Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Clear and 33 degrees for those of you who have Direct TV and are missing The Weather Channel

Fletch to Cupcake: Stop scratching yourself, this is not a Major League Baseball dugout. 

Fletch demands Cupcake replay Dirtfoot again because he didn't like the start of the show and wants a do-over

Coming Up:
7:00 Adam Winkler on to talk about Texas Longhorn 
8:30 AM LATech Athletic Director will be on with us!

Cupcake discusses Super Moron Move by TV Sportscaster 

Derrick Holland tripped over his dog, it was discussed
Mitch Moreland was asked:
Weren't you the guy who fell down the stairs and like cut yourself? 
Uh- no.
Yeah, but weren't you the guy that fell and hurt yourself?
Then said--
Hey can we skip all the sport stuff and get to the real reason why they are here?

Cupcake says: if that person were working for Fletch they would be on the hot seat after that ridiculousness.

Most embarrassing question asked by someone posing as a local reporter to Eli Manning when he played with Ole Miss in the Independence Bowl:
Archie, Peyton, Eli.
Uh- that's my father, my brother and me?

Billy: Been listening to Finbaum again
Low IQ Caller: after Auburn game there was almost a revolt, ala' Grambling style!
Players said that was IT for the season. Saban had lost control of the players.
Finebaum calls it the BEST CALL OF THE YEAR!

Fletch says that is the joy and misery of sports talk radio- anyone can say anything- that's entertainment. Then Fletch sings the Looney Toons cartoon intro while Cupcake cues up Sweet Home Alabama!

LSU Sports Information Director, Micheal Bonnette was even surprised by Hill's declaration for the NFL draft. 6 LSU players now leaving for the big show.

Cupcake plays the slowest Zeppelin song he can get his hands on to impress Ed Hardy. Fletcher wonders how, after 10 months, he doesn't know what to do. Fletch ran into Jacob Hester in the grocery store and they talked about Cupcake and it wasn't all favorable

Still talking about Finebaum:
Wonder as we move away from football and start talking Yankee baseball and Prince Fielder- uh oh- Fletch launches into impersonation of announcer. 
"Prince Fielder the vegetarian is eating a carrot on the way to 2nd base, but its brown! And filled with nougat!"
Fletch wonders-- well crap- he has hit another distraction. So who the hell knows what he is wondering about.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Moving on...

Hill changes his mind- running backs are done at 29 so he is hitting it early.

Geauxing Crazy: doesn't want to hear Finebaum talk about 2 teams for three hours. Liquored up Danny Sheraton excites a riot-- Fletch says what? Please explain!!
Drunk Sheraton said Kiffen was brought in to help Saban keep program running. 
Eventually Finebaum hung up on him because he kept launching into rants.