I got here I got lost, a couple of times!
Fletch: Your old alma mater, Calvary, got it done this year, were you aware of that?
Wilson: Yeah, I got to keep up with them this season, they started off not doing too well but after the first couple of games, they started playing well and I was thinking, 'maybe they have a shot this year' and I was really proud of them.

Fletch: Who did you have before you made your decision to go to Houston?
Wilson: First I had Washington, Grambling, Northwestern, Houston, and Michigan, and then I also had some junior colleges. I wanted to go to Washington and was planning on it but then they pulled the offer after they lost their bowl game. I signed with the junior college but then a few weeks later Houston offered me and I went to visit and I really liked it and then made the decision to go there.

Having some other guys from your hometown, does it help the transition?
I like seeing people from home, it makes it easier.

Your goal weight is 200, why do you need to bulk up?
Wilson: I guess just to be more physical, and going against my competition, the receivers and them, they're getting bigger, so I guess I have to get bigger too!

Who are some of the schools you were matched up with that you enjoyed?
Wilson: The best game that I've gone to was Central Florida. They had so many fans. It was awesome. And the Louisville game.

EH: Keep up that special teams work.

Thanks Brandon Wilson for joining us this morning!



10 Day forecast for East Rutherford 
Teams arrive:
Monday: 35 degrees
Tuesday: 17 degrees, 10% snow
Wednesday: 18 degrees, 10% snow
Thursday: 23 degrees, 10% snow
Friday: 32 degrees, sunny
Saturday: 35 degrees, cloudy
Sunday: Low 25, High 35, snow showers

LJ: I never understood why LA Tech would have games on the weekends because that's when everyone goes home. Went to a competitor and bought furniture, 30% restocking fee after I bought it, it broke after the return date, had to watch the game in lawn chairs. Should've gone to La-Z-Boy. Don't go to Ashley Furniture.

Chimi V's Fajita Factory
Pick up your chips, salsa, and queso so you don't have to worry about Jimmy not coming through at your party.


Coach Michael White of the La Tech Bulldogs on the air with us!

Fletch: I was a little concerned after Sunday. Where you concerned at all about a bounce back?
White: You're concerned going into every game, at least I am. Whether it's Charlotte or Longwood. I guess you have to have the mentality that anyone in college basketball can bite you. My biggest concern was being a little worn down. I was proud of the effort our guys put out last night, I'm really proud of them.

Fletch: Are the stats of last nights wins something that make you web like wow,,
White: This is what you like as a coach or as a staff. We've been shooting the ball well over the past couple of months, we had a pretty average night, offensively, to beat a team like Charlotte. Defensively to hold them to 40% and limit them to only some free throws where they're talented in the paint.

White: We have to play with that level of intensity. I'm very, very proud.

On Alex Hamilton:
White: He's really good at getting in the paint, and he's a good passer. His gift is getting in the paint and scoring for himself He's got the ability to finish with either hand, the biggest asset he has for us is being able to bring in fouls. He's ranked nationally for being able to bring the fouls in. He's 51st in the country for drawing 7 fouls every 41 minutes.

When you see the numbers that do matter to the selection committee, is that what you had in mind for where the program is?
White: It's something that you strive for. You want to be as a high as possible in all of the ratings. Unfortunately, there's two or three teams that didn't produce like we thought they'd produce, you see their schedules and hope they keep winning to increase your numbers, and turns out they're not as good as we thought they'd be.

Fletch: There is nothing in the world, no quicker way to get a university's quotient up than to have a run in the tournament. As much as people love Skip and want them to get back on schedule, but to me it seems like the eggs are all in the La Tech Bulldogs Basketball basket. This Saturday needs to be  the night that people go out to Ruston and put your wigs on and yell inside of a building.

White: Right now, we're planning on him not playing. Whether they uphold the ruling for the game or reverse it, we're hopeful. We're physical, maybe too close to the football side!

Super Bowl Sunday at Rotolo's is going to be crazy! AND Bossier-ites. Your brand new Rotolo's will be open Super Bowl Sunday for TAKE OUT ORDERS ONLY! But don't worry, the following Tuesday they are ready to roll.


Patrick Netherton:
Fletch: LA TECH's strength of schedule is horrendous. A team like LA TECH that you watch and realize they're a good team and could win two games in the tournament, but their strength of schedule is so bad, is that enough to knock them out?
Netherton: Yeah, the committee is seems like has an need to make sure you're playing road games, or you need to make sure your strength of schedule is tougher, in addition you also have to win those games.