Friday, January 10, 2014

EYEOPENING Stats About Brees And How The First Quarter Will Tell If Saints Win Or Lose!

The Tim Fletcher Show

Fletch's First Random Thoughts Of The Day...
- Can Godell block someone from being in the hall of fame?
- He is a name, but is he a coach? Former LSU center Kevin Mawae wants Tigers' offensive line opening
- Mettenberger might be a good pick up for the Saints to study under Brees
- Seahawks vs Saints: First post season meeting between QBs shorter than 6ft since 1978

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BILLY: Finebaum vs our callers 
Dougbama- fantastic
Brenda the Cougar- good stuff
The Rookies brought it! Sounded smart, good nuggets, good questions etc!

When you are #3: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees... You can't have as many interceptions as Andy Dalton!
Got to lather up Ingram! Give him touches!
Billy says dont give me Thomas! We need big bruisers to run it up the middle and push the pile!
Drew has to STOP giving people momentum! He's been doing it all year. You should be able to drill it through that little window to your receivers.
Brees CREATED momentum for Seattle last time. If you have to take the sack, take it! Don't give them the short field.
Peyton- don't get cute. You gotta bring a smart play book.
Brees is 8th in passing
73.6 vs 64 on the road
126 vs 82 on the road
The Rams and Seahawks was given away. Brees tried to bring it back, but he had set the table too far away.

Saturday: if you are one of the first 100 to buy an ice cold beer after the Saints kick off, you get a free pint filled with cool stuff! 

Saints have some wiggle room when defense plays well which allows Brees to have a good game OR is it the other way around? Which comes first? Chicken or the egg?
Saints fans hope that they get off to a ROCKING good start!

Cajun Rob: Feeling great about the wedding and Saints! 

Still awaiting the arrival of Ed Hardy.
Cupcake is left alone to hold the fort down. 
He is talking to me like I am listening but I haven't looked up from my computer for the entire time. 

Goin' Crazy:
":45 seconds of 'Seriously'...eleven seriously's in :45. And he was dragging Syd under the bus as much as he could."
Saints Recipe for Success: "Same game plan they had in Philly. There was a whole lot of Ingram and a whole lot of Sproles. If we don't have to the ball for 35 minutes tomorrow, it's gonna be a long afternoon."
The 1st annual Fletcher Show LSU Baseball Weekend Getaway Extravaganza:
Have all of the regulars and crew check out a series one weekend? Yes. Absolutely. Just like Fair Grounds Field, minus the bat guano.

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Pet Peeve of the Day: If it's not about Cupcake, the Cupcake will become pouty. 

Hotty Toddy: 
Scale of 1-10, 10 being Saints win easily and 1 being no chance, "I'm going with a 7."

Raph: My feeling on the Saints...whenever they won the Super Bowl, you have this confident feeling like 'if they play smart like that, we can't win.' and it is possible that they could win at Seattle but it would have to be a REALLY good scenario. LA Tech's team in basketball this year, it's that confidence now, the confidence we had for the Saints a few years ago. If we play right, we can't win. We have that much confidence and we're that good this year."

First dodgeball game for the Caddo Parish Kickbacks is Monday. 
Saints headquarters for watching the game tomorrow? Rotolo's Pizza on E. 70th! The first 100 people to order a beer  during the Saints game tomorrow get a pint glass full of FREE Saints swag! 

Dillon: 49er's fan but pulls out lots of knowledge about Saints strategies and how they could win.

What was the weather like 3 weeks ago when Arizona dominated Seattle? It was a tight scoring game but Arizona definitely dominated the Seahawks.

JP (Rotolo's Pizza): New phrase for something out of place, "that's a Cupcake at a George Strait concert." Opening date for Rotolo's in Bossier City? "If everything keeps going as planned, February 3rd!"

JR: "I think it's going to fall on the offense. The defense really held their own but the offense couldn't do anything. Obviously they're going to have to run the ball...kicking in those conditions is one thing. Run the ball, short-timing routes, I think if the Saints offense and the WR's can't get off the corners then it's going to be a long day for the Saints. 

Lander's Fiat,

Dr. TV: "I'm hoping this time, we see if Russell Wilson can throw. I don't really like our LB's much besides Lofton. Play the run. I think the Saints have done great this year, I want them to win it and go to the Super Bowl but if tomorrow is the end of this season, we had a great year, and I'm happy to be a Saints fan."

Ralph: The key for Drew is to not do anything stupid. Both of these quarterbacks are going to make sure they don't mess up and do anything stupid during this post-season. He's gonna have to ball up and take the sack rather than give it up midfield. If he takes the sack, Brees needs to hold on to the ball. Prediction 38-16, Saints."


Chimi V's Fajita Factory, they had 27 Saints fans watching the game last week. Bossier City's perfect patio to watch your Saints!


LJ: What are the three things Saints have to do to win on offense?: "Win on offense, defense, and special teams. One thing, they HAVE to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket."
-"I've been listening all morning, we've only been talking about Saints, I call in every day, and Cupcake asks 'so what do you want to talk about?' um, how do you have a job?"

Baba Ganoush: "I don't think people understand how difficult it is to play in the Seahawks stadium. I don't see how it gets that loud. Maybe the way they built it, but it's like a college crowd. It's going to be a tough game. The Saints defense, I really wish they would've kept Rob Ryan in Dallas for one more year, just to see. Sean Payton returned with a lot, including an improved defense. Low-scoring, 20-17, Seattle."

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Johnny C: 
Optimistic, pessimistic, realistic? "Optimistic. Hopefully Lance Moore, or Stills can have a huge game. I'm not really worried about the defense. I think they win, I'd say 24-17, Saints...that area."
Quick hint to Cupcake: "Want to impress a girl? Take her to Cascio's Market Bistro."

O.G. Donny: "One of two things have to happen on Saints defense: pressure on the quarterback, or the defensive back is going to have to play lights out. Final score prediction, 28-27, Saints." 

Ed Hardy's final score prediction: first it was 24-19, Seahawks. BUT after hearing LJ, and everyone else, you gotta give it to Payton, LAST SECOND TOUCHDOWN 25-24, SAINTS! 

Kevin Odom: 17-13, Saints.