Thursday, January 9, 2014


First Caller on NEW CALLER COMBINE: Dry Wallsman
Been listening for about a year
How many back up QBs can most people name?
Underlying question is- bringing in 'understudy' to learn for about a year is a lost art and that's a shame
Saints should have taken a flyer last year

Cupcake blew it because he didn't write subject down

Second caller! Mike
Haughton Alumn
Wants to talk Dak Prescott
Fletch thinks he should have been Sportsman of the year
Big Test on sat Sept 20th when they visit LSU
LSU will be ranked low- but they will be good
Then A&M, Auburn following
That's a brutal stretch, but 8-3 is doable
Miss St
Cupcake blew it: says Mike wants to talk NFL- WRONG

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Saints Talk
Corey White: looks like a 7year old that was left at Wal-Mart by his mom
Hey little buddy! You ok? I can't find my tight end- where did the running back go?
Might want to check the end zone.
Torrential rain, swirling winds and mid40s
Saints need to RUN THE BALL with authority!

Steven: 3rd caller
Why does he give Saints 8.5 out of 10 to win-
New Gatorade, Popeyes Chicken, Coaching
Need to keep Bree's from taking big shots
Just play basic football!
LOVES the bootleg!!

Fletch ready to see Colston come out of the shadows

Steve's new nickname is Bootleg
Fletch's new nickname is AHole


Meeting yesterday with Sports Commision:
They want to do All Star game again
7 on 7 would be better 
Only 500 tickets sold to Coach's All Star game in Indy Stadium: looks like Fletch and Cupcake sitting there alone.
They need someone on the commission that have their finger on the pulse of sports in this area

Cupcake terrified to admit he played a Lady Gaga song coming out of break

New Caller Doug: 
It's rainy, drizzly 
This is the NFL 
Defense has stepped up, they are running the ball
Thrilled at what Rob Ryan has done
Fletch: Sean Payton coming back reinstated their leader and it makes ALL the difference
Rob Ryan has given them the keys, putting guys on the spot, made them play on an island
Doug: Team takes on the personality of the coach
Saints have had major injuries and new guys have had to step up

Been threatening to call in the show
Confession: Doug is a Bama fan
He was born and raised there
LSU fans hate him, but its out of respect

Discuss Nickname for Doug: 
1- The Threat 
2- Bamaboy 
3- Let It Roll!
4- Nervous Nelly

Lane Kiffon could be the new coordinator for Bama

First Lady caller: Brenda
-Has cougar friends she's ready to release on Cupcake.

Mike from Shreveport/Bossier: calls in to talk about Saints usage of Mark Ingram
"I love Pierre Thomas just as much as the other guy, but to improve our chances I think Ingram needs more carries

Titan Lou: wants to talk about the Tennessee Titans.
"I don't hear about them much around this part of town, just wanted to get you guys thoughts on our upcoming season, we did just fire our coach."
Fletch: $8M salary in 2014 for Johnson.

"It's tough to be a Titans fan, we're never bad enough to get a god draft pick, but we're not good enough to win the Super Bowl."

Pet Peeve of the Day: People who have easy jobs, but yet still foul it up, and manage to land in cougar-ville.

Dylan: Looking forward to the matchup with Carolina v. 49ers.
"I ain't never had a man crush on anyone, but

"Thank you for doing the show, I'm a Shreveport native, but I'm stuck in Raleigh, NC, been listening every morning, appreciate what y'all do."
Thanks Tracy, we appreciate you listening dude!

Art Carmody: Had Petrino for 4 years. Louisville alum, Louisville fan, former Louisville All-American.

When Charlie Strong first left for Texas what was your reaction?
"I was happy for him. Louisville isn't a destination kind of job. If he thinks that was best fit for him, then that is great."

You played under Petrino, are yo unsatisfied he's back?:
"I am. We all know his resume on and off the field. I think at this point in the football program, it was a smart move. He's a proving head coach who keeps momentum going. I don't think Louisville can afford another mishap, and then things go badly pretty quickly."

The media is having a field day, 'placing wins over character', 'cesspool':
"I truly think he does care about his players, I was a nobody and a walk-on but he took a chance on me. After the NFL thing didn't go over so well, Petrino told me to call him if I ever needed anything. I'd much rather win a football game in the fall than a press conference in January."

Talking football with Saints, talking Hall of Fame with T-Dub, after the break! And of course, the new caller combine!

Regional Urology, 683-0411. They helped Fletch say "bye-bye!" to Low-T-Timmy and brought his testosterone back to his manly levels. Give Dr. Jimmy Moss and crew a call and get checked out!

Prediction on Saints v. Seattle: 
Fletch: 28-24 Seattle
Cupcake: 27-24 Seattle
Todd Walker: 21-17 Seattle

The grocery shopping at Cush's Grocery and Market is very eclectic. You can go in and get a lovely bottle of wine, and then also that bottle of 409 you forgot. Don't forget about their amazing lunch and dinners too!


Todd Walker:
"Respect is earned. When I got to Minnessota, I lost that respect because of what he would do. In terms of playing, you're in charge of your life and you choose who you're playing for. I have a tough spot with him saying 'Stay out of the bars, stay away from volleyball players.' When you first hear that, you have to laugh."

Do you like playing for 'win at all costs' kind of guys?:
"If you're that kind of person then you'll love them. Skip Bertman, for example. I was that kind of player, and he liked me, but if you weren't like that, he may not play you."

Lamar: Used to play high school football with Todd,  asks "how's the transition from retiring as an MLB player to a high school baseball coach?"

Todd Walker: "One of the many differences: kids missing practice to get haircuts. I'm not saying it's acceptable, but in high school you've got to give some room. Girlfriends coming in and sitting in the dug out, while the player is eating a piece of chicken in the third inning."

Do you ever call any of your old high school buddies and ask them 'did we ever do that?':
Todd Walker: "My wife and I talk about this ALL the time. I had great coaches, but I think to myself 'did I learn anything?' and then I realize, 'well, I don't remember anything, so I guess I was the same way'!"

TWITTERVERSE with Syd the Kid:

Todd Walker: "Pitching is a lot like opening a business, location is everything. Arm action is everything."

JJ's Minute-A-Day: Zombies

Nate Dizzle: 
Saints Prediction: 16-10 Saints
"I think it's going to be low-scoring, I mean they held the leading rusher last week."

Todd: calls in to ask Todd Walker about Craig Biggio missing the Hall of Fame.
Todd Walker: "He barely missed the Hall of Fame. Longevity separates Biggio from other players. A lot of people will argue that he'd only go into the Hall of Fame because of his longevity, but I disagree, year to year he's done great. If I had to vote, I'd vote him in. Biggio will get in, it's a 'when' not an 'if'."

Who brought the biggest lumber to the plate?
TW: "Sammy Sosa. He was so strong, he could handle it."

We've just come to the conclusion that Nate Dizzle is THE Nate Dizzle from Brewer Quality Homes...MIND BLOWING MOMENT OF THE DAY!