Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Calzone Wednesday at Rotolo's! Adam Winkler from K-EYE talking Manny Diaz and Rotolo's Give-a-way!

Radio fueled by, not PEDs but PEZ! Because our heads are popping open and trash is coming out

Today's Lineup:
6:30 am Sound Hound
6:45 Cupcake's Word of the Day
7:00 Mike McConathy, Northwestern Basketball Coach
7:30 Pet Peeve of the Day
7:50 Winter Olympian or Tennis Pro
8:00 JJs Bit OThe Day
8:10 MindBlower
8:15 Adam Winkler to talk about LATech's new coach Many Diaz defensive Coordinator from Texas
8:30 Twitterverse 

LANDERS FIAT: Great visibility, especially with the top rolled back! Spring and summer will be here before you know it! Enjoy your ride for a change!

Cupcake makes fun of SportsWife for doing a Southern accent on purpose. Fletch says maybe one day he will understand that people on radio do voices.

LATech Manny Diaz up and coming: but when BYU ran big numbers on Longhorns, Mack Brown fired him. LATech was more than happy to step in and scoop him up! Great find!

ABC: Tech could be a top 15 defense with Diaz. He will be able to grow the momentum. 
Ready for spring football to start now. Diaz will be exciting addition!
Transition from gogogo Sonny Dykes to Skip was an adjustment bump in the road. 

Silver &Black: 
Saints like the small college All Stars. Armstead was eventually the best defensive back they had.

Marajiuna Bowl
Does Russle have a bigger arm than Manning- maybe but Manning has the timing. He can get the ball out of his hand quicker- can feel the heat. He feels the pressure like a psychic. 

Mickey and Martin played really well. We are starting to see why Martin was a jewel recruit.
LSU defense had crucial blocks that made a difference, Mickey was impressive. Shot blocking is tricky because refs are waiting to blow the whistle on contact. It has to be done with a lot of control.

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EH disagrees with Jr Gallet being in Saints Top 5, although he did well. Put Lewis in top 5.
Brees is #1 but is Graham 2? 
Fletch says he cant block and didn't show up in 4/5 games.
EH says salary negotiations are going to get ugly.

He's gotten the last 3 right! 
Jaunty: The act of... Cocky or arrogant-?
He's acting very jaunty today.

Mike McConathy:

Fletch: The 3 overtime games make it seem like you and Arkansas have the same kind of luck, but it seems like the 3-ball hasn't been kind to the demons this year.
McConathy: That's the thing. Going into this we thought we would be great at shooting. We were looking forward to this group of kids because they were going to be the shooters. However, there is one that is making all the shots. Zeke Woodley.

Fletch: When it comes to the Southland tourney what can y'all do?
McConathy: Well, we need to win. When you're not winning, it's this gut wrenching feeling and a feeling of defeat. You have to fight through those to just get there. I really feel like this group CAN fight through these and defeat them. 

Jalan West:
McConathy: I think the fact that we haven't been able to rest him as much has been difficult. He's doing fine, great attitude, great young man, I'm very happy to have him with our program.

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EH: If you have a top 75 defense in Ruston...well, you're going to be employed, and they'll keep you for a loooong time.
Fletch: The La Tech football schedule for 2014 opens up with Oklahoma.
EH: That's one thing about Tech reaching for these JuCo kids.

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Pet Peeve of the Day: People not paying attention on the roadway.

Talking Road Rage. People, LEARN TO DRIVE.

FLETCH: Let's say you're a college freshman and ESPN College GameDay is coming. You want to make a poster and get noticed. So you go to Oklahoma State and make a reference to an adult film star. Let's just say that because someone recognizes the name of the film star and gets in touch with this said adult film star. Instead of being outraged, the adult film star locates the freshman on Twitter and started a correspondence. She ends up getting an award for an adult film and decides to take the college freshman.
EH: So when you're hanging out with your guy friends talking about who they took out "Oh you went out with that KD? Yeah she's cute...yeah that ChiO is good looking...oh me? I took out A TWO TIME AWARD WINNING PORN STAR."

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Bubba: I like the hire (of Manny Diaz). Definitely. I've talked to a lot of the players over the past couple of weeks and guys, this team truly believes they are going to be the best team this coming up season, get ready. You've got  some great athletes coming into this program and it's such a great football program.
Fletch: That's the thing in Conference-USA, you've got some weaker links.

Johnny C: First off, I had four trees taken down last week, I really need Cupcake to come help me chop firewood.
Cupcake: (buzzes the buzzer)
Johnny C: It's four trees so it's really going to take a while.
Cupcake: (buzzes the buzzer, again.)

On Sherman:
Johnny C.: Sherman is actually a really smart young man. He's very well spoken and studies his craft very well. If he stays healthy he could be a star for a while, he's good. He got lucky on that play to end the game because he was slightly out of position but he's good.

J, J.'s Minute of the Day: Ted Williams and how his head is frozen in a chamber.

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Under Armour has announced a deal with Notre Dame, they'll be providing all of their uniforms. It's worth $90M over the next 10 years. Worth more than the Adidas deal with Michigan. The school is allowed to take some of the cash and put it in stock.  Guess who they're using for the models? Every Notre Dame athlete. I'm sure they're going to get the model rates too! WAIT. No they aren't, because they aren't getting a dime.

JR: What's your take on Goodell taking away the extra point?
Fletch: I am actually for it.
EH: At first when you said that, I was pissed, but then I started thinking about it. Extra points are RARELY missed. [only 5 extra points were missed this past season]

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Gibsland Bank and Trust

Adam Winkler from KEYE-TV joins us to talk Manny Diaz

Winkler: I do think it's an upgrade. Manny Diaz CAN coach defense. He's a really good guy, he's got a great story, he's got a heck of a sound byte. I think one of the question marks is that first year he had at Texas, was he only succeeding with Muschamp's players? I think the personnel was there, but whether it was fit or if it were over his head, I'm not sure, it just didn't work out well for Diaz in Austin.

Fletch: What is the function of a Manny Diaz defense?
Winkler: He looooves to blitz. There's going to be a lot of stunts. There's just s much movement in the defense. One of the [Diaz] sound bytes was "we want guys coming out of holes and jumping out of helicopters." The secondary he didn't have as much of an impact on as people had hoped.

Fletch: What were some of the positive things you saw over Diaz's defense over the past few years?
Winkler: As many blitz's and as many stunts, Texas didn't have as many turnovers. They're putting pressure on the quarterback. You'd have LB's dropping 20-25 yards on coverage plays. Things most of the La Tech fans will enjoy is that he's just a really entertaining guy. The fact that he didn't have any Texas roots may have been a reason why he wasn't reeling in any 4-5 stars from there.



EH and Cupcake battling head-to-head
EH: "I stutter even when I'm texting."

Olympian or Tennis Pro?

John calls in to play:
Tennis Pro or Olympian: Eric Radford
John: Olympian.
CORRECT! He's a Canadian Figure Skater! Nice. $10 Rotolo's Gift Certificate to you!

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