Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Doug Williams Interview will Replay at 7 Tomorrow Morning; Don't Miss Super Bowl Picks on the Show Tomorrow!

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If you're Saban, how easy are these recruiting trips for him? Showing up at Woodlawn, Airline, etc. 

King Hardware and Gift is your Valentine's Day headquarters for both GUYS and GIRLS! Visit them in the Uptown Shopping Center on Line Ave! 

Cascio's Market Bistro, home of the Italian Stallion knows how to do it right. Shed Rd. in between Airline Drive and Benton Road. Don't want to get out of the car? They have a drive-thru window! Call 742-3205! 

Atlanta School System didn't let their kids out early enough before the ice storm hit. Kids stuck at the school, kids stuck in school buses. 

EH: This Super Bowl has no hype for me this year. Is it because Seattle is just so out of the factor and out in the middle of nowhere?
Fletch: For me, it's because I'm not in the wheel of it. You know? Last year, I was in New Orleans two days before the games getting interviews and everything. I was an average Joe then, but now I'm an average Joe...without a microphone. 

Killer Dawg: Now I'm rooting against Seattle and them big time. I'm rooting against Sherman and all that. 

Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Denny Rogers and crew are running one heck of a dealership. 

NO MORE PET PEEVE OF THE DAY! Player of the Day: LSU Tiger's Johhny O'Bryant

Cupcake's Word of the Day: Congruent

Cupcake vs. Alexandra the Job Shadow
Definition: Someone who, the art of...uh. The art of umm looking bad.
Sentence: "Ed Hardy looks pretty congruent today."

Definition: In a mathematical sense, it's when two things are equal.


SoBo: Is DT teeing it up in the waster management this week? 
Fletch: He's playing at the raucous open.
SoBo: How's his game feeling?
Fletch: Roy talked to Adam, the Executive Director of the David Toms Foundation. On the 18th hole, bogeyed and missed by one. We hope it certainly translates into something good. Here's the neat thing about it, it sure seems like David is pretty hungry. When David starts doing the lean on the body shots, you know something big is coming. 

SoBo: I think we should have a Tim Fletcher Show Golf Tournament. You know, I had the chance to meet the Christian Demirdjian...he really is a strange fellow. 

Billy:  If we see the effort the rest of the season that we saw against Kentucky, but now that we've seen it as a fan, Johnny O'Bryant got his, now it's time for everyone else to get theirs. 
Fletch: Johnny O'Bryant needs to make sure he stays away from getting fouled in the paint. Johnny O'Bryant proved it last night, if he stays out of foul trouble, he is almost unstoppable. If someone is trying to guard him one-on-one, he will eat them for lunch. 
Billy: Even if they double team it. Too late. Super Bowl, the reason I think it's so low is because of the weather. They aren't sure if this weather is going to knock out Peyton Manning, and no one knows how exactly the refs are going to call the game. This could be a route, almost to the point. If there are two-three flags for contact, it's going to be a route. 

HUMP DAY aka CALZONE WEDNESDAY! $5.99 Calzones all day at Rotolo's on E. 70th near Fern Ave. Don't get too upset Bossier-ites, your up and coming Rotolo's will be open for TAKE-OUT orders only! 


Adam Young: An article came out yesterday in Golf World Magazine, ranked the Top 100 Golfers of the Modern Era. Roy can't keep babysitting you, you gotta come out and the place. 

Holmes Honda, the most durable, longest lasting brand of any automotive brand.

Cupcake: I feel like I'm so weak I haven't worked out in so long, I feel like Alexandra could take me on.
Alexandra: I have a black belt.
Fletch: Cupcake is about 6'0 and 250 lbs. What's the fastest way to get him on the ground? Besides throwing a donut on the floor.
Headline on TMZ: 
The players at the "awesome sushi party" are practice team players. 

JR: If Peyton would of gone then TMZ would have said "Peyton out with backup team and not his starters." I think this game could be a blow-out. I see Welker could have a huge game. The Broncos have played better teams, throughout the regular season, maybe not secondary up to par as Seattle offense. The only team that made Peyton look human was the Colts. 
EH: The Denver running game is going to have to play a huge part in this. It could be a long day for Seattle. I have no faith after watching Russell Wilson, a 2 TD deficit? Nah. 
JR: In the running game, they talk about Marshawn Lynch and how they're going to control the clock...they went up against DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys. It very easily could e the game is decided if they both play through the 4th. It could be a blow-out. 
Cush's Grocery and Market on Ellerbe and Flournoy has your PARTY PANS for Super Bowl Sunday! Pick them up as late as Saturday at 8 o clock! 318-795-9006 or stop by at 9535 Ellerbe Road.
Brewer Quality Homes on HWY 80 Bossier City, LA. Your home for KABCO Platinum Homes. It's Donnie Brewer's 41st year in business because he continues to please his customers! 

Dillon: I don't think people are giving Seattle defense enough credit! I think it's going to be a very close game. Richard Sherman will take out Thomas so it really comes down to Welker. I think if anything, you might see Denver come out and do what New Orleans did. 
EH: The underestimation of Denver's defense is what really comes into play here. When they get the lead, their defense plays completely different. Its the turnover business this year for Seattle. 
Dillon: When it comes to Denver's defense, Seattle's offense doesn't have to score as many points because their defense is so good. 
Fletch: I still think Denver is going to win. Peyton Manning will deliver in the 4th quarter, talk about submitting to his legacy. 
EH: I think if you have one, honestly I think that's enough because it's so hard to get. If he gets two, then yeah you could bring the whole package together. 

Interesting poll on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday:
Would rather be: 
an okay QB with a Super Bowl win
the greatest QB without a Super Bowl win?

Gibsland Bank and Trust, free reward checking! 


Greatest QB performance in a Super Bowl? 
Fletch: Doug Williams has to get mentioned.
Dr. TV: But it was only for like a half that he played great. I really respect EH's pick about putting Montana up at the top. Here's a little bit of evidence for Manning instead of Montana. Montana had Jerry Rice. The other thing that Montana has the unfair advantage about is the great organization that he played for. Even after Montana left, Steve Young and the 49ers kept going. 

Tomorrow during the 7 o'clock hour, we will be replaying the Doug Williams interview. 

"Is your Carpooling Child Smarter than Cupcake?"
Tomorrow morning around 7:00-7:15, if you're taking your little nugget to school during this time get ready to call 320-1130 and let your elementary kiddo BEAT Cupcake in "Cupcake's Word of the Day" Challenge.

October 12, Motley Crew is coming to CenturyLink. 
EH: I saw Brett Michaels in Gulf Shores and he was pretty good.
Fletch: In Gulf Shores? Oh how the mighty have fallen. 

Alexandra, our job-shadow says she might watch the Super Bowl, her boyfriend likes the Seahawks. Fletch says "Oh, you've got to get rid of this one."

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-Have your score prediction AND the MVP.